Meet “Marilyn”: dMondaine Shapewear Review

As a lingerie blogger, I spend a significant amount of time on the hunt for that one “it” piece of lingerie. Hours upon hours are spent pouring over websites and catalogs, and even more time is spent in front of a dressing room mirror, critiquing and deciding which piece is going to make the cut and end up on the blog. It’s a time-consuming gig, but someone’s gotta do it (and let’s be honest, I love every minute of it).

However, very seldom does the “it” piece of lingerie actually fall into your lap. I thought it impossible, until I received an email from the lovely Giovanna of dMondaine . Giovanna wanted to introduce me to dMondaine, a luxury shapewear brand with a longstanding history of catering to the stars. Their designer, Kiana Anvaripour, strived to design a collection of shapewear that was both gorgeous and functional, and if their press history has anything to say about it, they’ve succeeded tenfold.

After a little bit of back-and-forth (and a lot of gushing on my part), Giovanna offered to send me my very own piece of dMondaine–and when that parcel arrived on my doorstep just days later, I immediately understood what the hype was about.

Meet: Marilyn.


“Marilyn” Full Body Slip by dMondaine
Available sizes XS-XL

The Marilyn Full Contouring Slip is a dMondaine best seller, and it is very plain to see why. Constructed of breathable “ResultWear” performance fabric, it nips, tucks, and smooths and holds everything in place while still remaining comfortable for long-term wear. Besides being completely functional, it is a rare gem in the world of shapewear–it’s pretty. The fabric is thick and of obvious quality, and the construction is practically flawless. I was sent this lovely piece in a size XL and tested her out over the course of two days out in the city. What better to test the abilities of some serious shapewear than with drinking, dancing, and a room full of lesbians? 🙂

“Marilyn” Full Body Contour Slip by dMondaine

Marilyn features a full back-zip, a built in bra, and  firm-control panels to slim the waist and smooth the tummy. As a 32G, I definitely needed the added support of my trusty Freya Deco underneath this slip, as the idea of a built-in bra working for a busty lady is almost laughable. However, the added support of the slip’s bust panels made for some serious cleavage, which couldn’t have been more perfect for my night on the town.


On night 1, I wore this slip underneath my “Erin” dress by Pinup Couture. The dress fits like a second skin, and Marilyn was nearly invisible underneath. Not a line nor seam was visible underneath Erin–the tightest dress in my wardrobe. Through a night of dancing and too many vodka seltzers, I didn’t have to adjust myself at all. Riding up wasn’t an issue either. Marilyn and I made it through the night unscathed, and when the opportunity for another outing presented itself the next night, I was game.

_SMF0963Night two featured a brand-spanking-new dress, the Megan Lace Wiggle by Tatyana. With Marilyn underneath, I felt smooth, secure, and confident. She gave amazing (admittedly, eyecatching) cleavage, but because Megan is not nearly as form fitting as my Erin dress, I did experience a bit of riding up while I was moving around. I don’t attribute this to a product malfunction, but to my recent weight-loss.* Simply put, I shrunk: Marilyn didn’t. She is simply too big for my body now, and this issue was rectified easily with a bit of fashion tape. Once again, Marilyn and I made it through the evening unscathed and happy. Despite a bit of adjusting while dancing, I felt smoothed and secure in my wiggliest-of-wiggle dresses.

Even with my continued weightloss, I find myself reaching for my Marilyn quite often. It is a simply designed but incredibly effective piece of shapewear that is functional underneath almost every outfit I own. When I’ve completely shrunk out of my XL Marilyn, I can guarantee that I will be paying a visit to my seamstress and begging her for alterations! Who knows, maybe I’ll even be bold and start wearing my underwear as outerwear. 😉



TL;DR: Full-body contour slip. XS-XL (Runs large, in my opinion). Available in black/beige. 169.00$. Built in bra (for smaller busts), cleavage boosting (for larger busts). Smooths and shapes while still remaining comfortable.

Like what you see? Think you might want your own? Take a look at dMondaine’s entire line of luxury shapewear over at dMondaine.com.


*I received this product for review at the beginning of March and trialed it 2 weeks later. In that time, I lost approximately 7lbs, which I believe attributed to my fit-issues. Upon arrival, this item fit perfectly in an XL on a 41″/33″/45″ body. At time these photos were taken, my body measures 40″/32″/44″)

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