Are You A Winter Seasonal Type? How To Embrace The Winter Color Palette

On popular social media websites, finding out what color palette suits you is all of the rage right now.

You may see videos of stylists using a range of different colored bibs to see which ones match the skin tone, and which ones make the client appear brighter, younger, and more attractive. 

Are You A Winter Seasonal Type How To Embrace The Winter Color Palette

Using the right color palette can completely change your entire appearance.

If you think about it, you may have tried golden blonde hair before and it completely washed you out, whereas a cool toned brown hair color makes you appear more youthful and glowing. 

The same applies for the clothes that you wear. Depending on your skin tone, eye color, and appearance, certain colors can look great on you, and others just don’t seem to compliment you. 

This is why you should find out what your color season is. Knowing your seasonal type can uplift your entire look, and can help you fine-tune your wardrobe with pieces that compliment you. 

In this guide, we are going to take a look at the ‘Winter Seasonal Type’ and how you can embrace this color palette into your life. 

Why You Should Know Your Seasonal Type

If you have ever ordered something online that looks bright, beautiful and great on the model, and it has arrived and appears dull and boring on you, then it is likely that it just is not your color. 

Some people look great in bright colors, whereas others truly shine in deeper, darker tones. This is because it is not their ‘seasonal type’.

Through color analysis and finding out what skin tone you have, you can find your seasonal type. 

Discovering your seasonal type can help you figure out which color palette works best for you, and help you find clothing that will look amazing on you. 

To find out your seasonal type, you have to consider if your skin, hair and eyes have a neutral, warm, or cool undertone. Then, you can match colors to that undertone to compliment them. 

The best way to figure out your color palette and season is to try color draping. This is when different colors are draped over you, to see if they brighten or dull your appearance. 

What Is A Winter Seasonal Type?

A winter seasonal type is one of four (of course)!

There are two cool seasons (that suit cool undertones), which are Winter and Summer, and the warm seasons are Spring and Autumn.

Winter seasons have cooler undertones, along with dark hair, vibrant eyes and a high contrast between their skin, hair, and eyes. 

A classic Winter may have dark hair, fair skin and bright eyes, or they may have a contrast between their hair and skin tone. Skin tone will need to be very cool, and the hair is often ashy-toned. 

Each season has its own beautiful color palette. For instance, a Winter color palette is packed with cool shades that are deep, rich and clear.

You will find colors in a Winter seasonal palette that are based on jewel tones such as ruby red, emerald green, or sapphire blue.

You will also find that classic neutral colors such as crisp white, navy and black look great on a Winter Seasonal person. A true Winter will look great in highly saturated colors, as long as they are cool toned rather than warm. 

Some celebrity examples of true Winters are Christina Ricci, Kendall Jenner, Lily Collins, Zooey Deschanel, and Brooke Shields. 

Types Of Winters

There are three types of Winters. These are Moonlit Winters, Vivid Winters, and Twilight Winters. A Moonlit Winter is a very cool color palette. These colors tend to be soothing and calm colors. 

A Vivid Winter is a bright Winter color palette, is still cool toned and has brighter colors. Zooey Deschanel is a great example of a vivid Winter color palette.

Then we have the Twilight Winters, which look best with a dark winter color palette. Twilight Winters look best in deep, dark and cool toned colors.

What Colors Suit A Winter Seasonal Type?

Which colors you choose depends on what kind of Winter you are. If you are a Vivid winter, then you will want to opt for cool toned but bright, vibrant colors.

Your best colors are emerald green, cotton candy pink, rose, sapphire blue, dijon yellow, and striking purple and violet colors. 

For a dark winter color palette, or Twilight Winters, you want to go for deep colors like a blood red, or garnet, jet black, royal blue, pine green or a bottle green. 

A Moonlit Winter is somewhere in between, where calmer, more soothing colors will look best. Moonlit Winters also look great in more light neutral colors. 

It is not just about the clothing you choose, your makeup colors have to compliment you too. Foundation and concealers should be cool toned, as should your eye make up.

Eyeshadows in green, smoky gray and ashy colors can look amazing on Winter seasonal types.

Be sure to not pick warm toned lipsticks and glosses too. If you love pink, then it has to have cool undertones, and bright, vibrant pinks may not look great on you (Also check out How To Be The Fuchsia Of Fashion). 

It is important to note that finding your seasonal type is not meant to be restrictive. It is just a guide and a foundation to work from, to help you find colors and clothes that uplift your appearance. 

If you like wearing a bold color with others, then you can!

Have some fun with it, and always ensure that the clothes and colors you wear make you feel good, reflect your personality, and make you happy! 


To summarize, knowing your seasonal type can transform your wardrobe.

As a Winter seasonal type, you would need to have cool undertones, and a contrast between your skin and hair color.

Winter color palettes include deep red tones, black, neutral tones like crisp white, emerald green and midnight navy.

Think of deep, cool, crisp tones that will accentuate your look and compliment your skin, eyes, and hair!

Jessica White
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