Best Robes For Plus Size Women

Best Robes For Plus Size Women

If you live in a cold climate, you will no doubt be looking for a super cozy robe to snuggle up in and sit by the sire. 

If you live in a warmer climate, you may want something lighter and airy to help keep you cool. It all comes down to common sense! 

However, you could also want a robe for a special event – a wedding, maybe? Either way, you will want to take the style into consideration, as well as the material it is made from.

Patterns and colors will likely influence you, too, unless that isn’t something that you particularly care about. 

Either way, if you have been looking for some robes for plus-sized women, we have put together some fantastic options for you to check out.

This varied selection will have something you love, and many of the robes come in a range of colors, too, so you can do some extra searching to find a color you love. 


This kimono-style robe is one that will take your breath away. Made with 100% silk, this robe stops just above the ankle, and the side slits at the hem add something interesting to the piece as a whole.

The robe comes in this stunning gray, but also a dark green if you are looking for something different. 

The pattern on this robe sets it apart from the rest, and the high quality fabric is simple to die for.

Once you put this on, you will never want to take it off. Luckily, you can wear this anywhere you like – from the comfort of your own home to a day at the beach!


Love emerald green and stunning peony patterns? This long kimono style robe is going to make your dreams come true!

It was a wonderful flowing drape and a removable tie around the body to cinch in the waist and keep it tight. 

Seams are French finished, and the side slits at the hem add to the allure of the overall outfit.

You can easily see yourself sitting back and enjoying your favorite cocktail with a book in hand while wearing this.

It really is hard not to love this one, and it even comes in black and white options, too! 


Looking for a robe that’s a little different? This front zip option is a super comfortable and cozy one to try out – especially for the winter! The sleeves are cuffed, and the pockets are sizable. 

This robe comes down just above your ankles, and the full-length sleeves ensure that you won’t be feeling a chill when you put this on.

Zip it up all the way if you want the neck to come up and keep you even warmer! There are several colors to choose from, so why not take a look?


This gorgeous soft satin robe is simply to die for – look at those colors!

It is a mid-thigh cut and a wonderful relaxed fit with an adjustable tie belt to make it as comfortable as possible. The three-quarter sleeves have a beautiful golden lace trim.

Wear this to a bridal party or around the house, and you know you will be feeling your best no matter the time of day.

Once you put this beauty on, you will never want to take it off – you have been warned!


Looking for a Ralph Lauren robe to add to the collection? This knee-length garment is a classic relaxed fit robe with side pockets and an adjustable front tie.

The heather gray option is 60% and 40% polyester, but all other colors available are made from 100% cotton, so you can be comfortable no matter which option you choose. 

If you prefer a looser fit, it would be recommended to size up for this particular robe.

As the photo shows, there is not a lot of overlapping fabric when the robe is tied – something to keep in mind! 


Lover of lace? What about red? Take a look at this beautiful knee-length lace gown.

It has a stunning face trip on the hem, sleeves, and neckline, and a solid red chiffon-textured body. The belt is adjustable, so you can wear it as loose or tight as you prefer. 

Cool and elegant, this robe is fantastic for the summer and warmer climates, or for the bedroom! You can even enjoy some pockets on the sides, so you will have all your personal items close at hand.


Made from pure cotton, this super comfortable robe comes in two lengths – 53 inch and 44 inch!

The robe is absorbent and soft, with a comfortable tie belt that you can alter to your preferences.

The pockets are nice and deep, so you can also keep all your most important items on you while you lounge around the house. 

This robe’s relaxed fit ensures that you will always be comfortable in it, and the thick material will keep you warm throughout the winter.

Just cozy up to the fire and read your favorite book in it!


Boohoo are known for their affordable clothing, and this robe is a great addition. This robe is super soft and comfortable, with cozy material that you can’t help but snuggle up to on a cold day.

The sleeves are full length while the robe cuts off at the knee, and the belt is so soft you might actually cry. 

Cozy up to the fireplace with your favorite book in this robe, and enjoy a glass of your favorite fizzy drink.

There are even different colors to choose from, so there will definitely be something for you if you like the design.  


If you love satin, then this Dia & Co’s plus size satin robe might end up being your new favorite.

The robe is around knee-length, and comes in a variety of colors on the website, so you know you can find something to suit everyone’s needs and preferences. 

Super soft and comfortable, it’s not hard to see yourself wearing this after a day at the swimming pool, at a bridal party, or just around the house!

The sophisticated look is not something you will ever get tired of, so make sure you get one in a color you can’t get enough of!


Looking for a robe that is a little bit different? For a special event or date night, perhaps?

This long lace robe is simple to die for. The beautiful lace pattern of this robe adds some much-needed detail to the piece, and makes it look as elegant as it feels. 

The three-quarter length sleeves have beautiful edging that matches the neckline and hem, and the relaxed fit means that you can always be comfortable.

Cinch in your waist with the solid belt if you really want to wow whoever you’re putting this one for – including yourself!


Did someone day ‘velvet’? This gorgeous purple velvet robe with crêpe detailing is one item of clothing that will draw some attention wherever you go.

It’s floor length, with beautiful textures on the fabric and solid purple edges to really make the color pop. 

You can easily wear this around the house, or at a special event like bridal parties! The whole thing is glamorous and super comfortable, making you feel like you are ready for anything.


This beautiful robe is hard to beat, and its relaxed fit and heavy fabric make it our personal favorite on this list.

Not to mention, the bell sleeves and maxi length add to the overall elegance of this outfit, making it easy to see yourself wearing this whether you’re a bride or just chilling in the house. 

You also get some fantastic pockets with this robe, and the removable belt adds some versatility to the piece. There is nothing not to love.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t have to take hours to find the perfect robe for you. Once you figure out what style you prefer, and the material that works best for you, the process gets a lot easier! 

Just make sure to take the time to find the perfect one. At the end of the day, you need to feel comfortable and confident in what you wear – even if it’s just around the house!

You don’t need an excuse to feel your best, so apply that to everything you do (Also check out Look Good Even When You Don’t Feel Great). 

Jessica White
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