Best Cardigan For Plus Size Women

Best Cardigan For Plus Size Women

This item of clothing can also elevate your outfit too. It can add a bold splash of color or some extra style to your already fabulous outfit.

No matter the reason for wanting to wear one, a cardigan is an understated piece of clothing that is seen as a classic.

Despite it being a timeless classic, there are so many different styles to choose from.

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed and are not sure what to pick, then have no fear. We are here to help you!

So make a coffee, sit back and relax, and take a look at the 10 best cardigans for plus-size women we have handpicked especially for you!

Can A Plus-Size Woman Wear A Cardigan?

Yes, absolutely a plus-size woman can wear a cardigan. In fact, this type of clothing is so versatile that it suits any body type and size.

One of the best items of clothing out there is the cardigan. While many people think of the classic button-down, there are actually many different styles available.

So, if you want to create a modern-looking outfit, then go for a drape cardigan with no buttons at all!

Even a Western-style kimono is classed as a cardigan. That is because you would wear one in place of a cardigan, and it is just as light too.

This means that you can use the basis of a cardigan and seek out what kind of styles and types are out there.

10 Best Cardigan For Plus-Size Women

Take a look at these handpicked cardigans to find a style that works for you. From the sleek kimono and a cardigan classic to fun prints and waterfall styles - there is something for everyone.


This waterfall cardigan will suit every body shape out there. It drapes like a waterfall and reaches the back of the calves for ultimate style.


If you are looking for a classic cardigan, then look no further. This crewneck button-up is the perfect easy-to-wear cardigan that will suit a casual or dressed-up day.


Go for a pop of color with this drape fronted cardigan. The length hits the thigh which makes it suitable for every body type.


If you would like something a little different, then this crochet cardigan has a kimono style to it. It has a loose fit which will hang of the body in a flattering way.


A three quarter length sleeve is always flattering. This open-front cardigan in a pastel shade will look amazing with jeans and a shirt for a casual day.


If you want to wear something fun, then go for a print. This cloud and sky based cardigan also has a varsity style element to keep things casual and cool.


A kimono is an effortless and lightweight option, while making you look oh-so-fabulous. Keep the rest of the outfit simple to let it shine.


This open-front cardigan is fitted loose to provide comfort, yet the three quarter length sleeves keep it trendy.


This cropped cardigan is great to wear with a dress. We love the patterned sleeves for extra style.


If you want to wear a shirt but don’t want to wear a shirt, then this cardigan is the next best thing. It is flowy and has snappers to close. What could be more perfect?

How To Wear A Cardigan?

If you are wanting to wear a cardigan but are a little unsure how to add it to your already amazing outfit, then let us help.

A cardigan can pull a final look together, but it can also add some warmth without the need for a thick jacket. Here are some tips for wearing a fabulous cardigan:


While none of us should feel self-conscious about areas of our body, we are only human. This means that more often than not, despite being as fabulous as ever, there are days when we would rather hide parts of our body.

You can use a cardigan as a way to cover up your arms and shoulders if you are not feeling so confident.


As we have stated before in this article, a cardigan is a great way to add a layer of warmth without the need for a heavy jacket. If you do find that the cardigan is too warm, then it is light enough to carry or be put inside your handbag.

While not waterproof, a cardigan is still a great idea when it comes to keeping the cold off your arm and shoulders. You will be thankful for it!


A cardigan can also add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit. Think about choosing bold patterns or your favorite print to brighten up your day.

Final Thoughts

As you have likely found out by now, there are plenty of different cardigan styles to choose from. The only problem is, how do you narrow the choice down?

Fortunately for you, we did all the hard work to save you from doing it yourself. In fact, we decided to handpick some of the key cardigan styles to suit a plus-size figure.

From the flowing waterfall fit to cropped cardigans that look great with a pair of jeans or a dress (Also check out Best Robes For Plus Size Women).

If you enjoyed this article, why not check out the rest of the website for more plus-size fashion inspiration?

Jessica White
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