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“What about Parfait? Everybody loves Parfait!”

That line from one of my favorite childhood animations is serving as inspiration for today’s post, fair readers. But instead of layers of yummy granola, creamy yogurt, and decadent fruit, I bring you the other other Parfait: Parfait by Affinitas.

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve probably realized that I am no stranger to Affinitas Intimates. I loved their Charlotte set so much that I purchased both styles–one in each color. I wore them until I outgrew them (*sniff sniff*), and then passed them on to loving homes. When I got my paws on the Danielle set, (which I reviewed here.) I fell truly-madly-deeply for her girly details, amazing fit, and vintage charm. Within the same week, I received the “Casey” set in the mail: my prize from a giveaway over at Venusian Glow.

And let me tell you, folks. She is incredible.

As per the Venusian Glow giveaway, I received the Casey molded plunge bra in European Nude (size 34FF) and matching boyshort bottom (size XL). At first, I was hesitant to try out a new plunge t-shirt style bra, as everyone who knows me will tell you: the Freya Deco holds a special place in my heart. Would Casey match up? Could she hold a candle to my beloved Deco? Only a trial run and time would tell. After wildly tearing at the packaging like a caged animal  delicately cutting the tape of my perfectly packaged new set, it was only a matter of minutes before I had my new bra and bottoms on my body.

I have to be honest here, folks. It was not dizzying love-at-first-sight, but more of a slow burning affection that took a bit of time to build. Quite possibly,  I can attribute my hesitation to the fact that I was comparing a new item to an old favorite (bad, bad Jessica! Horribly unfair!). Whatever the reason may be, it took me a few wears and some fiddling around to get truly comfortable in Casey–but it was was well worth it! Before I get into the reason’s why you need to love her as much as I do, let’s talk asthetics:


Casey is billed as a molded plunge  bra, it’s coloring labelled as “European Nude”. I found the color to be quite a bit darker in-person (left) then on the lovely promotional pictures on the website (right). (I find that sometimes, professional cameras and equipment have the power to do that. Such is life.)  She features three sets of three hooks-and-eyes, and half-adjustable straps. The sides of the cups are decorated with subtle-yet-pretty lace edging, and there is an itty bitty bow smack dab in the center of the gore. Precious.Casey_Plunge-Molded-Bra_2801_Boyshorts_2805_European-Nude2

As far as bras go, Casey is a wonderful basic. Though her color is far from “nude” and would definitely not serve as a nude bra for all skin types (it is several shades darker then my own practically translucent very fair skin,and not dark enough for those of us blessed with more melanin), Casey can’t be discounted as a go-to bra for regular use. Her cups are smooth and seamless under even the thinnest of t-shirts, with no risk of the dreaded “headlight” effect caused by errant nipples in the cold. The lace detailing on the cups is subtle, but still jazzy enough to up the Adorable factor of this otherwise plain piece. And the center gore bow? Well, I love bows. ‘Nuff said.

Which brings us to a discussion about the fit. Truth be told, Casey and I did not get along right away. I took one look at her and thought “Oh holy shit, those cups are huge, too huge, WTF was I thinking?!” However, shallow boobs be damned, because once I had swooped and scooped all of my errant breast tissue into the cups, I filled them perfectly. Not a quad-boob in sight, and I got some lovely, subtle cleavage. I get a tiny bit of empty space in the very top of the cup if I lean forward, such is the life of us sloped-breasted ladies.  I was positive that this bra was cut too high under the arms, as it was initially cutting into my armpit area quite uncomfortably. However, as with any bra, a little bit of strap-fiddling-for-comfort fixed the issue. As far as the band is concerned, the 34″ band that I chose fits perfectly. My experience with Parfait is that their bands run a bit small, and I don’t think that this model is any different–a 32″ band would probably cut off circulation to my brain. I love how firm and supportive this band is, and can not rave enough about the three sets of hooks-and-eyes. (All the more supportive, huzzah!) Despite my initial hesitations, Casey has become my favorite (and best fitting, at the moment) part of my everyday-bra-wardrobe.caseybottoms

I would take real-life photos of the matching bottoms to this set if they weren’t sitting in a basket of clean clothes, two hours and two states away from me. The Casey short features the same stretch lace and bow-detailing of the bra, and are beautifully constructed. However, I don’t know if I overestimated the sizing of the XL that I chose, or underestimated the size of my derriere, but those suckers were tiny! While they were still wearable in that size, I am keeping a keen eye on the interwebs, should an affordable pair in a size 2XL pop up. My rearend requires a little bit more coverage then the extra large had to offer me. 😉

All in, I would recommend Casey to anyone in search of a pretty-yet-basic everyday bra. Molded cups and girly details come together to create a wonderfully wearable wardrobe staple that every woman can use. Just remember, ladies. If you’ve got more junk in the trunk then your average Jane–size up in those bottoms! Find your very own Casey over at Amazon!

(PSST! I’m so in love with Casey that I’m on the lookout for the powder blue version in a 34FF! If anyone sees one and would let me know, that would be incredible!)

5 thoughts on ““What about Parfait? Everybody loves Parfait!””

  1. Alert – Zulily has the Casey Plunge and the Boyshorts up right now. (both in euro nude though) as well as some other Parfait items.

  2. “Though her color is far from “nude” and would definitely not serve as a nude bra for all skin types “.

    No beige bra would ever ever serve as a nude bra for all skin types. Just because Casey’s a little darker doesn’t mean her colour isn’t nude for someone who’s darker than you are. I feel like there’s a ton of ways you could have phrased that sentence without ingraining white=nude. It makes me sad because you’re one of my favourite bloogers out there 😦

    1. Totally wasn’t intentional, and your point completely stands. I have learned so much since this post was published, and I hope you don’t take this as an indication of how the blog will be in the future! Thank you for pointing out my silly and stupid wording, and I promise to be more thoughtful in the future!

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