What To Wear When Bloated? (Look Good Even When You Don’t Feel Great)

Bloating is super common, even if we don’t talk about it much. Bloating can be the result of eating something that our stomachs didn’t quite agree with, or it might be an unwelcome part of the menstrual cycle.

Sometimes it feels like bloating happens for no reason at all!

What To Wear When Bloated (Look Good Even When You Don’t Feel Great) (1)

When you’re bloated, you want clothes that are forgiving and comfortable. Bloating alters your body shape, padding out the belly. It also alters your mental state. When you’re bloated, you don’t feel very good.

Dressing for a bloated body means finding clothes that feel good all around. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style! In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the best styles to wear when you’re feeling bloated.

What To Wear To Feel Confident When Bloated?

1. T-Shirt Dress

When you want a simple outfit to feel comfortable in when bloated, turn to the t-shirt dress. Essentially an oversized t-shirt, this dress style is all about casual fun. And as it doesn’t hug the body, it’s perfect for bloated stomachs.

The t-shirt dress is a relaxed outfit. In summer, pair your t-shirt dress with sandals and a light jacket. The style is harder to pull off in winter, but thick tights, a knitted cardigan, and an oversized coat will do the trick.

2. Wrap Dress

If you need an outfit a little more sophisticated than the t-shirt dress, but just as forgiving for bloat, try a wrap dress.

The added structure of the wrap dress gives it a more formal fit than the t-shirt dress but without the tight shaping of other styles.

One of the benefits of the standard wrap dress is that you can adjust the fit. Because you literally wrap the dress around the body, it’s up to you how tight (or loose) the overall fit is.

So, if bloating hits mid-afternoon, a quick adjustment will keep you feeling fantastic.

The right wrap dress can take you from daytime hangouts to evening meals and all the way through the night.

3. Shift Dress

Sometimes when you’re feeling bloated, all you want to do is hide under the blankets. Unfortunately, life can get in the way of our duvet day plans.

If you’re heading to work while bloated, a shift dress can help you feel good while looking professional.

Shift dresses tuck just in at the bust before falling in a loose line down the body. It doesn’t hug the curves like a bodycon dress. Instead, it gently brushes past in a forgiving silhouette. 

Shift dresses have a kind of loose structure that we love for making us look put together when we’re feeling out of sorts.

4. A-Line Dress

The A-line shape is a really versatile fit for a dress. Tucking in under the bust, it has a fitted top with a loose skirt. A-line dresses can be worn as a mini, midi, or maxi, and the basic shape is super flattering on all body types.

Because the A-line dress is more fitted around the top, it won’t completely hide your shape. But the skirt has room for your stomach with no pressure points, and it won’t cling to your body. 

5. Loose T-Shirts

If you just want an outfit that’s easy and forgiving, wear a loose-fit t-shirt. The breathable shape will skim over your belated belly, keeping you cool and casual. 

Loose from the neck down, these t-shirts avoid the close cling that makes standard t-shirts so awkward for bloated days.

A little bit of detail at the top (like a button closing or ruffle sleeves) can add some interest to the look, or you can dress up a higher neckline with some added accessories.

6. Oversized Shirt

An oversized shirt has that “I just threw it on” casual chic. With a few buttons open and a slouchy finish, it says that you can look good without even trying.

More sophisticated than the loose-fit t-shirt, the oversized shirt is perfect for lunch dates. Style with big sunglasses, gold jewelry, and a chilled attitude.

A similar choice for a summer day is the shirt dress. The shirt dress is basically an oversized shirt made even bigger. Wear it with sneakers for a coffee run, or heels for an evening out.

7. Peplum Tops

The peplum top might be a slightly controversial choice, but we’re big fans of the style. A peplum is a ruffle that sits around the waist on an otherwise fitted top.

It looks classy but can hide a bloated belly, making it perfect for occasion dressing.

Some people, however, find peplum tops don’t sit in the right place. They can emphasize a bloated stomach, drawing the eye to an area you probably don’t want to be the center of attention.

If your stomach is feeling sensitive, then you might want to steer clear of the peplum. 

8. Slouchy Cardigans

One of the most amazing things about the slouchy cardigan is that once you have it on, it really doesn’t matter what you’ve got underneath.

No one will ever know that you popped open the button on your pants midway through the morning!

But the slouchy cardigan is more than just a socially acceptable blanket. A chunky knit is always fashionable fall clothing, plus it’s great for layering.

If your bloating tends to be accompanied by temperature fluctuations, you’ll love the versatility of the slouchy cardigan.

And if you really want easy dressing, pair a slouchy cardigan with a no-wire sports bra. It’s super comfy, and as long as you stay buttoned up, no one will know what’s happening underneath.

9. Snuggly Sweaters

Speaking of wearing your blankets outside the house — what’s better for a bloated day than a big sweater? It covers any parts you might be less confident about, and it acts like a hug when you’re feeling blue.

Pick a snuggly sweater in a bold print or a fun color, to show off your style and personality. The snuggly sweater isn’t about hiding away. You don’t have to pick neutral colors (unless you want to). 

Like the cardigan, the sweater is excellent for layered dressing. And if you prefer to go without a bra when you’re bloated, the snuggly sweater will offer the coverage you want for a larger chest.

10. Linen Trousers

Linen is everywhere at the moment and for good reason. Soft and breathable, linen is a natural material that keeps you cool while staying covered up. So, for days when you’re bloated and warm, we love linen trousers.

Another benefit of linen trousers is that they often come with elasticated waists. The look is slouchy, but because linen is a sophisticated fabric, it doesn’t come across as overly casual.

You wouldn’t wear linen trousers to the gym!

Linen trousers can be worn almost everywhere else, from the beach to the office. Style with a loose t-shirt if you’re meeting friends, or tuck an oversized shirt into the high waistband if you have a meeting.

11. Mom Jeans

Jeans are a divisive issue when it comes to bloating. Some people find loose-fit jeans to be stylish and easy, allowing you to feel like yourself on days when you aren’t at your best.

Other people find that any denim jeans are too restrictive for a day with bloat.

We love mom jeans for a bloated day. Sitting high on the waist but with a relaxed fit, they skim over the stomach for no-pressure dressing. 

Mom jeans are also versatile. Wear them with a loose sweater for a lazy day. Or try a blazer and shirt when you need to dress up a little.

12. Drawstring Shorts

Athleisure has been everywhere for a while now and it’s perfect for days when you aren’t at your best. Athleisure is built around movement, so the clothes have plenty of stretch and a comfortable fit.

Thick leggings are an obvious athleisure choice for a bloated day, but they can be a little constricting. Tight leggings hug the entire stomach and sometimes add a lot of pressure.

That’s why we prefer drawstring shorts. The elasticated waist sits lightly against your body, stretching and moving with you.

A pair of drawstring shorts are perfect for a hot day. Dress them down with a boxy t-shirt and casual sneakers, for an effortless look.

13. Bias Cut Skirt

The bias cut skirt is literally all about smoothing over your shape for a finish that’s somehow tailored and relaxed. It gets its name from the way the fabric is cut — on the bias, to provide a natural stretch.

Bias cut skirts are designed to gently skim over your form. They have an attractive loose hang. Not too form-fitting, but not too billowy. The natural movement of the bias cut adds to this attractive flow.

Classic bias cut skirts are made from fabrics such as silk. This makes them perfect for occasion wear dressing when you’re feeling bloated. Pair with slim heels to accentuate the line of the skirt.

14. Ruffled Skirt

We know you look amazing even when you’re bloated. However, it’s hard to feel amazing when you’re bloated. And if you’re wearing tight clothing, it suddenly seems like you might as well have arrows pointing to your belly. 

While most of our picks for bloated dressing are about loosely covering the stomach, the ruffled skirt does things a little differently. This outfit is about distraction.

It has a tighter fit than the rest of our choices, but the attractive ruffling draws the eye away from the belly.

When you’re feeling bloated, the last thing you want is to feel that everyone is looking at your stomach. Cute ruffles add a little extra coverage while keeping a tighter fit.

If you’re heading out, the ruffled skirt is a fun way to add some style to your outfit without emphasizing your belly.

It doesn’t have to be ruffles! Similar waist details such as gathers and knots are just as good at drawing the eye, so look for a style that you love.

15. Pleated Skirt

Pleated skirts take a huge amount of fabric and fold it into a flattering shape. Generally high-waisted (it’s hard to have pleats from a low waist), the pleated skirt has a lovely movement that gently brushes over the stomach and hips.

Mini, midi, and maxi pleated skirts are all excellent choices when you feel bloated. Pair a mini pleated skirt with a boxy t-shirt and simple sneakers for a fun and casual look.

Add a boxy shirt and some heels to a midi pleated skirt for a sophisticated finish. Or try a maxi pleated skirt with a strappy top and gold jewelry for summer dressing.

Some Other Tips For Bloated Dressing

We’ve taken a look at some of the styles of clothing you might want to wear when you’re feeling bloated. Now we want to explore how you wear those clothes so you can feel good in your body (even when it isn’t playing nice).

1. Look For Layers

One of the things about bloating is that your body at the start of the day is never quite the same as your body at the end of the day. Throw in a couple of meals and you might feel like you need several outfits to get you from 9 to 5.

This is where layering comes in. Layering allows you to adjust your outfit as you need to, so you always feel at your best. You can ditch a layer if you feel warm, add a layer when you get chilly, and respond to what your body needs.

Layers also allow us to keep wearing the clothes we like best. Not feeling quite confident enough for your favorite bodycon dress? A slouchy cardigan means you don’t have to leave it in the wardrobe!

2. Keep It Simple

If you’re bloated, you probably aren’t at your best. And the last thing anyone needs on a bad day is lots of accessories that can get on your nerves.

You might love your fringe and your pom poms and your ribbons the rest of the time, but when you’re bloated, you’ll be thinking about cutting them off before your morning coffee break.

This goes for your fastenings as well. Lots of complicated zippers and buttons will ruin your comfort level. Go for elasticated waists and simple closures.  

3. Avoid Belts

Belts are a really easy way to add an extra something to an outfit — but not when you’re feeling bloated.

A belt when your stomach is bloated is incredibly uncomfortable. No matter how you wear it, it will feel as though it’s pressing in all the wrong places.

Ditch the belts and look for a softer accessory when you’re feeling bloated. Jewelry can have a similar effect when worn right — try some chunky necklaces.

Alternatively, a small cross-body bag can add some surprising shape to an outfit, without pressing on your sensitive stomach.

4. Wear Your Favorite Accessories

It’s hard to feel good when you’re bloated. Hiding away in an ugly sweater and a big hat might seem like the right choice, but it can actually make you feel worse. 

So, now is the time to break out all your favorite accessories. If you aren’t in the mood for your skinny jeans and crop top, then you should be wearing your best earrings and your stunner lipstick. 

What Should I Avoid Wearing When Bloated?

When you’re feeling bloated, you want to avoid wearing anything that presses on your stomach. Tight clothing will quickly become uncomfortable as it starts to feel like you’re being squeezed. 

A bloated belly doesn’t have to stop you from wearing your favorite outfits. You don’t need to hold yourself back when bloated, not if you feel happy and confident.

Bloated dressing is instead about finding clothing you are comfortable in.

Skinny Jeans are an obvious one to steer clear from. Skinny jeans are all about that tight fit. Not good against a bloated stomach! Low-rise jeans are also tricky to work with. Sitting on the hips, they’ll tuck uncomfortably into your belly.

Anything hugely structured is also worth avoiding. That’s why we like A-line and shift dresses. They have just enough form that you don’t feel like you’re wearing a tent, but no tight seams to cut into your body.


Don’t just hide under a blanket when you’re feeling bloated! It’s hard to dress for your best when you’re feeling close to your worst, but a few carefully chosen pieces can ensure you stay stylish while bloated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should You Wear Loose Clothes When Bloated?

Loose clothes are best when you’re bloated because they won’t cut against the skin. Instead, loose clothes give you room to move and they’re extra forgiving.

If you want to wear tight clothing, avoid anything with heavy seams or lots of structure. Elastic really is your friend!

How Do I Dress With A Bloated Stomach?

The main priority when dressing with a bloated stomach is comfort. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have style. A-line, t-shirt, and wrap dresses are all comfortable and stylish.

Pleated skirts and linen trousers are great below, while oversized shirts and peplums look good on top.

Jessica White
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