How To Wear Orange

Sometimes, orange really should be the new black. This color, while intimidating, to say the least, has so much untapped potential for every single skin tone out there.

Orange has dipped in and out of fashion for years, but no one has ever truly explored its prospects until recent years. 

How To Wear Orange

While we might see orange on the runway frequently, it’s an entirely different experience when you are trying to make it work for yourself.

Truth is, orange can be aggressive, or it can be timid. There are cool oranges and warm oranges, but no matter the variation, this color symbolizes energy, endurance, and courage. 

Here’s the thing – anyone can look good in orange. However, it’s finding what works for you that makes this color so difficult.

It’s bright and impossible to miss, so you need to feel confident in whatever you are wearing – even more so than other colors. 

As such, you need to know how to wear orange. If you would like to dip your foot in the tropical bliss of this color, you might be interested in what we have to say.

Picking The Right Orange For Your Skin Tone

The first (and possibly most important) thing to mention is this: every shade of orange will not bring out the best in you. It’s sad but true.

Depending on your complexion, a cool or yellow-based orange might work wonders for you, or maybe a burnt orange will. 

By now, you have probably heard about seasons and your skin tone. This determines the kinds of colors that compliment your skin tone, and which do not.

Sometimes, this can be easy to figure out, and other times it can be incredibly difficult. 

However, if you want to feel and look your best, then you should put in the work and figure out where you lie.

You can take a look at this article to find out more about determining your skin tone and which season you are! 

Once you have determined this, you can move on to the next step. 

How To Wear Orange Like The Pro You Are

There are eight things you can do to wear orange like a pro. We will explore each of these below, so get ready to take notes and find the best options for you. 

Some of these points can be combined with others, so don’t be afraid to experiment with our suggestions!

Feel free to accessorize with monochromatic outfits or clashing colors – that can really bring out the best in any look. 

1. Go The Safe Route

As you might know, neutrals are often a safe space in the color world.

You can combine neutrals on top of neutrals like grays, blacks, beiges, creams, and many more, and it will look great.

However, sometimes determining what is actually a neutral and what is not, isn’t always so easy. 

If you are not certain about a color, the first thing you should do is hold it up to your face.

What does it do to your skin – does it make it look bright and makes your eyes pop?

Perfect! You should keep it and put it to use. If the color makes you look washed out or pale, you can put it back and move on. 

This is especially important when determining what colors you should wear right by your face.

Here are some guidelines to consider:

  • Dark and olive skin – opt for bright and vibrant shades of orange
  • Pale skin – peaches, corals, and other muted shades are perfect
  • Neon accessories – neon might be popular, but it only really works as a highlight color. Save it for shoes, bags, and belts, and keep it away from the face

2. Clash The Colors, Not The Tones

We have already established how important tones are when it comes to styling for your complexion.

So, it should not surprise you to learn that mixing tones really is not going to be a good look if you want to compliment your natural beauty.

If you are wearing a bright, yellow-based orange, you should only wear other bright, yellow-based colors.

Avoid going for colors with blue bases, or else everything is going to clash, and the outfit won’t work. 

You will notice that we are talking tones here. The good news is: colors are another matter entirely!

It is going to take some confidence, but you can absolutely pair a yellow-based orange jacket with a yellow-based blue shirt. It works, and it works well. 

Here are some killer ideas that you could try out if you feel like the bold beauty you are:

  • Orange and cobalt blue
  • Orange, red, and pink or orange, red, and blue
  • An orange and pink moment
  • Orange and yellow for a summery vibe
  • Orange and green to feel like you’re in the tropics

Just be cautious when pairing oranges with browns and blacks.

These are the colors of Halloween, so pick wisely! They are also the colors of trees in the fall, so make sure the look works!

3. Monochromatic Dreams

Wearing any monochromatic outfit is a bold statement (we know you can pull it off).

These kinds of outfits are great for lengthening your silhouette and creating a look that no one will be able to forget. 

However, you can opt for different subtle shades and tear them tone on tone if you are looking for something a little bit different.

You will not regret how this looks.

4. Don’t be Afraid To Accessorize

Do you like accessories? So do we! The thing is – accessories can bring a look together and make you feel like you’re stepping off the set of a movie. That’s the goal, right? 

If orange is too bold a color for you to jump right into (we don’t blame you), you might be more comfortable trying orange accessories first.

This will act as a gentle introduction to the color, so you can be properly acquainted. 

As you grow in confidence, you can step up from an orange pair of shoes to an orange shirt, and maybe even an orange suit or one piece when you’re ready! 

An easy place to start if you want to be really safe is with nails – so head to the salon!

5. Denim Works A Treat

Oranges and pieces of denim are a match made in heaven, and there is no denying it.

You can go with all kinds of combinations here, and you will look ready for the big screen.

Try wearing a stunning orange dress with your favorite denim jacket, or try those jeans with a vibrant orange blouse. 

The best part is, there are shades of denim to match every shade of orange, so go ham and do some experimenting. 

6. Golden Days

Golden jewelry and accessories work with orange wonderfully. In fact, many different jewelry types do, including crystal effects!

Any kind of golden accessory will pull your orange look to new heights and complement each other like you can’t believe. 

This is not to say that silver doesn’t work – it absolutely can. However, you do not get that same eye-catching look that you would with gold.

Even rose gold can look wonderful if you are working with the right tones! 

Head to the jewelers and try out a bunch of different things to find your favorite combinations. 

7. Prints And Patterns

Sure, orange is bold as-is, but that doesn’t mean you should shy away from patterns and prints.

You can combine these options if you are looking for something to take your breath away. 

If you still are not convinced about wearing full orange yet, going for patterns and prints is also a great way to incorporate the color.

Try out different shades and patterns, and control how much orange you want to wear. 

There are endless possibilities here. Just remember that eye-catching patterns and colors will draw attention to that part of the body, so style yourself however you see fit!

8. If You’re Feeling Bold

Finally, if you are open to suggestions, why not try out something fun and exciting? You can try out these options if you are up for it:

  • Try bright orange shoes (like orange loafers) with a pair of colored pants (like cobalt blue)
  • Pair a chunky necklace (red, orange, or coral) with a white blouse
  • Go for a nautical-striped shirt with an orange skirt for something different
  • Opt for some orange trousers and pair them with silver or gold diamante sandals

Final Thoughts

Orange doesn’t need to be daunting, but we understand why it is.

There are so many possibilities to explore, and finding the tones that work for you isn’t always easy.

However, if you want to wear orange, you can take baby steps and start small. 

Slowly work your way up to the monochromatic look, and you will do nothing but exude confidence.

Jessica White
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