Shirt Dresses: Everything You Need To Know

The shirt dress is an easy-to-wear closet staple. Once the warmer weather rolls around, it isn’t surprising that this gorgeous statement piece is one of your first go-to’s.

Not only does the shirt dress compliment a wide range of body shapes and sizes, but it can be worn casually or dressed up. In fact, adding a few accessories can literally take it from day to night.

Shirt Dresses Everything You Need To Know

If you are new to wearing a shirt dress, then we are not surprised that you have ended up here. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about shirt dresses, and how to wear one to suit your body shape.

As a plus-size woman, you will be able to embrace all your curves and beauty by wearing a comfortable shirt dress. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go!

What Is So Good About Wearing A Shirt Dress?

If you have never tried wearing a shirt dress before, then now is your chance. Not only will you find it easy to wear, but it is very comfortable too.

If you need an item of clothing that will take you from spring to fall, then the shirt dress will be your new go-to. It is great to wear shopping with your girlfriends or can be worn on a casual date (Also check out What Should You Wear On A First Date).

If you add accessories such as cute jewelry, the shirt dress can also be worn to dinner, or to a family gathering where you might want to be dressed less casually. 

Can A Plus-Size Woman Wear A Shirt Dress?

One of the best fits for a plus-size woman when it comes to a shirt dress is a fitted and flared shirt dress or an A-line style. They are very flattering and can conceal the stomach area.

Adding a belt has the ability to create a waist, and then the rest of the shirt dress flares outwards over the stomach area. This creates a beautiful silhouette that is bound to make you feel extra confident. 

You will, however, want to buy the right size for you. Avoid buying a size too big, as this will cause you to look much bigger than you are. You will also want to avoid buying a shirt dress that is too small.

If it is too small, it will tug at your body and cause gaps where you really do not want there to be. This is because at the front of the shirt dress are buttons, so the fit of the shirt dress is very important. 

What Are The Best Ways To Style A Shirt Dress?

A shirt dress is versatile and suitable for all body types and sizes. The way you style the shirt dress can elevate your whole look. It can also give you various ideas on wearing a shirt dress more than one way.

Also, do not forget about accessories too! Adding a belt helps to nip in the waist for extra curves, while jewelry can take the shirt dress from casual day wear to date night. 

Here are some ways to wear a shirt dress:

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Wear The Shirt Dress On Its Own

A shirt dress works perfectly on its own. You do not need accessories to create a full outfit. Instead, a shirt dress teamed with a day bag and sandals – or even sneakers – is a great way to wear it casually.

You can also wear a light weight or patterned shirt as a cover-up at the beach too. Just choose your color wisely. While a white shirt might look crisp and clean, it can often be see-through. 

Wear The Shirt Dress With Jeans

If you are wanting to wear a shirt dress with other items of clothing, then it works perfectly with either jeans or leggings. It creates an effortless look that can be worn both in the day and night.

It allows you to try the shirt dress without having to show off your legs if you are not feeling too comfortable about doing so.

However, the great thing about the shirt dress is that it is also available in different lengths too. So if you would prefer a longer style, then go for a maxi shirt dress.

A midi shirt dress is very popular, as it is not too long but also is not too short either. 

Add A Belt To The Shirt Dress

Accessorizing your shirt dress is one of the best ways to change up its look. While a shirt dress can already mold to your curves, adding a belt is a good way of nipping in that waist even more. 

It also adds some elegance and elevation to the whole outfit too. A chunkier belt always works best with a shirt dress, no matter the length of it.

You could also opt for a corset-style belt too, as this will create even more of a waist. This style suits a short shirt dress. If you are feeling extra confident, team it with thigh-high boots.

Wear It Open

You can also wear a shirt dress open, but this is for when you are wearing something like jeans or leggings underneath.

You may not want to wear something fitted, or perhaps you want the outfit to appear even more casual. Either way, having the shirt dress open is another great way of wearing it.

This look is best for shorter shirt dress styles, though can work with a long shirt dress too.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to add something comfortable and easy to wear to your closet, then the shirt dress is it. Not only does it suit all types of body shapes and sizes, but it is versatile too.

It can easily take you from spring to fall, all the while being worn in many different ways. 

Also, it is great for those who are looking for more ways to embrace plus-size fashion. While it is always best to be happy with your body, the shirt dress has the ability to hide areas you want to avoid showing off.

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