How Many Sizes Bigger Is Oversized?

Figuring out oversized clothing is no easy feat. Every store and brand will have its own ideas on what oversized is (or should be). This can make the process of finding the right thing especially difficult, even more so if you are shopping online. 

How Many Sizes Bigger Is Oversized?

When it comes to oversized clothes, we are all looking for different things. This applies to shirts, bottoms, jackets, and anything else you can think of.

If you are looking for oversized clothes, but don’t actually know the ins and outs of it yet, we can help!

Here, we will go through everything you need to know about oversized clothes. 

What You Need To Know About Oversized Clothing

If you class yourself as curvy or “plus sized”, then you likely already know the troubles of finding oversized clothes that fit right.

The issue is, when a brand or company is talking about “oversized” clothes, they are generally referring to clothes that would be considered oversized for slim people. 

Because of this, what is oversized to some of your friends may not be oversized to you, even if you each got the same shirt in your different sizes.

In many cases, the overall shape of the item of clothing doesn’t work so well. 

Of course, this will vary from brand to brand and even one kind of item to another. Styles also have a crucial role to play in such things, so treat every oversized item of clothing individually. 

How Many Sizes Bigger Is Oversized?

The general rule for something to be classed as “oversized” is for the item of clothing to be either one or two sizes larger than the assigned size.

So, if you are looking at a size 12 oversized shirt, its true size will likely be either a size 14 or 16, depending on where it is from

This is crucial to consider when you are purchasing clothes online and can’t try them on first.

If you are doing online shopping, make sure you are doing it from a place where you can return any unwanted clothes (preferably for free). 

If you are looking for an item of clothing that is even more oversized than that, don’t be afraid to go up a few more sizes.

We know this can seem like a big deal, but in the end, the numbers on your clothes mean nothing. As long as your clothes are comfortable and make you feel like the snack you are, the number doesn’t matter!

Tips And Tricks For Styling Oversized Clothes

If you are new to the world of oversized clothing and are looking for some pointers, we have a few suggestions!

The below style choices could be your thing, or your exact opposite – everyone has different preferences. 

However, they might give you a few fun and interesting ideas for styling some oversized clothes. Why not try out a few different options and see which ones you love?

If none of them speak to you, you can ignore them all – this is about you, not us.

1. Pair It With Something That Is Slim Fit

We would recommend pairing an oversized shirt with a slim-fit pair of pants, or baggy pants with a slim-fit shirt. This will pull the look together and even things out a little. 

Of course, if you want to go for an all-baggy look and rock it, we know you can pull that off, too.

However, if you are looking for an outfit that is balanced, be sure to contrast fitted and baggy. You might be surprised by how good this combination looks! 

An outfit consisting of oversized jeans paired with a fitted tee or even a bodysuit is hard to beat. You can wear this to the mall for a casual day out, or a cute date, so versatility is just another thing to love.

2. Use Outerwear

Outerwear like jackets and utility vests, puffer jackets, body warmers, and anything else can create a killer look when paired with oversized clothes.

The best thing about this styling option is the freedom that you get while experimenting with it. There are countless possibilities to explore. 

Some options will work better than others depending on where you live. However, if you take the time to find out what works, you will have a look that you will never get tired of.

3. Tuck An Oversized Top In

Depending on the type of oversized shirt you have, you could opt to tuck it into your pants or skirt to get a completely different look.

This can work especially well with oversized tees and blouses, but you will need to consider the overall look you’re going for. 

You can’t go wrong with an oversized tee and some simple pants of your choice, but there are plenty of options to explore.

4. Wear A Long Sleeved Shirt Underneath

Love layers? Pair an oversized shirt with a fitted long sleeve underneath. This is especially great if you love the more grunge or skater look.

It’s a fantastic option for fall and winter, and you can play around with color combinations if that’s your thing. 

Layering clothes also means that you have the opportunity to work with different patterns.

For example, if you have an oversized striped shirt, you can wear a plain long sleeve underneath, or vice versa. This gives the outfit an interesting twist to alter as you like.

5. Spice It Up With Accessories

Accessories! Accessories can make or break an outfit, and when it comes to layers, there are so many fun options. While the usual necklaces and other jewelry are a must, don’t forget about belts and harnesses. 

If you love belts and want to be a little more experimental, you can try pairing some swoon-worthy harnesses with your outfit. These can work for anyone, and there are lots of styles to try out. 

On top of that, you can try things like corsets or vests if you really want to step up your game. Just be prepared – not a lot of people have the confidence to even try this, so you will be turning a few heads!

Don’t forget to have fun with accessories. Endless opportunities mean there is a chance for endless fun and combinations.

6. Heels Work Surprisingly Well

If you want to mix things up a little, you could always try pairing an oversized outfit with some heels! This can be an oversized blouse with cycling shorts and heels or some oversized jeans with your favorite stilettos. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment, because you will be blown away by how good this can look. Just take a look at that picture and try convincing yourself that you don’t want to try it.

Final Thoughts

Oversized clothing is usually 1–2 sizes larger than the number of the item of clothing.

Most oversized clothes are created to fit slimmer people, so this is something to consider when buying for yourself if you are not slim (Also check out Understanding ‘Slim Thick’, And How To Achieve It!). 

In many cases, it will be worth going an extra one or two sizes up just so that that fit is actually comfortable.

Just remember – the number on that tag means nothing. Confidence is the key to everything. 

Jessica White
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