How To Wear A Sheath Dress And Look Fab Each Time!

As a plus-size woman, you are likely thinking that dresses are not going to suit you. 

However, you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, there are many different types of dresses – including the versatile shirt dress – that will make you look as fabulous as you already are.

How To Wear A Sheath Dress And Look Fab Each Time!

In this article, it is all about the sheath dress. It is a flattering dress that is not only a timeless garment but also suits all body shapes and sizes.

It is the kind of dress with a fitted cut that will nip you in at the waist to create a gorgeous silhouette. It can also be worn on many different occasions too, whether to the office, shopping with girlfriends, or to a dinner. 

If you want to know how to wear a sheath dress to look fabulous every time you do, then read on to find out more. 

Why Wear A Sheath Dress?

A sheath dress can be very flattering on all body shapes and sizes so long as you pick the right one for you. 

Sometimes the front paneling on the dress may be too straight for specific body shapes, so you may want to use accessories like a belt to add a waist or a layer to cover it up.

Even so, here are some of the reasons why you should consider wearing a sheath dress:

Highlights Areas

A sheath dress has the ability to create illusions for the eyes. This means you can take people’s gaze away from specific areas, and make them notice other areas of the body. 

This is great if you are wanting to hide particular body parts or accentuate them. For example, having darts in the bodice area will create a more flattering bust shape. 

Wearing a sheath dress above the knee if you are plus-size will create the illusion of longer legs. You may also find that the stretchy fabric along with a block color will give you a slimmer frame. 

Creates A Figure

A sheath dress has the natural ability to create an hourglass shape, no matter your original body type. However, this also depends on how the front panels are within the sheath dress you have.

Sometimes they are quite straight, and this will cause you to look like you do not have much shape at all. When this happens, wear a belt to bring in the waist. 

Easy To Wear

You will notice that a sheath dress is incredibly versatile. Not only will you feel great being able to just ‘throw’ it on in the morning, but you will find you can wear it on a number of occasions.

For example, a sheath dress is suitable to wear in the office or to a work lunch. You can also wear it on a date or casually during the weekend. 

It is also a style of dress that can have its look changed depending on what you wear it with. For example, flats instead of heels, or adding a cardigan over the top. 

What To Look For In A Sheath Dress

Now that you know why a sheath dress is a really great thing to own, let’s take a look at the things you need to focus on when buying the perfect sheath dress for you. 

Because we are all different, whether that is our own fashion tastes or body type, you will want to make sure that you pick a sheath dress that you love, and that fits well. 

Overall Fit

To make the most of a sheath dress, you will want to make sure that it fits your body correctly.

If you find that the seams are pulling, or that it pinches into your armpits, then the sheath dress is on the small side.

A sheath dress is fitted but not in the same way a bodycon dress is. It fits the body but is not so snug that it is giving you a tight hug. 

On the other hand, if it feels baggy in areas and is not flattering, then it is likely too big.

You will find that if you buy a quality sheath dress you should be able to alter it over time. It is natural to fluctuate when it comes to body size, so you may want to find a dress you can keep for years. 

The Style

A sheath dress is a wonderful staple item to have in your closet. It has a classic-shaped neckline along with a tapered and nipped-in skirt to create a waist, as well as a vent on the back.

Often you will find the sheath dress is sleeveless or has three-quarter-length sleeves.

Choose the style you like best – though do remember that you can cover your arms with a cardigan or shawl if you wish to. 

Some sheath dresses also have a concealed zip which is an elegant way of hiding it. 

How To Wear A Sheath Dress And Look Fab Each Time!

The Length

If you are looking for the most versatile of sheath dresses, then you will want to consider the length. It is said that the best length of the skirt is either just above the knee or just below the knee.

To avoid the dress looking on the cheaper side, avoid going too short. However, you can also choose a mid-calf length if you wish. This may not have the same effect if you want to wear it for work, however. 

Keep it simple by choosing a knee-length sheath dress!

The Fabric

The overall fabric of a sheath dress is very important if you want it to look flattering and make you feel confident.

The best fabric to go for is one that can cling to your curves. This means that the fabric tends to have some stretch in it. For this reason, go for a stretch or mid-weight fabric.

However, the heavier and thicker the fabric will cause the sheath dress to look square on your torso. 

Added Slit?

You will find that most sheath dresses have a slit. This is to make sure that you are able to move your legs while wearing a tighter dress. Without this slit, you may end up shuffling instead!

If your sheath dress does not have a slit in it, then you should be able to cut your own. Just make sure that you do it correctly, as you want to avoid the slit getting bigger over time. 

What Occasion Are You Buying The Sheath Dress For?

If you are buying a sheath dress for a particular occasion, then you may want to narrow down your results.

For example, is the sheath dress for a work setting, or are you wanting to wear it casually at the weekend?

While a sheath dress is generally versatile, you may want to consider what accessories you are going to wear with it. Does the cardigan or blazer you have picked out suit the occasion and the sheath dress?

Do the shoes you have chosen fit well with the occasion and the sheath dress?

Is the temperature expected to be on the low side, or you are doing a lot of walking, how will this affect your choice of sheath dress?

Keep all of these points in mind when buying the perfect sheath dress for you. 

Are There Different Ways To Change The Look Of The Sheath Dress?

There are many ways you can change the look of your sheath dress. Some of the ways include adding accessories, as well as layering. 

You may want to think about adding a blazer or even a turtleneck sweater. A bag will also bring a touch of style to the outfit. 

When To Wear A Sheath Dress

As we stated above in this article, a sheath dress is great to wear on a number of different occasions. Here are just some of the examples:

On A Date 

A sheath dress with jewelry and a light jacket will look cute on a date. Think about pairing it with ankle boots too. 

Out With Friends

For a casual look, pair a sheath dress with a denim jacket and flat footwear. You may even want to wear some white sneakers.

A shoulder handbag will look great too!

The Office

If you plan to wear a sheath dress to the office, consider wearing neutral tones – and this includes your footwear. You can always add color with a light scarf and bag.

Wear a jacket too if it is very formal, but remove it if you want a casual business look. 

In The Evening

You may want to express your style with patterns and colors when wearing a sheath dress in the evening.

Think of a bold patterned jacket or dress, along with a belt, and ankle booties. You can even opt for gray tights too.

Final Thoughts

A sheath dress is a staple item for your closet. It can be worn for many different occasions, and you can change the way it looks by using different accessories.

Jessica White
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