Pocket Types On Jeans

Jeans have been around for decades. While the shapes and sizes of jeans have developed over the years, there is one thing that stayed the same: jeans always have pockets.

The different pocket types on jeans catch everyone’s attention making your favorite pair of pants a real eye-catcher.

Pocket Types On Jeans

In this easy guide, we take a closer look at types of jeans pockets, what makes them so unique and how you find the perfect jeans pocket that flatters your body type.

Different Types Of Jeans Pockets

Jeans come with a wide variety of pockets. Once you start to notice jeans pockets, it can be hard to look away from them.

There are so many different shapes, placements and details in jeans pockets that you quickly realize how unique your pair of pants is.

Here is an overview of all the common jeans pockets you can find.

Carpenter Pocket

There is no doubt that carpenter pockets are the most popular type of jeans pockets. They are placed on the sides of the legs and the upper thighs.

Jeans were originally designed as workwear which had to have some large pockets for laborers to put some of their tools.

While we may not use our pretty pockets for tools today, carpenter pockets are still incredibly spacious, so you can store everything you need.

Traditional Pocket

When you imagine a pair of jeans, then chances are that your imagined pair of pants has traditional jeans pockets.

These pockets are common with classic blue jeans. They look like squares with a little pointy end at the bottom.

It’s a style that you will find in plenty of different jeans because these pockets give your jeans a classic, almost elegant look.

Embellished Pockets

With changes in fashion, pockets have become a staple on our pants. You can even find pockets that are embellished with a variety of motives, like flowers or simply a plain stitch design.

These fashion pockets really make your pockets stand out and they draw the eye to the pocket area. Decorative jeans pockets can have so many different designs, stitching and beads.

The embellishment typically also matches the rest of the jeans and you may find the decorative elements on other parts of your pants.

Flap Pockets

Most jeans pocket types are open at the top, so you can quickly slip in your keys or use them for quick storage.

However, there are also some pockets that have a little flap at the top. While this allows you to securely store your things in the pocket, it also adds visual volume to your rear end.

This means that curvy women may want to avoid this type of pocket. But if you are a woman who wants to add some curves to your outfit, then grab a pair of jeans with flap pockets.

This type of pocket also comes in a great variety of designs. The flap closure can have snaps or buttons. The pocket fabric may even have decorative stitching or beadwork.

Slit With Zipper Pockets

This zipper pocket type comes in a range of various shapes and sizes but it always has a zipper at the top.

Similar to flap pockets, these pockets are typically larger and draw attention to the pocket area. This means that zipper pockets are perfect for petite women.

Just keep in mind that the zip fastener creates a little bit of bulk in the back which can feel uncomfortable when the pockets are in the wrong place for your body type.

Oval Pockets

While oval pockets aren’t actually oval-shaped, they still have a pretty round shape with a pointed bottom.

Oval pockets are slimmer than your classic rear pockets. This creates a fantastic slimming effect around the rear end.

Similar to other pocket types, oval pockets can also have beautiful embellishments and embroidery that draw attention to this area of the body.

Patch Pockets

Patch pockets are commonly used in the front because they are much larger than the traditional jeans pocket. This being said, you can also find impressive rear patch pockets.

Whether you have front patch pockets or pockets in the back, these large pockets hold a lot of items. However, this also means that they add bulk to the rear end and your hips.

They also come in different shapes and designs. For example, you can find patch zipped pockets or rectangular patch pockets.

Four Pockets

The classic pocket configuration on jeans is four pockets. This means that you have two types of pockets in the back and two types of pockets in the front.

Five Pocket

While most jeans have four pockets, some pairs of pants can have a small fifth picket which is usually for small coins.

The fifth pocket often sits within a larger patch pocket around the front. Some fifth pockets are also sewn inside the top rim of the jeans.

Seamed Pocket

Most jeans pockets are simply sewn onto the finished jeans. However, some jeans pockets are inside the pants. This is often the case for front patch pockets because they are much larger.

No Pocket

Jeans with no pockets are the latest fashion trend but they don’t provide enough shaping and visual appeal for any body type.

That is why pocket-less jeans are often popular with people who want to customize their jeans and sew their own pockets.

It is a fantastic way to get creative and design your own pair of pants that is unique to you and your beautiful shape.

Pocket Types On Jeans

The Best Jeans Pockets For Your Body Type

Pockets can enhance your naturally beautiful figure but it is important to choose the right type of jean pockets.

Here is an overview of what pocket type works best for your specific body type.


If you would like to emphasize your backside and make it look slightly larger, then flap pockets with buttons or zip pockets are the best option.

They add volume to the year and make your bottom look rounded. Embellishments can also draw attention to this area.


If you have a small waist with beautiful curves, then you are in luck! You can wear any style of smaller jeans pockets and you’ll always look your best.

Large patch pockets and flap pockets can add bulk to the rear, so they are not ideal for women with curvier hips.

Smaller oval or rectangular pockets, on the other hand, create a visually smaller back that balances your stunning figure.


If your bust is smaller than your hips, then you have a classic pear shape. This body type looks best with rear pockets that are straight on your jeans. This makes your bottom look smaller and well-proportioned.

A pear-shaped body looks better with larger back pockets that don’t have any embellishments or stitching. This emphasizes your classic figure without distracting from your natural shape.

What Body Type Can Wear Jeans With No Pockets?

Jeans with no pockets aren’t flattering for every body type. In fact, jeans with pockets are best because they adapt to your figure and show off your curves.

If your jeans don’t have any pockets, then this doesn’t visually support your figure. 

This being said, if you plan to sew your own customized pockets onto pocket-free jeans, then you can choose what makes your figure stand out beautifully.

Final Thoughts

While jeans pockets look relatively simple, there are so many stunning variations that you can choose from.

From large patch pockets in the front and rear to classic carpenter pockets, the right pocket style of your jeans can flatter your figure in the right way.

Fashion trends continually change and there is no doubt that we will see plenty more pocket designs in future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Was The 5th Pocket Invented For?

The fifth pocket on a pair of jeans was part of the original jeans design by Levi Strauss. In fact, it even had a patent that stated that the pocket was developed as an improvement in fastening pocket openings.

Today, the fifth pocket doesn’t appear on every pair of jeans. However, it is most popular on blue jeans.

How Do I Choose Jeans Pockets?

The best way to choose jeans pockets is by body type. If you have an hourglass body shape, then it is best to wear small pockets.

On the other hand, if you have a petite shape, then you can wear any type of jeans pocket, including bulky zip and flap pockets.

Where Should Rear Jeans Pockets Sit?

It can make a big difference to your visual appearance where your rear jeans pockets sit. Ideally, the pockets should sit above your thigh to ensure that your bottom doesn’t look oddly droopy.

How Difficult Is It To Repair Jeans Pockets?

You can easily repair rips, frays and small holes in your jeans pockets by sewing them up. This being said, you will be able to see any repairs to your pants pockets.

This is why it can be a great idea to apply a patch to the fabric to create a decorative element and cover up the repairs.

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