Henabees & Maisel TV!

2019, you minx, you’ve been an absolute whirlwind!

This past year has been a cyclone of amazing happenings, and as I sit here to write this, I am feeling like the luckiest girl in the world. From buying a house and making it our own, to weddings, to fashion shows, to burlesque parties in NYC, this regular girl has been dipping her toes into a very cool world, and 2019 is ending on a very thankful note.

I haven’t been updating you all on the things I’ve been up to (if you follow me over on Instagram, you may have a clue!), and after a playful scolding from my wife last night, I’m back again and excited to share!

As many of you may know, I am obsessed with all things Mrs. Maisel! From the smart writing, to the fantastic cast, to the incredible costuming, that show is my bread and butter, and has been wholeheartedly embraced by the retro community at large.

What some of you may not know yet is that Alex Borstein, sass queen & genius behind Susie Meyerson (& Associates!) aka Midge’s BFF/Manager, has recently released a brand.spankin.new.invention. This past Friday was the official Henabees launch party in NYC and with a little luck and pixie dust, this massive Maisel fan was invited to attend!



Who better to explain the concept but the boss?

From the Henabees website:

“What began as a do-it-yourself answer to a common wardrobe difficulty has now blossomed into a beautiful solution…introducing: Henabee’s.

Founder and creator, Alex Borstein, imagined a genius way to solve her red carpet woes.  Days before an event Alex would find “the perfect dress” — but so often it would be sleeveless.

Instead of featuring her arms, Borstein prefers to let her décolletage take center stage.  Once upon a time, she tried tacking a bit of lace fabric into the armhole of a sleeveless dress… and voila!  Problem solved.  After receiving tons of compliments on the red carpet, she quickly went to work designing the first pair of Henabee’s…

Borstein, a lover of fashion, has always been inspired by vintage burlesque and she wanted Henabee’s to have the same sexy and fun feel while adding a flourish to any sleeveless dress or top.

Henabee’s are every gal’s secret weapon.”

Named after badass women in history, the four styles of Henabees currently available all center around the same concept: a detachable sleeve for all your sleeveless dresses. Simple brilliance for a problem that so many women complain about, and we’re here for it!

The release party this past Friday featured all the best things New York has to offer–a unique venue (The Slipper Room, located ironically below 14th Street–there’s a Sophie Lennon joke in there somewhere!), delicious food and desserts, drinks that flowed, beautiful burlesque, and of course–a performance by the one and only Alex Borstein & The Amstergang! It was a night studded with stars (I officially get to say I was at the same party as Amy Sherman Palladino!) and filled with laughter! Want to see? Keep scrolling… 🙂

Bold brights and Midge-inspired for the party!

Susie Meyerson & Associates!

Joel Maisel in the flesh!

Introducing: Shy Baldwin!
None other then ROSE WEISSMAN!
Celebrating with the creator of Henabee’s!

The support from the cast and crew was absolutely phenomenal–coming off of days of press tours, these folks still showed up to support their girl in her exciting new venture. If that’s not true friendship, I don’t know what is! In all, it was a fantastic night, and this blogger feels so incredibly lucky to have been able to take part.

Congratulations, Henabee’s, on a super successful launch! May the success continue on endlessly. ❤

“Thank you, and goodnight!”



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