Best Down Coat For Women Plus Size

Best Down Coat For Women Plus Size

If you are still on the lookout for the perfect down coat, then look no further. Here you will find a roundup of 10 of the best down coats for plus-size women. From the long to the short to the designer and all in between, you will be spoilt for choice.

You will even find a handy guide at the bottom of this article to help you when buying the perfect down jacket for you!

Why Do People Wear A Down Coat?

People choose to wear a down coat for its warmth. It is insulated using feathers from either geese or ducks. However, if this is something you are not a fan of, then there is a good chance you may be able to find vegan versions.

Having said that, it is the feathers of the down jacket that makes it as warm as it is. The fluffiness of the feathers helps to create really small air pockets that trap warmer air. 

These then retain all of the heat that is captured. This in turn keeps the person wearing it really warm, especially in cold weather. 

Are Down Coats Warm?

It is said that a down coat is one of the warmest to wear out of all of the different types of coats. This is due to the insulation it can provide the wearer. 

Down coats generally have a ‘fill power’ rating which can tell you how warm it is. This is because the rating itself describes the overall quality of the filling, rather than the amount of filling that there is. 

Due to the down coat having feathers to trap warm air, the warmth actually depends on how well the feathers trap that air. Having more feathers does not necessarily mean a warmer coat. 

10 Best Down Coat For Plus-Size Women

If you are trying to find the best plus-size down coat for you, then you will want to check out the 10 we have hand-picked for you in the list below.

From maxi and mid sizes to everything in between, you will no doubt find something that will suit both your style and practical needs (You might also want to check out The Style Essences Explained). 


This London Fog down coat reaches just above the knees. If you are petite, then you will find that it may reach just below the knees - but this just provides extra warmth!

It includes faux fur on the hood which can be removed, and has a snap front with a zipper for easy closure and opening. 


If you are looking for an everyday waterproof down coat, then this one is perfect. Available in a wine red, it provides the warmth you need without getting in the way. 

Made with 90% duck down, and can also be packed for easy transportation. If you would prefer, you can also remove the hood.


This down coat is very warm and has practical solutions by including four pockets and a fleece lining for extra warmth. It reaches the thigh for comfort and fits the body without being too snug.

It has chevron-shaped baffles and a faux fur hood for extra style points.


If you are in need of a synthetic down coat, then this one is a great choice. It also uses a patented technology to keep the hands warm too.

The fit is just below the hips giving it a classic down coat shape perfect for all body types. 


The North Face is known for making great outdoor wear. This thermoball eco down jacket is no different. Not only does it look great with its shiny material and small squares, but it will keep you toasty too.

It uses a synthetic-based insulation making it great for those who wish not to use animal products. 

You can also adjust the waist to give it some extra shape if you wish. 


This budget-friendly down coat uses a synthetic filling to keep you warm. It is available in bright colors too and offers full coverage by falling just above the knees.


This Michael Kors down jacket resembles a parka, yet uses feather down to keep in the heat during the cold weather. It also includes a faux fur hood as well as a snap and zipper closure for ease.

There is a drawstring at the waist to give it some shape if you would prefer. This is definitely where style meets practicality!


This stylish Calvin Klein down coat is for those who do not want boring outerwear. It has a gold hue to it, which also works as a neutral tone meaning it will go with most of your clothing.

It does include 90% duck down, and 10% waterfowl feathers. It can also be packed down into a little bag making it an easy coat to transport.


Another North Face down coat but this time is it the metropolis parka down coat. It is incredibly insulated due to having goose-down fill.

Unlike the other North Face coat on this list, it is not vegan-friendly.

It reaches just above the knees for extra protection against the cold.


If you need a long down coat, then you are going to love this one by Obosoyo. While a brand you might not know, the maxi-down coat features 90% duck down for extra warmth.

It also has two pockets and you can fasten it by using a long and secure zipper. Every detail makes this coat perfect for when you want extra coverage.

Sizes run to 3 X-Large too!

What To Look For When Buying A Plus-Size Down Coat?

Before you set your sights on the perfect down coat, here are a number of things to keep in mind:


The length of your down coat is a personal preference, but also it comes down to when and where you want to wear it.

If you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors - perhaps you are at an event or are running errands in colder weather - then you may want to think about wearing a maxi-down coat.

However, if you are doing a lot of walking and trekking and need to be able to move the legs and arms freely, then a short down coat will be more suitable.

If you cannot decide, then opt for a midi-down coat. This length of coat will have extra coverage, but not so much that it restricts any leg movements. 


The materials of the down coat always matter. You may want to have a look around for synthetic or real feathers, and make sure that the down coat is able to give you warmth due to them working properly.

You may notice that some down coats have a mixture of synthetic and real duck feathers. This is absolutely fine and will still provide the warmth that you need.

A lot of coats are made from nylon to provide an easy-to-clean coat that is comfortable and breathable to wear. 


Just like with the length of the down coat, the color is all to do with your own preference. This means you can go with a bright color or a neutral tone. However, there are different positives to each.

A bright color is a wonderful way of showing off how fabulous and confident you are. Plus, it is always nice to choose clothing in your favorite color.

On the other hand, a neutral down coat is a great choice. This kind of coat color will match any of your other clothes, making it extra versatile.

If you choose a bright color or pattern, you may not have a wide range of choices when it comes to what to wear with it.

Even so, if you are just teaming the bright-colored down coat with neutral pants or jeans, then there really is no problem at all. 

Final Thoughts

It is not surprising that you are looking for the perfect plus-size down coat. They are known to be very warm in colder weather and are very practical.

Despite being full of real and synthetic feathers, down coats are far from bulky. It is quite magical that the feathers can trap heat to provide you with the warmth that you need on a cold day.

Hopefully, you have found your perfect down coat in this list! Check the rest of the website for more inspiration when it comes to plus-size clothing.

Jessica White
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