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Deco Shape: A New Love Affair

It has been a very good week for bras in the Warning:CurvesAhead household. This week alone, I have received not one, not two, but three wonderful new booby-holders, all of which I am excited to share with you lovely readers. To say that I am ecstatic is a gross understatement: new lingerie makes me giddy. So here goes, lovely readers. Lingerie review numero uno.

Any of you who have been following my blog know that I am a slave to Freya.
I love them. I love their fit, I love their shape, and if I could afford it, I would have a Freya Deco in every single color that is offered. In my humble opinion, it is the Adonis God of all bras, and I am a lucky duck to fit into their size range. That said, you can imagine my excitement when I was informed that I had been chosen as a winner in their Deco 365 Competition, and had been chosen to receive a new Deco Shape multiway bra and short. (*squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*!!!!) When I was emailed the tracking number for my package, you can bet I stalked that puppy like a crazy ex-boyfriend, and when my goodies arrived at my house LITERALLY OVERNIGHT FROM THE UK, I was overjoyed. The bra and panties came beautifully wrapped in tissue paper, and packaged in a pretty pink bag with “Freya” emblazoned on the front. If I possessed a modicum of patience, I would have taken pictures of the pretty wrappings and posted photographic evidence of the package.

Yeeeeeah, no. I wanted that bra on my body, and I wanted it now. At first fit, I fell in love. But in an effort to give you lovelies a thorough review of the product, I “test drove” the set during a busy day at work, to see how it held up through hours of peek-a-boo, crawling marathons, and hours of outside active playing with ten-month-old twins.

First, lets talk aesthetics. This bra is a soft cream color, with a pretty floral panel on the front of the band and by the center gore. There are tiny (read:adorable) button details where the gore meets in the middle, and equally adorable, miniature bows where the straps meet the cups. It has the Deco’s signature moulded cups, and is simple, yet soft and feminine.

The band is firm. Not uncomfortably so, but that sucker didn’t move all day. It boasts three sets of three hooks-and-eyes, and I found it to be very supportive. I received this bra in a 32FF, which has confirmed my thought that I have sprouted to a 32G/34FF: one cup up from what I thought I was. (Swooping and scooping. It works!) I have the tiniest bit of quad-boob, but this bra is definitely still wearable.
Being a multiway, the straps on this bra are completely removable and adjustable. It can be work cross-back, halter, one-shoulder; you name it. The straps are fully adjustable, and my only gripe is that they are thinner then I am used to seeing on a Deco, and quite stretchy. I was impressed, however, with how well they stayed hooked. No wardrobe malfunctions in this model!

20130615-150029.jpgimage from Freya
I would take a real-time photo of the shorts, but they are currently on my bum, and since I’m a wee bit bloated, (PMS blues, ladies) I’m not really ready to debut any “Jess in her undercrackers” photos. I will tell you, however, that these are the most comfortable panties that have ever covered my ample bum. Soft, stretchy, seamless, and sporting the same gorgeous floral print on the front panel that graces the band of the bra, these are basic and yet not, if you can understand what I’m trying to say. I can see these being worn as a practical piece underneath a tight/light colored dress, but also functioning as an innocent-yet-sexy piece in the bedroom (if that’s your cup of tea). Multi-purpose is my favorite thing, so this set garners high marks from yours truly.

And for anyone wondering, my girlfriend’s Official Word on the pants: “Your ass looks awesome.”
(Women. Not so different from men, eh? 😉 )

After 9 hours of crawling and jumping, running up and down stairs, and toting around two infants at a time for most of the day, I was impressed with the staying power of this bra. I didn’t have to adjust myself at all throughout the day, and even with such a firm band, this set was insanely comfortable. I would say that this model runs a tiny bit tighter then the “usual” Deco (which I find runs one band large/one cup large) so, keep that in mind when you go buy it, because you seriously need it!

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