How To Dress For Your Body Type: Ultimate Guide

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a fashion rut, wondering what clothes would look best on your body type?

You’re not alone! Knowing how to dress for your body type can be confusing and challenging. 

How To Dress For Your Body Type: Ultimate Guide

But don’t worry – our ultimate guide is here to help. We’ll provide tips and advice on how to choose clothing that will flatter your body type.

What Are The Main Body Types?

The female body comes in all different shapes and sizes – which is something to be celebrated!

There are various body types, each unique to its shape, yet beautiful nonetheless. 

Knowing your body type can help make styling clothes easier and highlight your beauty even more.

Spoon Body Shape

The Spoon Body Shape is a lesser-known body type than the more advertised hourglass shape.

Its main feature, however, is its distinctive ‘spoon’ silhouette created by the smaller bust combined with the hips of greater size. 

Unlike those with a pear or triangle body shape, those with a Spoon Body Shape also have an elongated waistline and slim arms.

Pear Shape

The pear body type is characterized by a wider lower body, typically with a smaller upper body.

It includes a full butt, hips, and thighs with more curvature than the other parts of the body including shoulders and bust. 

Women with this type of body can create an hourglass illusion simply by wearing clothes that hug the figure in the right places. 

Triangle Shape

The triangle body shape is one of the most curvaceous figures seen in women.

Leg-wise, it stands out thanks to being visibly wider, fuller, and more muscular than any other part of their bodies. 

Hourglass Shape

The hourglass body shape is considered to be the most desirable of all female body shapes. 

This body type requires a strong combination of both bust and hip size, which equally balance each other out with an additional narrow waistline. 

The defining features of those with an hourglass figure include; a well-defined waistline along with proportionate top and bottom halves while highlighting perfect symmetry throughout the torso. 

Apple Body Shape

The apple body shape is a very common body type, especially among women. On average, 14% of women identify as having a round body shape.

This body type consists of broad shoulders, a bigger bust line that stands out more than the lower part of the body, and the weight usually fall around the midriff area.

Those who are blessed with such an oval-shaped body should be proud because there are many ways to dress stylishly and flaunt your curves.

Most importantly, you should own what you have and learn to love yourself!

Make sure to accessorize in all the right places; just make sure not to draw attention away from your assets. 

Diamond Shape

The diamond body shape is an interesting and beautiful figure that many women around the world strive to emulate. You may have broad hips and slender limbs with a smaller bust.

When shopping for outfits for a diamond body shape, it’s important to draw attention away from the hips, making sure not to emphasize them too much. 

Rectangle Body Shape

The athletic body shape is characterized by straight shoulders and an even hip width.

It’s a rectangular body shape that many women (46%) fall into due to a waist size being about the same as the hips and bust. 

The key features of athletic body shapes center around having a waist one to eight inches smaller than your bust, allowing you to enjoy all the different styles of clothing on offer without too many alterations.

An athletic shape also provides several advantages, such as having strong, toned muscles and structural balance all over your physique that is balanced aesthetically without overly apparent curves or dips. 

How To Dress Your Body Shape

How To Dress For Your Body Type: Ultimate Guide

When it comes to finding the right clothes for your body shape, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

With so many different types of body shapes and sizes, it can be difficult to know what looks best without having a guide to reference. 

However, by understanding how to dress by body type, you can learn how to bring out your best features in any outfit and look amazing.

Pear Or Triangle

Dressing for a pear or triangle-shaped body can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. 

The trick is to find a dress that shifts the focus away from your hips and onto your upper body with cuts and styles that flatter your figure. 

Focusing on adding volume and structure to the parts of your body you want to draw attention to is key to achieving an effortless put-together look.

Look for dresses with details at the neckline and sleeves, like:

  • Pleating, 
  • Ruffles, 
  • Draping, 
  • Cutouts. 

Show off those shoulders (with something like a cold-shoulder dress) or opt for blouses that have interesting shape details like puff sleeves or a scoop-neck top with lace detailing. 


People with an hourglass-shaped body have an enviable shape and need to dress accordingly.

Your ultimate goal should be to accentuate your most sought-after curves in order to achieve a beautiful silhouette. 

To help you achieve the look that flatters your body shape, use these tips for an utterly stylish look.

  • Firstly, focus on your waistline by wearing wrap dresses and belt items such as skirts or trousers. 
  • You can additionally draw attention to this area of your body by wearing form-fitting tops or cropped jackets. 
  • To balance out your figure, pick bottoms with more volume which will go great with fitted tops. 
  • A tight-fitting bra can also add extra definition to your bust while any neckline cut in a soft V will enhance the look further.


Dressing an apple or round body shape can be tricky.

The key to finding flattering and stylish outfit options is understanding which pieces will best draw attention to your best features.

  • To create a balanced, curves-enhancing look, choose clothing items that highlight your shoulders, neckline, and bust area. 
  • V-necks are perfect for this purpose since they draw focus to your upper body while also giving you a lengthened silhouette. 
  • Longer-sleeved tops work well too, as long as they fit comfortably and are tailored to not add additional fullness to the arms.
  • When picking bottoms for the apple body shape, always remember to divert attention away from your waist by selecting looser styles with minimal detailing, such as joggers and straight-cut trousers. 


Women with spoon-shaped body types are likely to have a variety of features, such as narrow shoulders, and wide hips. 

To flatter your body type, you will want to look for clothing pieces that draw attention to your natural waistline while camouflaging your areas of concern. 

  • A-line styles and princess cuts are the most flattering dresses for accentuating curves and they help create a balanced silhouette. 
  • If a dress isn’t achieving the desired effect then you can try baby doll styles or an empire line which creates a gentle flow around those curves. 
  • You should also look for tops with vertical details like v-necks to help elongate your upper half and draw attention downwards.
  • On the bottom, opt for skirts or pants that fit at the mid-thigh or knee level as this will maximize the appeal of well-defined legs. 


First and foremost, those with a diamond body shape should focus on creating an illusion of a curvy silhouette. 

  • To achieve this, try to balance your shoulder and hip measurements by emphasizing the upper half of your body and keeping the widths consistent with that of your waist. 
  • You can use tops, blazers, jackets, and other tailored pieces to create structure around the shoulders and chest area. 
  • A good tip is to opt for small details like ruffles or pleats to create curves.


Rectangle or athletic body shapes are characterized by being long and thin, with a straight torso that lacks curves. 

If you’re lucky enough to have this shapely figure, there are many ways to enhance your features and show off your beautiful body type. 

  • The first and easiest way to create the illusion of curves is by pinching in at the natural waist for a flattering definition. 
  • You can do this easily with structured blazers, belts, waistbands, and other accessories tailored to fit the unique silhouette of your frame. 
  • Ruffles and frills also work well to bring extra volume, texture, and an extra feminine touch to flatter your body type.

Final Thoughts

No matter your body type, there is always a way to dress for success. With the right pieces and styling strategies, you can look amazing and feel confident in your own skin. 

Remember to pick clothes that fit well and are tailored specifically for your figure.

Also, consider the color and material of clothing items as they can also contribute to an overall flattering look.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Determine Your Own Body Shape?

Knowing your body type is essential when it comes to choosing the right clothing and hairstyle that works best for you. It can also help with fitness and nutrition goals. 

To determine your body type, you should first measure your waist, chest, hips, and thighs with tape. Making sure to keep the cloth tape neither too tight nor too loose.

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