Leather Pants Outfit Ideas That Will Convert Even The Biggest Skeptics

Leather pants are a divisive piece of clothing. A lot of people love them, others think they’re too old-fashioned to pull off – but if you are a leather pants skeptic, perhaps all you need is a new angle. 

Here are some amazing leather pants outfit ideas for you to browse through. Check out just how amazing leather pants can look in these different styles.

Leather Pants Outfit Ideas That Will Convert Even The Biggest Skeptics

Who knows – you may find a new outfit idea that is perfect for you! 

1. Patterns With Leather

This outfit idea combines trendy leather pants with a gorgeous leopard print top. This creates a confident summer look that shows off your curves and perfectly captures the fun side of your personality. 

The contrast between the sleek leather pants and the busy leopard print pattern is fantastic. If leopard print isn’t your thing, then try experimenting with different patterns with your leather pants.

You can create lots of different looks using this neat outfit idea. 

2. Glitzy Leather Leggings Look

Leather pants are a great way to add a touch of glamor to your outfit. This makes them popular choices for clubbing or cocktail outfits. If you don’t want to wear a dress, then leather pants are a great alternative look. 

To enhance the glamor of your leather pants, add a glittering sequin top, a pair of heels, and a light jacket. You can stick with all black or be bold and experiment with different blocks of color. 

Either way, leather leggings could be the finishing touch you need for your casual-party outfit! 

3. Contrasting Textures

One of the best features of leather pants is their texture. They’re smooth and sleek and unlike any other type of pants material. 

This also opens up the door to a ton of opportunities when it comes to playing with the texture of your outfit. Because leather is smooth, cool material, why not try contrasting that against soft materials? 

This outfit adds loose-cut leather pants with a wooly cardigan and a matching bra top. The woolen materials soften the overall look, making it less edgy and more casual. It’s a great outfit if you want to wear leather pants without looking too dressed up! 

4. Sweater Dress Leather Pants Combo

Sweater dresses are a great way to look stylish and stay comfortable but not everyone feels confident baring their legs. So, throw some leather pants into the mix! 

Combining a sweater dress with leather leggings leaves you with plenty of room to add your own personal touches.

You can wear bright colors, add your favorite accessories, and slip on different styles of shoes to try out lots of different outfit ideas using this one combination. 

5. Leather Pants And Printed Tees

Printed t-shirts are youthful and modern, plus they bring an edge to your outfit. If you have quite the rebellious style, then this outfit idea featuring leather pants may catch your eye. 

The red of the printed tee is worked into both the shoes and handbag, working nicely with the black leather pants and features on the shirt.

Altogether, the printed tee and leather pants work together well to make an edgy, rebellious outfit without going too punk. 

6. Chunky Doc Martens

Speaking of punk – leather pants work great when paired with leather shoes. Doc Martens are a popular brand of leather chunky boots so why not wear your leather pants with your favorite pair of Doc Martens? 

This combination can be used to make punk outfits, modern chic outfits, and more – whatever suits your personal style. 

Not everyone likes to wear heels but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid leather pants. They work with all kinds of shoes – Doc Martens included. 

7. White Sneakers 

Another type of comfortable shoe to wear with your leather pants is white sneakers. 

These casual shoes are super trendy and youthful, and they contrast beautifully with black leather pants. This simplistic combination is a great idea for casual outfits that don’t appear boring or plain. Instead, they look cool and chic! 

So, if you want to avoid heels and boots, you can’t go wrong with white sneakers.

8. Super Casual Denim

Leather pants are incredibly versatile and can be used to make all kinds of styled outfits. You can just throw them on like a pair of jeans and wear them in super casual settings – like this outfit idea here! 

A lot of people don’t like the look of denim on denim. So if you have a denim jacket you adore but can’t find the right pants to wear with it, leather pants could be the answer you need.

Add a neat t-shirt to the mix and you will have a comfortable, casual look to wear anywhere you desire. 

Final Thoughts 

So, leather pants are incredibly versatile and can be worn in a lot of different styles and outfits. This means that there’s bound to be a leather-pant-inspired outfit out there for you! 

We hope this list has helped inspire you with more fun ways to wear leather pants! Enjoy! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Should Leather Pants Be Tight Or Loose? 

One of the reasons why so many people don’t like leather pants is because they can feel uncomfortable when worn tight. However, it is possible to wear leather pants closely so they feel more comfortable to wear. 

You can wear your leather pants as tight or as loose as you desire. They look great either way and you will be able to feel great. 

Is It Better To Size Up Or Down For Leather Pants?

Finding pants in the right size for you can be a total nightmare. Not only do you have to take into consideration different manufacturers and their different sizing scales, but also materials and how well they stretch. 

Leather does stretch out over time to mold itself to the wearer’s body. So, if you are seeking a tight fit, don’t size down. If you prefer loose leather pants, then don’t be afraid to size up to accommodate your style needs.

Jessica White
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