What Colors Go With Teal? (Exploring Contrast Dressing)

Teal is a shade that can surprise you. At first glance, you might think it’s a slightly flat blue-green because the saturated shade lacks that initial burst of vibrancy.

But look a little closer and you’ll discover the richness and depth of teal.

What Colors Go With Teal? (Exploring Contrast Dressing)

When pairing colors with teal, be prepared for plenty of options. Teal works best with colors that provide a contrast, such as pinks, reds, and yellows.

These complementary shades help bring out the natural brightness of teal. Want to create something richer? Try pairing teal with dark browns and grays.

Ready to start dressing in teal? Check out this guide to discover what colors go with teal.

All About The Color Teal

A combination of green and blue, teal is a very natural color. In fact, it takes its name from a bird. The Eurasian teal has a stripe of greenish-blue on its head! 

Teal is a mixture of cyan and green, creating a distinct deep shade. It’s quite a rich color, with an association of luxury. However, there are many variations of teal.

Teal-blue is particularly popular. This is a lighter shade, with a clearer blue influence. It’s still rich, but a little more playful.

Teal can also be mixed with black or gray, to make it darker. Or you can brighten teal, by mixing it with white.

These variations are worth keeping in mind if you’re looking for new ways to style teal. Teal is sometimes used as a blanket term for different shades of cyan.

In terms of fashion, teal has remained popular for decades. One reason for this is its association with luxury. A shade that’s both deep and vibrant, teal is often linked to expensive fabrics.

But perhaps the more important reason for the continued popularity of teal is its versatility. Teal flatters every skin tone.

The blue-green shade works with yellow, blue, and pink undertones. Blondes and brunettes can pull it off, redheads look amazing, and if you have black hair, teal is your new best friend.

What Colors Are Like Teal?

Teal is a combination of green and blue, so its closest color matches are within this spectrum. Teal is often confused with cyan, which sits exactly between green and blue.

Teal has a little more green to it than standard cyan, but the two colors are very similar.

Teal is also quite similar to turquoise. Turquoise is a brighter color than teal, with more blue and less saturation. Mixing teal with turquoise will produce a cheerful version of teal with a touch of yellow.

Mix it with white, and you’ll have a calming tone that’s reminiscent of the sea.

But teal can also go darker. Mixing teal with gray will create a deep color with rich undertones. This saturated color is reminiscent of dark forests and expensive fabrics. 

Many of these comparable teal shades will go well together if you’re building an outfit. As mentioned, teal is a very flattering color, so you can make different versions of it work in one outfit.

If you’re going for monochromatic, we recommend paying attention to the undertones. Try to stick to shades of blue-teal or shades of green-teal. It’s the easiest way to find balance.

While we love these monochromatic looks, and they’re a great way to create a sophisticated polish, the best teal pairings come from the other end of the color spectrum.

What Colors Go With Teal? (Exploring Contrast Dressing)

What Colors Go Well With Teal?

The best colors to pair with teal are contrasting colors. These colors really allow the central teal to pop, creating a bold look with a lot of life.

But because teal has that flattering richness, it prevents these vibrant contrasts from becoming too loud.

Colors that go well with teal include coral, yellow, orange, peach, and pink. These shades are starkly different from teal, giving that strong contrast.

On the color wheel, orange and blue are considered complementary, as are red and green. We can see both blue and green in teal, so the complementary color is somewhere between red and orange!

Contrasting Colors To Try With Teal

Let’s take a look at some colors that seem quite different from teal, but actually make the best pairing:

  • Coral. Coral is a balanced match for teal. A combination of orange, red, and pink it complements the mix of colors that you can see in teal. Partnering a pale teal with a pale coral creates a harmonious and natural effect. For an easy way to add this to your wardrobe, pair a teal dress with coral lipstick.
  • Terracotta. An earthy color, terracotta is a burnt orange that looks straight from the ground. When combined with teal, the rich reds and oranges of terracotta really come through. A similar color that works well with teal is copper.
  • Mustard yellow. Darker and more saturated than most yellows, mustard yellow has a hint of brown that gives it depth. It might seem contradictory, but the deeper tones of mustard yellow and teal help to bring out the brightness of the other. 
  • Sunshine yellow. As much as we love mustard yellow with teal, it’s hard to resist a bright, sunshine yellow. This color combination is perfect for transitional dressing. It brings to mind the color of changing leaves.
  • Paprika red. A bright and clear red with plenty of clarity, fiery paprika adds a touch of spice to teal. Like yellow, the high contrast is excellent for fall dressing — a paprika red skirt with a teal sweater is a warming color combination. 
  • Peach. Combining orange and yellow with a touch of pink and lots of white, peach is a pale color that can be quite striking next to teal. The warm tones of peach offer a huge contrast to the coolness of teal, while a bold teal will always stand out against a delicate peach.
  • Blush. Similar to peach but with a touch more pink and less orange, blush is a gentle shade. It’s a good contrasting choice for springtime, bringing to mind the tree blossoms.

But it isn’t just contrasting colors that can work with teal. Colors on a similar spectrum can add richness:

  • Deep brown. A lot of the best color combinations are drawn from natural inspiration, and we can see that with deep brown. Deep brown and teal are a relaxing combination.
  • Cassis purple. Cassis purple is a deep purple. It’s heavily saturated and almost seems to have a touch of gray. The overall tone is very similar to teal, while that pinkish touch makes an appealing contrast.
  • Black. Looking for sophistication? It’s hard to get much better than black and teal. Expect bold results, as the depth of black brings out the darkness of teal.
  • Gray. Gray is an easy color combination to work with, one we particularly love next to darker teals. Gray and teal look incredible for office wear, and as both colors are so flexible, there’s plenty of room to play.
  • White. On the total other end of the spectrum, white makes a bright contrast with teal. While gray goes well with darker teals, try pairing white with a brighter turquoise teal. This is a cheerful combination.
  • Gold. We’ve already spoken about how teal is a color associated with luxury. What better way to emphasize this link than by pairing it with gold? If you have a teal dress for a special occasion, combine it with plenty of gold jewelry.

How To Wear Teal Clothing

There are many ways you can style teal clothing! The easiest method is to pair a darker teal with gray or a brighter teal with white.

These simple shades allow the boldness of teal to stand out. Try a white shirt with a teal skirt, or gray pants and a teal blouse.

You can build up from here, introducing more colors to add contrast. Muted shades such as mustard yellow and coral are a good starting point.

Mustard yellow and teal go well in the fall — consider a mustard jacket with a teal sweater. Coral is better for the spring. Even a light touch of coral lipstick can work!

From here, it’s time to try going bold. Terracotta and paprika are both warm shades that can liven up a teal outfit. If you want to add some sunshine to your look, try a bright yellow next to teal.

There’s one more combination we haven’t touched on — teal and brown. There are so many ways you can play with teal and brown.

A caramel shade will bring a natural complement, ideal for office wear. To really help teal stand out, pair it with a deep brown (red undertones are particularly lovely).

Decorating With Teal

Teal isn’t just a popular choice for clothing. It’s also big when it comes to interiors. From living rooms to kitchens, everyone is falling in love with teal. 

What Colors Go With Teal? (Exploring Contrast Dressing)

It’s no surprise that teal is so popular. As a combination of blue and green, it reminds us of being outdoors. Naturally soothing and calming, teal is fantastic for creating a serene atmosphere in our homes.

Teal can be a bit full-on. This is a really rich shade, which is why most people like to use it sparingly. You can paint an entire room in teal but it can make the room feel small.

If you don’t get a lot of natural light, we recommend using teal more carefully.

What Colors Go With A Teal Statement Wall?

One of the best ways to incorporate teal into your home is through a statement wall. Painting a statement wall teal will have plenty of impact, without making your room too dark.

If you go for a teal statement wall, you have room to play around with colors. Remember, teal is almost a neutral, because it flatters so many other shades.

The main thing we suggest is to avoid too many other colors. This can become jumbled. 

Instead, allow the teal to shine by painting the other walls in a soft white or a pale gray. Gray is super popular right now, so a touch of teal is a way to make it your own.

For decor, consider gold. Gold accents will build the luxury aspects of teal. Alternatively, look at another metallic shade — copper.

The warmth of copper pairs well with a deep teal. Or if you want something really fun, think pink! Pink is an unusual pairing for a teal, but the striking contrast brings out the best of both shades.

What Colors Don’t Go With Teal?

There are very few colors that don’t go with teal. But if you want teal to stand out, stay away from blues and greens.

It isn’t that blue and green don’t go well with teal. In fact, these similar shades will often complement each other nicely. It’s just that next to multiple blues and greens, teal can fade into the background.

Teal is a bold color, and you want to emphasize this boldness. Using teal with similar shades will draw focus from what makes teal so fantastic.

Instead of a rich shade, you’ll get something a little dull and not very interesting.


The colors that go with teal are a little unexpected! Primarily because the colors that go best with teal are nothing like teal.

While teal is a rich blue-green, the colors that complement it best are warm reds, pinks, and yellows.

But teal is a hugely flattering color, and one that pairs with multiple shades. You can have lots of fun experimenting with teal, depending on the kind of look you’re trying to create. 

So, have fun mixing things up with teal! What colors do you like to wear with teal?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Colors Go Well With A Teal Couch?

A teal sofa goes with white and gray walls, but it also looks good alongside creams and soft pinks. Try decorating the sofa with cushions in a contrasting color.

Coral, terracotta, and mustard yellow are all good matches.

If you want to create an expensive and luxurious finish, try pairing your teal sofa with subtle gray walls, deep purple accents, and gold decor.

Or for something more fun, mix your teal sofa with bright white walls and pink decorations.

Is Teal A Flattering Color?

Yes, teal is a very flattering color! A mixture of blue and green, it complements all skin tones and hair colors.

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