What Dress Length Is Most Flattering?

Finding the perfect dress is tough as it is. There are colors, sleeves, fit, style, and more to consider. One question that many women find themselves asking is which dress length is most flattering.

It can be hard to find a length that perfectly suits your frame. Is there a secret to making this process easier?

What Dress Length Is Most Flattering?

Well, that is what we are going to go over dress lengths and which options might be most flattering for your body type. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in and get started!

How Do You Pick A Hemline?

Picking a hemline that suits your body shape is not easy. What length actually looks good on you?

Well, there are a few pro-tips that will certainly make the process easier. We have listed them below for you to check out: 

  • Hemlines Ride Up – When you sit or move, your hemline will likely ride up. So bear in mind that a shorter hemline that is fitted will ride up about two inches when you sit, while an A-Line hemline will ride up only one inch. 
  • Asymmetry – If a lot of your wardrobe includes plain colors, you might find that wearing dresses with asymmetrical hemlines will add more depth and interest to your look. 
  • Time and Place – If you are traveling and planning to visit a religious country or a place of worship, you may need to wear a more modest hemline. A good rule of thumb is not to wear anything that ends more than one inch above the knee if you are going to places like this. 
  • The Golden Rule – If you want to make your silhouette look perfectly balanced, your hemline should end at the narrowest section of your body. This will create a tall and elegant silhouette. A maxi dress should have a hemline that ends just above the ankles. Midi hemlines should end at the narrowest section of your shin.

Knee-length dresses should have a hemline that ends at the bottom of your knee. Mini hemlines should end at the narrowest part of your upper thigh. 

Remember, you do not need to follow these rules. You can wear a dress of any length that you prefer. At the end of the idea, you need to feel good in the clothes you are wearing.

As such, wear what makes you feel good, regardless of what your hemline is. 

Maxi Hemline

Maxi dresses are the longest of the hemlines, as they usually fall at the ankle. This hemline looks great on almost every body type, which is why it is so popular.

Regardless of whether you are tall, short, slim, or curvy, the maxi hemline will look great on you. 

This is a universally flattering hemline. That being said, straight lines are not as forgiving as other cuts, but it can be really easy to look effortlessly good wearing a maxi dress or skirt.

The idea of wearing clothes with this length hemline is to elongate your body and create visual proportionality. So, you know that you will look good no matter what your size is. 

Midi Hemline

This hemline is known as a midi or tea-length dress. It was popular in the 1920s and got its name from the women that wore dresses of this length at tea tables.

This is not the easiest hemline to style as it falls at that awkward point a few inches below the knee. This means that midi hemlines will most often end at the widest section of your calf.

Because of this, you might find that midi hemlines will offset the balance of your look. 

Because of this, midi skirts and dresses will be most flattering on the ladies that are taller. The length of the dress will define their height.

If you are shorter or have curvaceous hips, this may not be the best hemline style.

But, if you need to wear a midi dress, you can combat this effect by wearing shoes that are the same color or nude-colored shoes. This can add the illusion of height to your overall look. 

Knee-Length Hemline

Knee-length hemlines are named so because they will usually drop at the knee. Sometimes they may fall a little above or below the knee. Dresses with this hemline are typically the safest option.

They are modest enough for most settings. So, you can wear it at work, at family events, and more (Also check out Work Christmas Party Outfits For Women). You have to love a dress that is appropriate for any and all occasions. 

Knee-length hemlines are most flattering for tall women, as they emphasize the height of a person.

People that are petite should not go for this hemline as it does not tend to elongate your silhouette and can instead make you look shorter.

If you need to wear a knee-length hemline, try a high-waisted dress, as it can help elongate the body. 

Mini Hemline

Mini hemlines are known for dropping a few inches above the knee. They are cute and sexy and best of all they are one of the most flattering hemlines.

This hemline does a fantastic job of showing off your legs, and they elongate your frame. 

That being said, mini hemlines are one of the least formal options. Mini dresses and skirts are fun, flirty, and playful.

So, if you want to wear something fun to a party or a casual brunch, a mini dress might be just what you need.

This hemline is perfect for people of all shapes and sizes. So no matter how tall or short you are, this is the perfect fun and flirty hemline for you. 

Which Hemline Is Most Flattering For Your Body Type?

We all have different body types, and these beautiful yet unique shapes will look flattering in different clothes.

The question now is what hemline is most flattering for your body type. That is what we are going to go over in this section!

  • Rectangle Body Type – For this body type, we recommend mini skirts. In particular, a fit and flare style will work best. 
  • Pear Body Shape –  Hemlines for this body shape should fall a few inches above the knee. This length can help to balance your legs and hips. 
  • Apple Body ShapeFull-length skirts and dresses will be best suited for this body type. They help to elongate the body and draw attention to the midsection. 
  • Hourglass – The hourglass body shape can pull off any hemline and make it look flattering. 

You do not need to follow any of the rules and recommendations we have mentioned here. At the end of the day, you need to feel good about yourself.

So, wear whatever you prefer and what makes you feel good about yourself. 

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and gaining an understanding of what dress length is most flattering for different body types.

At the end of the day, which dress length you go with is entirely up to you. What fashionistas say works for people of a certain body type does not mean that point of view translates for you. 

Any length of dress will work and be flattering if you think that it is. So, pick a dress that is a length that YOU think looks good and style it the way that YOU like it.

That is far better advice than any fashion expert could give you. 

The important thing is to feel attractive in yourself and to feel good about what you are wearing. So, go with your gut and wear a dress that is the perfect length for your preferences.

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Some of which you are bound to find intriguing and interesting. Just take a moment out of your day to peruse, you never know what fashion advice we have and if it will save the day! 

Thanks for reading!

Jessica White
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