Best Khaki Pants For Plus Size Women

Khaki pants used to be associated with school uniforms and working clothes – who would want to wear them in their spare time? But in recent years, khaki pants have become fashionable and are all the rage! 

Best Khaki Pants For Plus Size Women

Khakis are historically earthy-toned loose pants, often green, brown, or gray. They originated in the 1800s when soldiers would dye their cotton pants with mud and tea to blend into their surroundings better. 

So, what khakis are the best to wear for your body shape? Here we have 10 of the best khaki pants for plus-size women.

1. Bright And Bold

Dress up your light-wash khaki pants with a bright and beautiful colored top. These light khakis accentuate your figure while maintaining its straight-legged shape. Bonus points for a matching jacket over the form-fitting top! 

Wear a pair of nice heels to make your legs look even longer as you step out in this outfit. The best thing about light-colored khaki pants is that they can be dressed up or down. 

2. Flattering 7/8 Ankles

Khakis with higher hems are more flattering for shorter women as they accentuate the leg and make them appear longer. The paper bag top is also flattering on plus-size women as it can give you the appearance of bigger hips. This gives you a lovely curvy look to really shine wherever you’re going. 

Pair light-colored khakis with a white top and white heels to keep your outfit bright and airy. This is a wonderful outfit for the warmer months.

3. Chocolate Brown 

Chocolate brown khakis are very stylish right now, especially since dark browns are taking the fashion world by storm. Chocolate brown can be paired with any neutral color and look amazing, but we love the black accents of this outfit. 

Brown and baggy khakis look amazing on any body shape, especially plus size women. They can also be worn for any occasion, so you’ll get a lot of use from your chocolate brown khaki pants.

4. Comfort Is Key

These days, everyone is trying to look stylish while also remaining comfortable. So, wide-legged khaki pants are an excellent way to do this. The tapered ankles keep the pants looking chic, but you’ll feel like you’re walking outside in your loungewear. 

Dress these comfortable khakis up with some black heels and a form-fitting top. The pockets on either side of the hips will give you a lovely shape to accentuate your best features. 

5. You Can’t Go Wrong With Green And Black

Green and black are two of the best colors to wear when styling khakis. Green is the most common color of khaki pants anyway, so you won’t be hard-pressed to find some that flatter your body shape.

The bold black accents take the outfit to another level and give you a more dramatic appearance. Dress this outfit down by swapping the heels for sneakers. You could also tuck a black jumper (You might also want to check out Best Overalls For Plus Size Women) into the khaki pants if you’re not feeling the leather jacket.

6. The Baggier The Better

Again, the best modern outfits are those that keep you comfortable while wearing them. These khakis are form-fitting at the waist thanks to the elastic waistband, and get looser the lower they get. This gives your legs a triangular shape, making you look taller in the process. 

Keep your outfit casual with a crop top and sneakers. Or, dress it up with gold jewelry, a nice jacket, and a pair of heels. A loose-fitting blazer would also look great with this outfit. 

7. Emerald Green Khakis

Khakis are usually earthy tones, so seeing some in a more unusual color is exciting! The emerald green color of these pants instantly takes your outfit from 0 to 100. You could wear these to work, brunch, or a night out – the possibilities are endless here. 

We love the chic look of pairing them with a silk blouse and heels, but you could also rock them with flats if that’s what you’re more comfortable with. They’d also look great with a patterned jumper. 

8. Tapered Cargos

These tapered cargo khakis will look amazing on anyone. They’re high-waisted and tapered at the ankle so they balloon out down the leg, but still make you look coordinated and stylish.

Some baggy pants might not suit everyone if they remove your shape. However, thanks to the tapered ankles on these pants, your figure will still look amazing in them.

Pair them with a simple bodysuit and sneakers for a clean daytime look. 

9. Pair With A Tie Belt

These khaki pants are amazing! Not only are they incredibly fashionable, but they’re also very flattering too. The tie belts around the waist and ankles take them to another level, and there aren’t many khaki pants with this much detail on the market.

The straight leg is very flattering. Pair them with a form-fitting top to make the most of your curves. Add a pop of color with your shoes and accessories to really stand out. 

10. Business Casual Khakis

Last but not least, these cool-toned khakis are excellent for work. Pair them with a business casual top (tucking it in to accentuate your figure) and some subtle shoes.

These pants can be dressed up for almost any workplace, but you can also utilize them when going out for brunch or drinks. 

Simply add a dressy top and jacket, and accessorize with gold jewelry. Golden colors would pair amazingly well with the coldness of this gray.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading! We hope that you have found some inspiration for buying yourself a pair of khaki pants. To best accentuate your figure, look for tapered ankles and waist.

High-waisted khakis make your curves look amazing, so we highly recommend a high-waisted pair! 

Khakis come in a number of lovely colors, but our favorites for plus size women are brown, green, and light beige. Khaki pants can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, so make sure you buy a high-quality pair to get the most wear out of them. 

Jessica White
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