What Is Full Figured Body Type?

The full-figured body type is a term used to refer to those who carry larger amounts of muscle on their frames.

It is not often talked about in mainstream media, but it is an important body type to recognize and understand. 

What Is Full Figured Body Type?

Full-figured bodies are strong, beautiful, and powerful, yet they are often viewed as undesirable by many. 

What Does It Mean To Be Full-Figured?

Full-figured women often receive a lot of societally engendered judgment. These judgments often arise from misconceptions about what it means to be full-figured. 

A full-figured woman is one who wears a size 12 or above, typically having thick hips, a large bust and bottom, and an overall rounded figure. 

Every woman, regardless of her size or shape, deserves to dress with confidence.

Those who are full-figured in body type have unique considerations to think about when dressing their frames that should not be ignored. 

The primary concern for a full-figured woman is in finding the right undergarments, which help to securely hold up all of her body features and make her feel confident and comfortable (Also check out What Exactly Is A Girdle, And How Do You Wear One?). 

Quality undergarments can make a huge difference when it comes to creating the perfect silhouette, so it’s important to invest in pieces that will do just that.

A Little Bit Of History

Although the fashion industry has long-established the definition of a full-figured woman as being size 12 and higher, they are still largely underrepresented in its landscape. 

Major fashion events often lack diversity with respect to body types not considered “the standard” size 2 or 4 models walking down the runway. 

This stark contrast related to body types points out a major gap in acceptance among different figures in the fashion world and wider society at large. 

It is imperative that fashion companies begin representing all shapes so that young girls growing up feel seen and represented within these realms, rather than feeling alienated and excluded because their body type isn’t deemed “normal” by societal standards.

Does Full-Figured Mean Curvy?

Full-figured and curvy are two terms that are often used interchangeably, but they do not have the same meaning. 

Full-figured is a term used to describe a woman with a rounded frame and full bust, wide hips, and a thick waistline. 

Generally speaking, having a full figure does not imply any particular shape or size. 

On the other hand, the term curvy is much more specific and refers to fat distribution in different areas of the body that create curves. 

  • The hourglass figure is an example of a curve figure; it has wider hips and shoulders than the waist, creating an exaggerated silhouette of an actual hourglass.

Overall weight does not define whether a person has curves; instead, it’s how their fat is distributed throughout certain points on their body that creates this definition. 

  • For example, women with either muscular or thicker builds can also fall into the category of curvy if their fat distribution follows through with curves.

How Do You Dress A Full-Figured Body Type?

What Is Full Figured Body Type?

When shopping for clothing as a full-figured or curvy person, it can be difficult to find items that fit properly and flatter your shape. 

However, knowing what garments are best suited for your body type can make all the difference in finding clothes that not only fit well but also create a look that you feel great wearing. 

  • Firstly, understand the shape of your body. Full figures often possess an hourglass shape with full busts, waists, and hips. 
  • To emphasize curves without looking top-heavy, opt for styles featuring princess seaming or wrap details at the bust, as they draw attention away from the chest while still defining curves.

The key is to ensure you wear the correct undergarments and choose clothes that fit your beautiful curves.

A Well Fitted Bra Goes A Long Way

Firstly, be sure to select a well-fitting bra.

Make sure your bra gives both lift and side support, especially if you have a voluminous bust – push-up bras are great options for D-sized cups and up!


Additionally, accessorizing with jewelry can also enhance your natural curves, drawing attention away from your midsection. 

Long dangling earrings make your neck look longer, while an oversized pendant or necklace is perfect for emphasizing proportionate busts.

Opting For Floor Length Dresses

Finally, opt for floor-length dresses as they draw attention downwards and elongate rather than widen the figure like knee-length dresses may do.

With these simple tips in mind, celebrating your curves has never been easier!


A-line cuts on skirts and dresses are always figure-flattering choices that help create a balanced silhouette for full figures by camouflaging extra weight around the midsection and releasing it into a wider skirt below the waistline. 

Try pairing such dresses with fitted tops or blazers – this will help downplay wider hips.

Take advantage of the options out there in terms of accessory choices like belts, scarves, and jewelry to create new looks from simple pieces made especially for full-figured bodies. 

What Should You Keep In Mind When Shopping For Your Figure?

When shopping for undergarments for a full-figured woman, pay close attention to items like bras, panties, and shapewear pieces that will provide ample support around the upper body area. 

These items should be strong enough to provide the necessary lift and compression while still feeling comfortable all day long. 

Be mindful of purchasing snug pieces as well, since these will help create an even more streamlined effect while wearing clothing over top of them.

With the right undergarment choices and style sensibilities, any woman can step out with confidence, regardless of her size or shape!

A Few Tips You Should Stand By If You Have A Full-Figured Body Shape

Full-figured fashion is all about finding the right clothes that showcase and flatter your figure.

As plus-size fashion has become more popular, there have been five golden commandments that can help you accentuate your curves while embracing your body type. 

  • The first commandment is to never hide thou curves unless thou wants to – allow yourself to embrace your figure rather than becoming lost in an oversized boyfriend sweater. 
  • Another commandment is to always be true to yourself – pick out clothing that reflects who you are as an individual, not just because it looks good on someone else’s body. 
  • Similarly, trust thy instincts – it’s essential to feel comfortable and confident in the outfit you’ve put together, regardless of its style or size. 
  • Choose materials that will make the look (and feel!) fantastic – opt for fabrics like knit cotton, cashmere, and denim, which are soft and supportive without feeling constricting. 
  • Lastly, there should be no guilt – remember to have fun with fashion! Go ahead and try something different or new that you wouldn’t normally go for – as long as it fits right! 

Follow these principles, and you’ll soon discover that full-figured fashion really isn’t so scary after all.

Final Thoughts

With the right styling and undergarments, any full-figured woman can have a gorgeous look that celebrates her curves. 

Remember to find the perfect fit with bras and shapewear pieces (Also check out What Are Shaper Bras And Are They Right For Me?), and choose clothing items that emphasize your best features.

With a few fashion tricks, you’ll be able to create stunning looks that flatter your body type.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Change My Body Shape?

The human body is a complex system and with age, its shape will inevitably change.

Women might notice their body shape changes in the course of their life due to age, pregnancy, eating habits, and lifestyle choices.

Depending on the conditions, the changes can be both physical and psychological.

For example, during pregnancy your bust line might increase, or your hips may widen, giving you a curvy body shape.

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