15 Easy Steps For Looking Polished All The Time (Look Your Best Everyday)

There are some people who just always seem to have it together. You see them all over social media.

People who never have a hair out of place, never look like they’ve picked their clothes up off the floor, and have an easy style that is effortless yet fabulous

15 Easy Steps For Looking Polished All The Time (Look Your Best Everyday)

Of course, nobody’s perfect all the time. Social media can give us a false impression of polished perfection.

Even your favorite style icons have off days. They just don’t document it online!

However, you can achieve a polished look most days by introducing a few new habits to your routine. These simple steps shift the focus from following trends to developing a classic wardrobe.

Read on to learn the habits to adopt for a polished look that celebrates you.

1. Learn What Your Style Is

Learning your style is about knowing what clothes you like to wear and what clothes work for your life.

Your favorite style icon might rock big coats and tall boots, but if you live in Texas, that’s never going to work for you.

Similarly, you might love stilettos. However, if you spend most days hopping on and off public transport they won’t be a practical part of your daily wardrobe.

So, think about the clothes you like to wear. The items that make you look and feel good, and that you gravitate to every morning.

Then, think about the clothes you need for your everyday life. Where do you go most days and what do you need to wear to stay comfortable?

2. Avoid Comparison

Social media is a great place to look for style inspiration.

A quick scroll through social media can introduce you to new brands and trends, expanding your fashion repertoire with imaginative ideas.

But social media is also the home of unrealistic expectations.

Looking polished in real life will never look as good as it does on social media, where you can add your favorite filter and the best angles.

You aren’t aiming for perfection, and perfection is what social media pedals.

So, don’t ditch your phone completely. But when you look to your favorite fashion bloggers, remember that social media often celebrates artifice.

3. Build Your Wardrobe On Strong Basics

Basics are the building blocks of any good wardrobe. The items are versatile, wearable, and timeless. We’re talking the white shirt, a simple blazer, fitted jeans, a cashmere sweater, and so on.

These basic staples are items you know you can wear time and time again. They can be mixed and matched, put together in different ways to create new looks.

They might not be the hottest trend, but you know they’ll still look good after a few years.

These are the pieces that it’s worth investing in. You want to get plenty of use out of them, so pay for quality.

4. With Pops Of Print And Color

When we think of basics, we tend to think of neutrals. If the basics of your wardrobe are in neutral tones, it’s so much easier to mix and change your outfit.

However, that doesn’t mean color and print don’t deserve a place in your wardrobe. These pops of brightness can add life and keep your look fresh.

Choose prints and colors that are flattering to your complexion. But don’t be afraid to have fun with it! You want to create a wardrobe that you love.

5. Always Check The Fit

Fit is a really underrated part of polished dressing. If an item doesn’t fit well, it can completely ruin the silhouette.

Instead of looking put together, it will seem like you’ve thrown any old thing on.

If you can, always try clothes on before buying them. Even if you think you know the brand, sizes can change from item to item. Try it on, move around in it, and see how you feel.

There’s another element of fit that most people completely overlook — tailoring. Tailoring isn’t achievable for many budgets, but if you have the money, getting a few basic items tailored can make all the difference.

6. Invest In A Steamer

Very few people ever look forward to ironing, but it’s an (unfortunately) necessary part of looking polished. Lines and wrinkles completely ruin a polished look.

A creased blazer will look like it’s come straight from the floordrobe, and bad wrinkles can affect the fit.

An easier alternative to ironing that provides results almost as crisp is the steamer. Handheld steamers can be picked up for a relatively low price and they’re a quick way to remove creases from delicate items.

Never have time to iron? Use a steamer to drop the wrinkles from your favorite outfit before getting dressed.

7. Structured Over Relaxed

We all have a few baggy and slouchy pieces that we gravitate toward on the days we feel less than our best.

Whether it’s a big knitted cardigan or a pair of elasticated pants, even the most polished woman needs space in her wardrobe for rainy day outfits.

But most pieces in a polished wardrobe need to have some structure to them. Structured items exemplify two of the points we’ve already mentioned: an understanding of fit and an ability to care for your clothes.

Structured doesn’t have to mean uncomfortable. This is where fit plays a major role. It might not be quite as cozy as a baggy t-shirt, but it should still sit right on your body.

8. Pay Attention To Your Layers

Reliable layering items can make almost any outfit look polished. These final touches pull a look together and can be used to hide awkward fits and unfortunate creases.

Coats and jackets are the most effective top layers. When choosing a jacket, look for timeless styles like trench coats and blazers.

Pick colors and prints that work with the majority of your basics, so you can turn to the coat no matter what else you’re wearing.

But coats and jackets aren’t the final word in layering. Sweaters, cardigans, vests, and similar layering pieces can all bring a polished finish to an outfit.

9. Stand Back And Look At The Full Picture

You’re dressed and nearly ready to go. Now it’s time to stand back and take a look at the entire effect.

It’s easy to get sucked into the little details and lose sight of the overall impression. A head-to-toe scan will make sure the picture in your mind matches what you’ve created.

Before you begin dressing, take a moment to consider the whole outfit, including accessories.

You don’t need to stick to this exact plan — it’s good to adjust when something isn’t working — but it will keep you on track when getting ready.

10. Take Care Of Your Clothing

You can’t look polished if it looks like your clothes have spent the night on the floor. We’re not saying you can’t look good. But you won’t look polished.

You need to take care of your clothes. In return, they’ll provide you with years of good wear.

At the end of the day, hang your clothes up properly. Use proper hangers — velvet-flocked hangers are particularly good.

Deal with stains when they first occur, so they don’t have time to set. Use waterproof sprays to protect your shoes and brush scuffs from leather and suede.

Finally, if you know you won’t take care of something, don’t buy it. If that amazing cashmere sweater requires hand washing you know you don’t have time for, it’s not worth the money.

11. Have A Few Go-To Outfits

Your go-to outfits are the outfits you turn to when you want to look good and you don’t have much time (or energy). By creating go-to outfits, you always have something to pull on and look polished.

Without really noticing you’ve probably already created a few go-to outfits. Organize your closet so these outfits are already assembled and easy to grab. Take photos of your go-to outfits for quick dressing.

Go-to outfits can grow and change, but they act as the perfect base for daily dressing.

12. Approach Trends Cautiously

There’s something fun about indulging in a new trend. A few weeks ago you would have shuddered at a ruffled dress and now you can’t get enough of them!

However, constantly chasing trends is impossible if you don’t have unlimited time and money. Some trends come and go so quickly that you’ve barely cut the tags off before the outfit looks passé. 

No one is saying you have to stay away from trends completely. Just don’t build your wardrobe around the latest fad.

And if you see a new trend you want to try, consider how you’ll incorporate it into your existing wardrobe before indulging.

13. Regularly Reassess Your Closet

We’re all growing and evolving constantly and our fashion choices change with us. From time to time, take a look through your closet. See what’s working, what isn’t, and what items you’d forgotten you’d owned.

Reassessing your wardrobe regularly means you won’t have to do a total overhaul eventually. Take out items that no longer fit your style and lifestyle. This will keep your outfits looking fresh and, yes, polished.

14. Nail The Finishing Touches With Simple Jewelry

The final touches of your polished outfit are accessories.

As with your wardrobe basics, you need a few pieces of adaptable and wearable accessories that you can turn to regularly. Jewelry can elevate a basic outfit with minimal effort.

Accessories are also a place where you can play around with trends, so simplicity isn’t always the only answer. But a statement accessory should stand on its own.

Piling on big necklaces with drop earrings and giant sunglasses will overwhelm the entire look.

15. Dress For Yourself

Polished dressers have confidence in themselves. They don’t need to follow the latest trends because they know their style is timeless.

They allow a few simple pieces to speak for themselves, and confidence does the rest.

Easier said than done, right? Especially when social media is packed with people who somehow always manage to look amazing.

It can take some time and self-love to start dressing for yourself, but having confidence in your style can elevate even the most basic of white t-shirts. 

When you shop, don’t think about how other people will see an outfit. Instead, concentrate on how each item makes you feel.

When you only buy things you love, it’s so much easier to start dressing for yourself. 

Tips And Tricks For Looking Polished

We’ve talked a lot about your wardrobe, but looking polished is really about the whole package. So, here are some other tips and tricks to creating the look you want:

  • Choose a haircut that works for you and is easy to style. Have a conversation with your hairdresser about your hair type so you can pick a style that fits your life and routine. 
  • Keep your nails clean. A simple step, but one that really can make a difference. Keep your nails cleaned, buffed, and shaped. If you wear polish, remove it when it starts chipping.
  • Look after your skin. Drink lots of water, wear sunscreen, and wash your face daily.
  • Don’t worry about brands. A prominent logo from an expensive brand can’t compare to an outfit that fits well and makes you feel good. 
  • Think about your posture. Walking with your shoulders back, head up, and lots of confidence will instantly improve even a bad outfit.
  • Let your personality shine. Polish is all well and good, but what’s most important is dressing in a way you love. Don’t sacrifice your style and personality in the pursuit of polished perfection.


It might seem like a lot, but looking polished everyday is primarily about building good habits. Take care of your clothes, dress with confidence, and stay away from fads in favor of classic pieces.

But most importantly, polish is about finding styles that you love and that you feel confident in!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Look Polished Every Day?

Building a wardrobe of timeless basics that fit well is the easiest way to look polished every day.

Put together some go-to outfits that you can turn to when you’re low on time and energy, with attractive accessories to add personality.

What Makes A Person Look Polished?

Polish is about combining solid basics while keeping an eye on the details.

Take care of your clothes, invest in some strong basics, and don’t forget to buy clothes that make you feel good.

Jessica White
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