Best Belts For Plus Size Women (Add Oomph To Your Outfit)

You know that moment when you look in the mirror and something isn’t quite right? Maybe the fit isn’t working, or the whole thing comes off just a little bit basic. This is when you need the most underappreciated accessory in any stylist’s toolbox — the belt.

Best Belts For Plus Size Women (Add Oomph To Your Outfit)

Belts serve two purposes on an outfit. First, they can help add form and shape, from tucking in the waist of your dress to keeping your pants in place (Also check out Best Cargo Pants For Plus Size Women). Second, belts add some extra visual interest. They can break up a busy pattern or add color to a plain look.

For plus-sized women, belts are a tricky buy. They look amazing, but the sizing can be a bit weird. Be sure to check the actual length of the belt, so you know it fits. Ready to get started? Discover the best belts for plus-size dressing with our guide.

Why mess with a style classic? The simple leather belt is an accent to many outfits, and it performs a vital function. A mid-width leather belt is universally flattering and so easy to wear. 

Ever look in the mirror and think, “What does this outfit need?” The answer is probably the simple leather belt.

You can wear it high on your waist to add structure to a dress, or lower on the waist to hold up your pants. For most casual outfits, a simple leather belt won’t look out of place.

The buckle for the leather belt should also look pretty simple. A metallic buckle closure is low profile, so it won’t draw attention anywhere in particular.

This isn’t a belt for making a statement. Instead, it primarily allows you to fit your clothes to your body.

A good width for a simple leather belt is 1 inch. Slim leather belts look good, but they lack versatility. They tend to look best high on the waist. Thicker leather belts are trickier to style, but when done right, they make a real statement.

The no-show belt might not be the belt you choose if you’re aiming for style, but it is the belt to pick if you want comfort and convenience. The no-show belt is a stretch belt with a flat buckle, designed to stay in place even as you move about. 

The no-show belt stretches out and shrinks back down, so it can fit a range of body sizes and shapes.

For everyday use, that means you can use this belt as a waist cincher or wear it lower on the hips. The stretch is designed to accommodate.

Good clothing is primarily about good fit. Even a designer outfit won’t look right if the fit is off, while your dollar store dress can stun if it’s well-tailored. A belt can’t transform an outfit, but it can cinch the places that might need an improved fit. 

The no-show belt is designed to be adjustable. It’s the kind of thing you can wear with almost any outfit. And because it stays in place no matter how much you stretch, bend, and move, it’s the perfect belt for busy days.

When you want to make a statement with your outfit, but perhaps not too much of a statement, look to the belt. A big belt buckle draws the eye and adds a touch of pizazz to even a simple outfit. It’s a must for any wardrobe.

We love the Western belt. Based on the cowboy style, the Western belt buckle uses curves and intricate designs to make a statement. It’s bold but classic, which means it suits a wide range of fashions.

The Western belt looks particularly good when worn around the waist of a 50s-style swing dress.

Statement belts can be worn anywhere from the waist to the hips. Keep in mind that they do attract attention.

So, a statement belt can be worn to draw the eye away from areas of the body you’re less comfortable with. It can also help mask the slightly awkward fit that can happen at buttons and fastenings.

Don’t stick to just one statement buckle! If you have a simple leather belt that fits well, you can often switch out buckles to mix up your styles.

A real statement piece, the wide 50s belt helps create that cinched waist we associate with retro swing dresses.

The larger buckle and wider belt shape are perfect for creating a defined figure. The wide shape holds more of the body in place, without cutting into the skin.

Typically made of elastic, the 50s-style belt stretches to fit your body. One big advantage of that stretch is that it slinks back into place when the buckle is in place.

Hugging the skin and your curves creates a natural line that feels comfortable.

The 50s-style belt looks best with 50s-style clothing — we’re talking swing dresses, of course. With a tailored top and a big flowing skirt, the swing dress is incredibly flattering.

A waist belt can help emphasize that definition in a swing dress. It can also be used to transform a shift dress or tunic dress into something with swing.

This style isn’t just for dresses, although that is the easiest way to wear it. However, you can use a wide waist belt to cinch a loose top, creating a semi-peplum shape.

This is particularly useful if you plan on wearing a jacket (Also Check out Best Jackets For Plus Size Women). A jacket and a loose top can look shapeless. Add a waist belt, and you have an easy new look.

It’s very hard to go wrong with a bit of bling, which is just one of the reasons why we love the chain belt. While most belts are designed to create a close cinch and a tight fight, the chain belt is a much looser style for adding light definition. 

Chain belts sit on the natural curve of your hip. Because they have a looser fit, it’s hard to adjust where they rest unless you’re using belt loops. If you’re wearing a chain belt over a dress or top, it will sit where it wants to sit!

Chain belts look particularly good with loose, flowing dresses. They add some light shaping to flatter your body, without taking away from the natural movement of the dress.

Often with a hook and eye closure, chain belts form a v-shape when buckled. This pointed line is very flattering, adding some length to the body and a simple curve.

While the chain belt can add a touch of shape to a loose-fit dress, they’re also good for easy accessorizing. We love a chain belt worn with a jumpsuit. It has 1970s glam, particularly when paired with platform heels and statement earrings.

Obi belts are sash-style belts, traditionally designed with Japanese kimonos. They’re often worn with maxi dresses or kimono-style dresses, but they’re pretty versatile, particularly if you’re plus-size!

Obi belts are one long strip of fabric. In the middle, the fabric is several inches wide. However, it tapers outwards, with each end finishing in a long string. When you wear an Obi belt, the wider part sits at the front, wrapping around the back.

The ends wrap around the back before tying at the front. Particularly large Obi belts have strings that can wrap around the body several times.

Similar to a cinch belt, obi belts are worn high up on the waist. But unlike a traditional cinch belt, the Obi belt has a more adjustable fit. As you tie the strings to create a comfortable fit, you can cinch the Obi belt to suit you.

Worn with a maxi dress, an Obi belt can break up a busy pattern or add interest to a simple color. The string tie pairs well with boho-style prints.


It’s easy to overlook belts when it comes to choosing an outfit, but this simple accessory can transform your look from basic to beautiful. Belts add shape and visual interest, giving you more control over the final fit.

When choosing a belt, pay close attention to the length! Although brands are getting better at making plus-size belts, they can lag behind straight sizing. Look for the exact length of the belt, rather than relying on generic sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Belts Good For Plus-Size Women?

Belts are excellent for plus-size women. Belts allow you to easily add shape to any outfit. You can cinch and adjust loose-fitting and ill-fitting clothes for a tailored look in no time. Belts can also add a pop of interest to a boring outfit.

What Kind Of Belt Should Plus Size Women Wear?

Plus-size women should wear whatever belt matches the look they’re trying to create. Want a cinched 50s swing? Use a wide waist belt with stretch. (Also check out Do Wide Belts Make You Look Thinner?) Prefer a relaxed boho style but want some form for a flowing dress? Try the Obi belt. 

When it comes to belts, it’s all about how you wear them. Pick a style that suits the look you want to create and that you feel comfortable wearing.

Jessica White
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