How To Color Block Your Outfits: Top Tips

When experimenting with different outfits, you might want to try adding color blocking. This is an aesthetic technique that is a great way of creating some eye-catching outfits.

With this approach, you can easily create some statement pieces for your closet. 

How To Color Block Your Outfits: Top Tips

If you are interested in trying color blocking, this guide will tell you everything that you need to know about the technique as well as provide top tips. 

Color Blocking: What Is It?

Color blocking refers to a technique in the fashion industry whereby bold colors are combined to create an outfit. Often, this will involve taking two colors that are on opposite sides of the color wheel and wearing them together. 

For instance, blue and orange are on opposite sides of the color wheel. To evoke this technique, you might build an outfit that is predominantly made with these two colors. 

Color blocking offers numerous benefits for your closet. For example, you can build unique outfits that are sure to grab attention.

In addition, this approach can be used to accentuate certain parts of your body, allowing you to give yourself a distinctive silhouette. Namely, you could try to create the illusion of extra height. 

Top Tips For Color Blocking Your Outfits

1. Use Complimentary Colors

The main approach to color blocking will involve pairing shades on two different sides of the color wheel. These are known as complimentary colors. Essentially, there are 3 different pairings that you can use:

  • Red and green
  • Yellow and purple
  • Blue and orange

Of course, within these pairings, there are lots of different shades for you to choose from.

Since these colors are opposites, they create a pleasant visual contrast. This means that they are sure to grab the attention of other people. By pairing these opposite colors together, they are bound to look much more vibrant. 

2. Match Wil Neutral Colors

Color blocking doesn’t just have to involve wearing vibrant colors. After all, this will limit the number of outfits that you can create. 

You can also add neutral colors to your clothing. It is an ideal method of making your clothing a little less eye-catching and prevents the shades from being overwhelming.

Neutral colors like white, cream, gray, tan, and beige may be used to create a more sophisticated ensemble. 

3. Only Pick 2 or 3 Colors

When using this technique, it’s often best to merely pick two or three colors for your attire. Choosing too many colors could cause your outfits to look a little mismatched and distracting.  

For instance, you could pair two complementary colors with a neutral shade. 

4. Utilize Analogous Colors

Instead of opting for complementary colors, you can experiment with analogous colors. In fashion, analogous colors refer to the pairing of shades that are close together on the color wheel. 

The main difference between this approach and complementary colors is that it doesn’t involve any contrasting colors. Instead, the colors chosen will share similar tones. These colors will create a gradient.

For instance, you could pair yellow, orange, and yellow-orange. 

You could match two or three colors depending on your preference. 

How To Color Block Your Outfits: Top Tips

5. Don’t Forget To Add Accessories

When planning a color-block outfit, most people will focus on the main parts of their outfit, such as tops, shirts, dresses, skirts, and pants. However, you can instantly elevate your attire by adding some amazing accessories. 

Bold accessories will allow you to attract even more attention. These accessories should enhance your outfit. They can either match the color-blocking theme that you have chosen.

Alternatively, you could select neutral colors for your accessories to ensure that the outfit isn’t overpowering.

6. Pair Primary Colors

Another marvelous method that you can use for color blocking is to pair all three primary colors together. Namely, you will wear an outfit that incorporates red, blue, and yellow. This combination always tends to look incredibly eye-catching. 

If you’re a little nervous about pairing such contracting colors, you can focus on two shades of primary colors and then use the third as an accessory. For instance, you could wear a blue top with a yellow skirt and a red handbag. 

Finding the right shade is essential. Marmalade works wonderfully when designing primary color block outfits.

7. Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment 

Color blocking is all about experimenting. There are a few different techniques for you to try, such as analogous colors or complementary colors. To determine which of these combinations works best for you, you might need to try a few different options. 

If you are a little cautious about color blocking, you can start with more muted shades. As you become more comfortable with this method, feel free to wear increasingly vibrant outfits. 

8. Consider Monochromatic Outfits

An alternative approach that you can try is monochromatic outfit combinations. This will involve using numerous shades of the same color. For example, you could build an outfit that contains several different shades. 

This is a softer shade of color blocking. It will work especially well if you have a signature style that is linked to a particular color. This is a wonderful way to establish some slick and stylish looks. 

Even if you are primarily focusing on one color, you could add an accessory of a different color for a unique pop. 

9. Color Black Suits

If you work in a business environment, you can still try color blocking. This is because suits will work excellently when this technique is employed. It can be used to make some professional-looking outfits.

If you want to create a bold pantsuit outfit, you can contrast your suit and shirt. Namely, your pants and suit jacket should be one color, while your shirt should be a contracting color. For example, you could pair a blue pantsuit with an orange shirt. 

To add to the formal element of the outfit, you can also add a tie or pocket square to make the outfit even more arresting.

Final Thoughts

If you want to create some dynamic and attention-grabbing outfits, color blocking is a terrific technique. By following these steps, you can create some eye-catching outfits that are bound to boost your confidence.

Jessica White
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