Going Greenery: How To Wear The Color Of The Year

Green is all around us. Not only do we live on a “green planet” but we see the lush green of trees, plants, and shrubs everywhere.

Going Greenery: How To Wear The Color Of The Year

So, there is no surprise that green also finds its way into our wardrobe. In fact, you can find almost any shade of green in clothing, from elegant, dark green pants to flashing yellow-green tops.

Green is not just the color of hope but it also makes us feel more connected with nature. Plus, it’s such a positive color that you can combine it with a great variety of other vibrant colors like yellow.

If you want to spruce up your wardrobe with this fun color, then we have some tips and tricks on how you can integrate green into your outfits.

1. Mix Light And Dark

Green has so many fantastic shades that it can be hard to choose the right one, from emerald green to olive or lime green.

Depending on your color combinations, it is a good idea to mix dark and light items. This means that when you have a dark green top, then try a white or cream skirt.

This creates an elegant contrast that allows both your outfit and you to stand out.

2. Green Pairs Well With Neutrals For Extra Elegance

One of the best color combinations for green is a neutral palette. 

Colors like navy blue, gray, cream, white or black are elegant in themselves but you can add a touch of green to create an accent.

As a rule of thumb, any color you can find in nature is usually great to pair with green. This also includes shades of brown.

3. Green Is A Statement Color

There is no doubt that green is one of those colors that always stand out in whatever crowd you are in. You can see it from a distance, similar to red and yellow.

This means that bold outfits with green also deserve bold color combinations with other vibrant shades of yellow, pink, and red.

4. It’s All In The Right Mix

As green is such a bold color, some women prefer to use it mainly as an accent color. For example, you can wear neutrals and add a green scarf or an olive-color handbag as an accessory.

This being said, if you love green, then you can also go bold and wear the color of happiness from head to toe.

5. Green Accents Complement

If used in the right way, then green can be the perfect highlight color that ups the look of your formal and casual wear.

You can use green as your main outfit color and then add a contrasting hero piece such as a different color coat or dress. You can also use a belt, shoes, or a scarf as accent pieces.

These little accents draw the eye and they can be a subtle way to add some variations to your wardrobe. It’s the perfect option to make the most of a limited color palette.

6. Less Is More

As many green shades are extremely vibrant, you can use them sparingly in your outfits, not only as accessories but also sprinkled into different patterns.

It doesn’t always have to be solid colors. If you want to wear green, then you can also go for patterns or prints that sprinkle just a little extra color into the mix.

If you prefer a fresh and crisp look, then you can pair dark green with white or a shade of lime green with black.

Alternatively, you can also consider pastel green colors. They are a little more indirect than a strong jungle green and they often pair well with similar pastels.

7. Create A Fresh Look With Patterns

Patterns, textures, and prints are a fun way to create more interest in your outfit. You can either go bold with large flowers or simply go with a more subtle stripe design.

Typically, it is a good idea to choose either a solid color or a pattern with your outfit because both together can look very busy.

8. Green And Gold As A Trend

Different shades of green, yellow, and gold are one of the easiest color combinations. You can either create gold accents or wear gold jewelry.

The golden color doesn’t just add elegance and charm to your outfit but it also has this touch of luxury that can make you feel special.

9. Matching The Shade Of Green With Your Skin Tone

Green can look fantastic on everyone. You just need to choose the right shade of green for your skin tone.

As a rule of thumb, people with warm skin tones and a slightly golden shimmer can wear green shades with yellow hues. This includes citrus, neon green, lime, and olive.

On the other hand, women with a cool skin tone that has a more pinkish hue can show off blue-based greens, such as turquoise, teal, aqua, and other cool greens.

Final Thoughts

Green is an inspiring color that can make us feel more calm and relaxed whenever we wear it. It is a fantastic addition to every wardrobe, especially if you want to add a pop of color to your neutral outfits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Color Do You Wear With Green?

Green is a natural color that combines well with vibrant shades, such as blue or pink. You can also pair green with neutral colors, including gray, brown, and cream.

Is Green A Hard Color To Wear?

No, green is a relatively easy color to wear because it is considered positive and calming. You just need to choose the right shade of green and combine it with other warm colors, such as yellow or mustard.

What Is The Friendliest Color To Wear?

The friendliest color to wear is a calming green. This natural color mimics the natural world around us and it soothes our mind and body.

You can also combine green with other warm colors like yellow, orange, or red to create a stylish contrast.

Jessica White
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