How To Iron Linen Clothes

Linen is an incredible clothing material, as it is soft, breathable, and comfortable. Not to mention, it looks great. Consequently, linen shirts and dresses are wonderful for wearing whenever the weather is warm. 

Unfortunately, linen clothing is prone to wrinkling. The most effective method of getting rid of these irritating creases is to thoroughly iron the linen.

How To Iron Linen Clothes

To ensure that your linen clothes look as good as possible, this guide will teach you to correctly iron your linen clothing.

Can You Iron Directly Onto Linen?

Yes, you can directly iron your linen items. This will include clothes like t-shirts, dresses, and pants, as well as tablecloths and curtains.

Linen is a strong material that will be able to endure the heat of the iron, provided that you do not leave the iron on the material for too long.  

How Should You Iron Linen Clothes?


To iron your linen clothes, follow these simple steps:

  1. Before ironing, use a spray bottle to spritz a little water onto the linen fabric. This will help to soften the material and ensure that the heat is evenly distributed. Not to mention, the creases will be easier to remove when damp. Cuffs, collars, and pants will require particular attention. 
  2. After you have spritzed the clothing, allow it to dry for between 5 and 10 minutes 
  3. Place your linen clothing onto a padded ironing board. If your ironing board has insufficient padding, you may want to place towels underneath it to give your garment extra protection. 
  4. It is recommended that you iron the inside of your linen clothing to protect the outside (Also check out Linen Types: Know The Differences). As a result, you should make sure that you have put the clothing onto the ironing board so that it is inside out. 
  5. Turn the iron on and place it at the highest heat setting. There may even be a linen setting on your device. 445°F is often the ideal temperature for linen, though this will differ depending on the garment. 
  6. Using steady and gentle strokes, run the iron across the surface of the linen. Do not focus on one area for a long time, as this could cause you to burn the fabric. When ironing, pay particular attention to any embroidered sections. 
  7. Spend the majority of your effort on ironing the sections of the shirt that are most creased. 
  8. Once you are satisfied that you have removed all of the creases, allow your linen to rest for approximately 10 minutes. After the time has passed, transfer the linen clothing to a clothes hanger. 


For this task, you will need the following items:

  • Linen clothing
  • An iron
  • An ironing board
  • A spray bottle with clean water
  • A clothes hanger

Tips For Ironing Linen Clothing

To ensure that your ironing process is a success, follow these top tips:

  • Avoid ironing linen when it is dry. To protect your clothes, spraying the line with water is essential. 
  • It’s advised that you invest in a high-quality steam iron. Irons with a specific setting for linen are best suited to this activity. 
  • Store your ironed linen clothing on a coat hanger. You should not fold the linen, as this would lead to more creases. 
  • If your clothing has embroidered elements, you need to be especially careful when ironing. To avoid damaging the embroidery, you must iron the clothing inside out.
  • Ensure that you lay the linen shirt, pants, or dress on the ironing board so that they are completely flat
  • Before ironing, you should read any labels on your clothing. This way, you can find out what the best temperature is for the specific garment.
  • When you first start ironing, it is best to start with the thicker or heavier sections of the garment. This will include pockets and collars. These features will require plenty of water to make them as smooth as possible. 
  • Stretch the fabric slightly, especially toward the edges.  

Can You Use A Steamer On Linen Clothes?

Even after you’ve ironed your linen clothes, you may need to use a garment steamer to freshen them up a bit. Moreover, you could use a steamer as an alternative to ironing.

To get rid of these creases, hang your linen garment and dampen it slightly with a squeeze bottle. Put the steamer in a high-temperature setting and wait for it to warm up.

Carefully pass the steamer over the surface of the linen, giving particular attention to the most wrinkled areas. Make smooth strokes to remove as many creases as possible.

Be sure to pass over the entire garment. Remember to steam the back of your garment, as this is an oft-neglected part. 

What Are The Benefits Of Linen Clothing?

Linen clothing is a popular material for clothing for numerous reasons, including:

It’s Breathable

Linen is an outstanding option for warm weather thanks to its brilliant breathability. The material will allow amazing airflow. 

Despite this, linen is still a good choice for warm weather. This is especially true if you wear multiple layers.  

It’s Highly Absorbent

This material is incredibly absorbent. Linen can absorb as much as 20% of its dry weight in moisture before you can notice any signs of moisture.

As a result, it can absorb sweat without people noticing. Combined with its breathability, this high absorbency makes linen a magnificent material for the summer.

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It’s Hypoallergenic 

An additional benefit of wearing linen is that it is hypoallergenic. As a result, this makes it ideal for people with allergies, as it is unlikely to cause a reaction. This is why linen is also a popular choice for bedding.

It’s Durable

When compared to other fabrics used to make clothing, linen is a rather durable material. It is second only to silk, as linen is considered one of the strongest natural fibers on the planet.

It will not damage easily, making this a long-lasting material for clothing. 

Linen is significantly stronger than cotton. It has been estimated that linen is approximately 30% more durable than cotton. Therefore, any linen articles of clothing that you possess should last for a few years. 

It’s Low-Maintenance

Unlike other materials, linen clothing will not require any special maintenance. For example, it won’t need to be dry cleaned. Instead, you can wash and iron linen easily from your home.

It can be washed in a standard washing machine. For best results, wash your linen clothing at lukewarm temperatures. 

It’s Versatile

This material can be used to make a range of clothing articles, such as dresses and shorts. Additionally, linen is a versatile material that isn’t just used for clothing.

It can also be used to make comfortable bedding and gorgeous curtains.

It’s Great-Looking 

Lastly, linen is well-liked because it looks good. It has a beautiful aesthetic that gives off a luxurious vibe. Linen is a particularly excellent choice for summer clothing. 

Tips For Stopping Linen From Creasing

The rapid speed with which linen crease is frustrating, as it will mean that this material needs frequent and thorough ironing sessions. The best way to avoid having to regularly iron your linen is to take preventative measures.

After you have put the linen in the washing machine, be sure to remove it as much as possible. This is because creases will develop if the fabric is left in the machine. 

When packing linen clothing for a vacation, you might want to dampen them first. You can then dry the linen by using a hair dryer so that your favorite line shorts or pants are ready to wear.

When transporting your linen clothing, it’s also a good idea to individually wrap them to protect the line as much as possible.

To minimize the appearance of creases, you may want to invest in dark linen clothing. Of course, this will not always be possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should You Iron Linen On A High Or Low Heat?

A high heat setting will be essential for ironing the creases out of your linen. Combined with steam, this setting will ensure that your linen clothing is wrinkle-free. 

How Can You Get Wrinkles Out Of Linen?

The best way to remove wrinkles from your linen is to give it an iron. However, there are other methods that you can use, such as utilizing a garment steamer.

Alternatively, you can place your linen clothing on a hanger in the bathroom when you have a steamy shower, as the heat will relax the material.

Is It Fine To Wear Creased Linen?

Yes, you shouldn’t feel ashamed about wearing creased linen. Though linen clothing will look better without wrinkles, some creases will simply be too difficult to remove.

If you can’t be bothered to continuously iron your line clothing, your best bet is to simply accept the creases. 

Final Thoughts

Though linen is the perfect material for airy and beautiful clothing, the ease with which it creases is somewhat annoying.

Thankfully, this material is simple to iron, meaning that you can easily get rid of these common creases. As a consequence, your clothes will look fresh and new.

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