How To Define Your Personal Style: 8 Top Tips

You’ve likely heard the phrase “signature style”, which refers to a person’s distinctive style.

Perfecting one’s personal style is a great way for people to feel confident and empowered. It allows your personality and individuality to come across in the clothes that you wear.

How To Define Your Personal Style 8 Top Tips

Defining this personal style isn’t as simple as following recent fashion trends. Instead, creating a personal style will involve focusing on a look that is unique to you. 

This guide will help you to better understand your personal style and will allow you to define it.

What Is Personal Style?

Personal style is simply the clothes that you wear. It’s the way that you choose to express yourself through your clothes and the other factors that affect your appearance, including hairstyle and clothing accessories.

For many women, their personalities will shine through the clothes that they’ve chosen.

Your style can be seen in a few different ways. For instance, you may prefer to wear certain types of clothes, colors, or materials. 

Understanding your personal style is essential, as it can impact your confidence. Not to mention, a unique style personality can help to enhance your fashion choices. This clothing will also have an impact on the impression that you make on other people. 

How Can You Define Your Personal Style?

1. Make A Mood Board

Mood boards are an incredible idea if you are attempting to establish a vibe or atmosphere. It can also be used to create a distinctive style for your fashion.

This is because it will allow you to focus on the aesthetics of your style. The mood board will act as a visual collection of your fashion tastes. 

To create your fashion mood board, you should take pictures of some of your favorite outfits. This could be outfits from your closet or clothes that other people have worn, such as celebrities or your friends. 

You should also think about some of your favorite shades and materials to wear. Be sure to add any pictures or materials that appeal to you to the board.

Feel free to get creative when making this mood board. It’s meant to be a fun experience that will help you on your personal style journey. You can also adjust your mood board whenever you like, meaning that may add or remove photos as desired. 

It doesn’t matter if your mood board looks a little chaotic. You will likely start to notice some common threads that kink the images. For instance, they may feature the same colors, materials, or silhouettes.

Alternatively, they may all belong to a certain style, such as vintage, gothic, or streetwear. 

These recurring motifs are likely linked to your personal style. As a result, you should try to incorporate these qualities into your closet. Moreover, you might want to save some of your favorite pictures onto your phone so that you review them when you’re out shopping.

2. Look At Your Closet

Perhaps the simplest way to create a more defined personal style is to review the clothes that are currently in your closet. 

When looking at your existing clothes, you may want to pick out some of your favorite pieces. You should then think about why you like them so much. 

Be sure to ask yourself loads of questions relating to these articles of clothing. Does it have a nice shade? Do you love the pattern?

Do you feel comfortable when you wear it? By asking yourself questions like these, you can better define your current fashion tastes. 

Additionally, you will likely notice trends that link your clothes. For instance, they may all share similar patterns. If any of your clothes fit the same style, this will indicate that you are attracted to this style of clothing. 

You may also identify gaps in your closet. For instance, you may realize that there are certain pieces of clothing or styles that you have wanted to wear but have always been too afraid to try. This could be the perfect opportunity to fill these gaps. 

3. Search For Inspiration

To build a mood board and find clothing that appeals to you, it’s recommended that you look for inspiration. Namely, you should find clothing looks that appeal to your tastes. The chances are that these clothes will fit your personal style. 

Social media platforms are great places to find incredible inspiration. In particular, people will regularly post pictures of their outfits on Instagram and Pinterest.

Fashion bloggers and influencers will upload pictures of their clothing, which you can take inspiration from. 

Yet, this doesn’t have to be the only place where you find inspiration.

You may also be influenced by the clothes worn by your friends or family members. Alternatively, you can look at some of your favorite celebrities.

When looking for inspiration, you should search for certain fabrics or styles. For instance, you might want to look online for “denim outfits” if you regularly wear this material.

Alternatively, you may want to look for “retro clothing” if you have recognized that this is a key component of your style. 

You don’t necessarily have to copy these outfits. Instead, you can merely identify what elements of these outfits appeal to you so that you can add them to your signature style.

4. Experiment With Different Styles

For your personal style to evolve, you should experiment with different styles. 

In particular, you should experiment with different accessories. This is because you can pair new accessories with some of your staple clothing items.

For instance, you may want to try adding a scarf with a bold pattern to your favorite jumper (You might also want to check out Best Overalls For Plus Size Women). 

Even once you have established a personal style that makes you comfortable, this doesn’t mean that you cannot experiment. If you have more of a retro style, you can also experiment with gothic accessories.

This way, you can determine if there are clothes that will complement your style. 

5. Consider What Impression You Want To Create

Everything about your aesthetic appearance, from your hair to your shoes, will contribute to the impression that you make. When thinking about your style, you should consider what impression you want to give off. 

In professional settings, you will likely want to create a polished impression by donning formal attire. Meanwhile, if you want to give off a friendly aurora in your everyday clothing, you may wish to opt for a more comfortable style. 

6. Choose Signature Pieces

Signature pieces are a recognizable part of your style. When people think of you, these pieces will likely come to mind. For example, you may regularly wear a particular necklace or a pair of sunglasses. 

These signature pieces should become staples of your wardrobe. These signature pieces don’t have to be particularly quirky or unique. Your signature piece could merely be a bomber jacket or turtleneck jumper.

If you continue to wear these pieces, people will start to associate them with you. 

These signature pieces are the foundation of your style. You can then build off this piece by finding complementary clothing. 

7. Think About Complementary Silhouettes

When building an outfit, one of the main considerations is its silhouette. Namely, you should attempt to find a silhouette that makes you feel happy and confident. 

To determine which silhouette you prefer, you should try on some of your current clothes. If any items make you feel especially fantastic, this will indicate that they have a complementary silhouette. 

Once you have established which silhouette works best for you, you can begin buying clothes that match this shape. 

These silhouettes are an especially important consideration when shopping for dresses. Some of the most popular dress silhouettes include A-line, hourglass, halter, mermaid, and trumpet. 

8. Don’t Be Afraid To Push Boundaries

Have you ever heard the idiom “rules are meant to be broken”? This rule can apply when devising your personal style. 

In the fashion industry, women are often encouraged to follow certain rules. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to break these rules. As mentioned, experimentation is an important step in defining your style.

Therefore, feel free to experiment with some of these alleged fashion rules. 

Final Thoughts

It’s important to wear clothes that make you feel happy and confident.

By following these tips, you can create a distinctive sense of fashion that fits your personal tastes. This way, you will not only look stunning but also feel fantastic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Everyone Have A Personal Style?

Yes, everybody will have a signature style. This style will be unique to the individual.

Why Does Personal Style Matter?

A person’s style will impact not only how they see themselves, but also how other people perceive them. Most people will feel more confident and radiant when they are wearing clothing that matches their individual style. Plus, you can highlight your personality through clothing choices.

Why Do People Change Their Style?

Naturally, a person’s style will change over time. There are several reasons for this, including changing fashion trends and developments in personal tastes. You should never feel frightened to adjust your style if you crave a change.

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