French Girl Style Guide: Everything You Need To Master The Parisian Look

The Parisian look has long been known as the pinnacle of effortless style and sophistication.

From classic staples like stripes to the timeless elegance of a little black dress, French girls have mastered an effortless chic that is sure to turn heads. 

French Girl Style Guide: Everything You Need To Master The Parisian Look

But how do you replicate this look for yourself? Read on for a French Girl Style Guide – everything you need to master the Parisian look.

How Exactly To Dress Yourself Up Like A Parisian Girl And Why 

When you think of dressing like a Parisian woman, classic, timeless, and effortless style comes to mind. 

French women have a way of looking chic and put-together without trying too hard – something that can be tricky to achieve with the ever-changing trends in fashion today. 

The key to their approach is taking some gorgeous pieces and beautiful fabrics, allocating them in a variety of ways, and creating a personal alteration on the most trendy looks. 

Essential elements for dressing like a Parisian woman include:

  • Timeless silhouettes such as trench coats, blazers, wrap dresses, and high-waisted bottoms, 
  • Timeless patterns including stripes and plaids.

When incorporating these elements into your wardrobe, mix classic pieces with modern trends, so you stand out from the crowd while still preserving your individual style. 

  • Add unexpected details like bold belts or brightly printed scarves to add personality to timeless staples, so you look effortlessly fashionable. 
  • Finding original items such as vintage accessories or one-of-a-kind pieces give you an edge without overwhelming your overall look. 
  • Additionally, choose quality fabrics that fit well – instead of opting for fast fashion – which will last longer over time both in terms of quality and appeal as trends come and go. 

How Do You Master The French Girl Style?

The French style is seen as effortlessly chic and timelessly elegant. To master this look, you need to make wise choices and be experimental with your fashion choices. 

The first key element to mastering the French style is to play around with high-quality style pieces, like a nice blazer or dress, with basics, like white t-shirts and jeans that can go with almost anything. 

This allows you to create bold new looks that are still timeless, but also give your outfits an edge.

Another essential for creating the perfect French girl aesthetic is to not overdo it. For example, 

  • Try wearing minimal jewelry and accessorizing sparingly rather than packing on all of your statement jewelry at once.
  • Pick one or two standout pieces and let them do their job instead of adding more, which can often make an outfit look messy or overdone. 
  • Invest in timeless staples like classic coats, blazers, and shoes that will never go out of style rather than trying the latest trend since trends come and go so quickly.

French Girl Essentials

Every French girl’s wardrobe must-have is a simple, classic white t-shirt.

Whether you choose a higher thread count, lightweight cotton, or the 100% pure style, this staple is a necessity when it comes to French girl fashion. 

This layering piece can be paired with virtually anything else in your closet and provides an effortlessly chic look.

Wear it alone with jeans or skirts for casual days, throw on a blazer for workwear, or layer multiple tops for evening looks – the possibilities are endless. 

A timeless plain t-shirt acts as the perfect piece to build all other outfits from, and can be easily dressed up or down with minimal styling effort!

  • The key is starting with basic pieces like the essential plain t-shirt and building on them layer by layer. 
  • When selecting colors and patterns, keep them as neutral as possible. 
  • Remember that quality fabrics are always better than flashy designs, as they will last longer in your closet and look timeless whenever you put them on. 

Shop For Your Favorite French Wardrobe Essentials

When it comes to French essentials, shoes are an integral component. Chic, comfortable, and versatile seem to be the words that define their footwear items. 

There are so many different styles of shoes that fit into the “French Girl” vibe. 

  • Classic ankle boots in black or brown are a staple item for any wardrobe, as they can be styled with pants or dresses for a timeless look. 
  • Oxfords and loafers come in various colors, which provide a modern yet traditional touch, providing an effortless air of sophistication while still being comfortable enough to wear all day long. 
  • For those days when you want your feet to feel extra special, ballet slippers add a dainty touch and pair perfectly with both casual and formal looks.
  • Of course, sandals should not be forgotten either! Thong sandals featuring neutral tones will work with almost anything, making them an absolute summer must-have. 

What Are The Best Finishing Elements For The French Style?

  • Accessories can be a great way to add a playful touch or tie an outfit together. 
  • Structured handbags, classic pumps, and statement earrings can all be used as effective styling tools for both casual and formal occasions. 
  • Make sure you always keep comfort in mind when buying shoes – if you can’t walk comfortably in them, then they are not worth purchasing! 
  • Forever timeless pieces such as trench coats, white shirts, neutral jeans, and neck scarves should all be staples in your wardrobe for that classic French girl look. 

French Style Staples: Fall And Winter

French style for the fall and winter months is all about creating a certain mood or mindset. 

The perfect way to add a dash of personality to any outfit is with leopard print pieces – a staple for every French girl during these colder months. 

Leopard prints take an interesting twist on French girls’ style, as they tend to opt for classic or vintage silhouettes in their coats or accessories. 

With the change in season comes the relaxation of restrictions on materials as well – velvet, cashmere, and other cozy textures can finally make an appearance in your wardrobe! 

Trench coats are another must-have piece for French girls no matter the season; these timeless pieces are incredibly versatile and easy to mix and match with other elements of your wardrobe.

French Style Staples: Spring And Summer

Achieving the perfect French style for spring/summer doesn’t have to be a complicated affair. 

  • Start with just a few key staples that can fit into any wardrobe and be easily mixed and matched. A classic tweed jacket tops the list as the quintessential French girl item, perfect for getting that polished look even on a cool day. 
  • If it gets warmer, opt for a light wrap dress or breezy slip dress to keep you trendy and comfortable all summer long. Midi skirts are great as they allow you to show some leg but cover up more than an actual mini-skirt would.

Mixing in these items along with other accessories, like delicate jewelry and effortless shoes such as ballet flats or espadrilles, will help complete your look for the season. 

What Are The Most Affordable French Clothing Brands?

French clothing brands are known for their timeless design, impeccable craftsmanship, and unparalleled attention to detail. 

While shopping for French fashion can be expensive, there are still some great affordable options out there. 

  • Sezane is a popular French brand that offers stylish pieces at reasonable prices. Their dresses, blouses, and skirts are perfect for transforming any outfit into something special. 
  • Another budget-friendly option is Suzanne’s of Paris. This brand specializes in creating classic designs with modern flair at low costs. While the garments tend to be basic palettes, that doesn’t stop them from making you look ultra chic and effortlessly stylish anytime you wear them. 
  • Finally, Sandro and Maje are two more beloved French clothing brands that offer fashionable attire with designer touches at lower prices than most designer items on the market today. 

Final Thoughts

French girl style is all about effortlessness and ease. The Parisian look is classic, chic, and timeless – making it easy to recreate no matter the season or budget. 

Start with a few staple pieces like a trench coat, tweed jacket, wrap dress, or midi-skirt, and add in some fun accessories to bring your look together. 

From there, you can mix and match items from affordable French clothing brands to create a wardrobe that exudes timeless French style.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Best Defines The French Girl Style?

The French have a knack for creating effortlessly chic looks with minimal effort. While French style is often seen as being classic and nonchalant, it’s not about wearing expensive and bold pieces in opulent shades.

Instead, French style centers around carefully choosing high-quality fabrics, minimalist statement pieces, and timeless items that work well together.

The key to the French look lies in how they combine those items to create their signature effortless yet elegant look.

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