What Is Lagenlook?

If you enjoy a more unique sense of style, then you may have come across the fashion trend known as Lagenlook. This is a particular way of dressing, by utilizing a broad range of items in your wardrobe.

These pieces of clothing can be mixed and matched to create a well put together layered look. 

What Is Lagenlook

When trying Lagenlook for the first time, you will enjoy the freedom that comes with it. You can combine different combinations of fabrics and colors to make the perfect look.

However, don’t worry if this fashion trend looks a bit scary, as we are here to help.

In this article, we will be discussing what Lagenlook is and how you can achieve it yourself.

Where Does Lagenlook Come From?

‘Lagenlook’ is a German phrase that means ‘layering look’ in English. While it started in Germany, the want to experiment with unique, and unusual shapes in clothing has spread to various other European countries.

Now it is a loved fashion style all over the world, which you can try out.

Every body shape may wear these clothes, thus it has become the ideal option for anyone who desires to personalize their current look.

If you enjoy more out there and bold colors or prints, then this may be the ideal fashion style for you.

Lagenlook is concentrated on layering multiple different pieces of clothing to produce a special look that showcases your personal style and accepts the idea of expression.

By mixing and matching different items with bold accessories, you may produce outfits that are attractive on everyone no matter their body type. 

Everyone Can Wear Lagenlook

Designers such as Marina Avraam, Yohji Yamamoto, and Rick Owens have all praised the Lagenlook by creating special clothing items that are created to be layered.

Yet, there are also various Lagenlook fashion brands out there that create garments that are perfect for Lagenlook. 

The concept that Lagenlook is supposed to hide your figure or body is the most common misconception about it. We think this style was created to celebrate and include all body types.

It is all about utilizing your own silhouette as a surface to mix colors, textures, and materials in a way that suits you. 

Usually, Lagenlook uses loose fitting garments, but you could always add one piece that is a little more structured, if that is your style as well. You can do whatever makes you feel comfortable. 

Also, no matter your age, Lagenlook will look great on you. It is known that more women try out Lagenlook, but that shouldn’t stop men or children trying this style as well. 

Why Should You Try Lagenlook?

If you are unsure about trying Lagenlook, then we can put all your fears to rest. There are many reasons as to why you should consider trying Lagenlook. Below are just a few reasons why you may want to give Lagenlook a go.


The reason that Lagenlook is so beloved is that it is a great form of expression. You can showcase your sense of style by mixing different colors, patterns, or prints together in one outfit that feels truly you.

In a sense, each outfit you create can be unique and a work of art. 


For some people Lagenlook harks back to the Edwardian and Victorian style of dressing. This is since people back then wore large, flowing clothing most of the time.


Due to the large and free flowing shape created, your outfit will be incredibly comfortable to wear. While also looking unique and eye-catching. 


No matter your body type you can look amazing using the Lagenlook trend. Thus this is a really universal style that everyone no matter their shape or size can pull off. 


In addition to being universal for all body types, Lagenlook is also versatile since it can be worn all year long. In addition to this, you can easily create a Lagenlook for any occasion, whether it is for a special event or an everyday look. 

As long as you adjust the fabrics that you incorporate into your look, you can wear Lagenlok in spring, summer, fall, or winter. It is important that you wear looser knitted fabrics in the summer and add heavy cotton during the winter.

This will ensure you stay either warm or cool no matter the season. 

Traditional VS Modern Lagenlook

With Lagenlook, there aren’t any real rules that you need to follow, apart from layering up. It gives you lots of flexibility and freedom to choose the colors and patterns that you want to use. 

Lagenlook has been around for quite a while, so this fashion style has changed slightly over the years.

When it comes to traditional Lagenlook, it has always used natural fabrics such as cotton, wool, or linen. Hence, this is why many Lagenlook garments are comfortable and quite lightweight. 

In addition to this, the color palette used for traditional Lagenlook clothing are quite neutral and muted tones. This includes colors such as tan, browns, beige and even navy blue.

Furthermore, you will see these colors appear a lot more often as they work well together and complement one another. 

With that being said, when you compare traditional Lagenlook with modern Lagenlook, the main difference you will notice is the colors being used.

While a lot of the traditional colors are still used, you will notice that some women have strayed from the traditional colors and gone for much brighter colors. 

There is no stopping you from using any colors that you wish to use and layer your outfit with. In fact a pop of color among the muttered tones, can really lift a Lagenlook. 

Even with modern Lagenlook, they still used very natural materials, since they are so versatile and great for this layering technique.

Lagenlook is all about your personal style and how you use that to create these outfits. You may stick with the more simple and muttered tones of traditional Lagenlook.

Or, you could also be a bit more adventurous and add more color or patterns to your outfits. 

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What Do You Need To Wear Lagenlook?

In your Lagenlook wardrobe, you do require a couple of essentials to be able to pull off the Lagenlook with ease. Ideally, you want a few basics which you can use multiple times for a wide range of looks.

This way you don’t end up purchasing more clothing than you really need. 

As mentioned above, you also want to ensure that you have a range of different fabrics that you can play with, so that your outfits are perfect at any time of the year.

Although, you do need to think about how you will wear these items as well. You don’t want really heavy fabrics that make the final look difficult to wear. 

The basics that you will need are the following:

  • Jeans, pants or leggings – Depending on your style, any kind of pants works well. However, a lot of people who enjoy the Lagenlook style, will commonly have Palazzo pants. These are wide leg pants which are flowing and quite loose. They are regularly worn with a top that is either tucked in or layered over the top. 
  • Drawstring skirts – These shirts are a great option when you don’t wish to wear a dress but want something much looser than pants. 
  • Asymmetrical tunics and tops – Loose fitting tops or tunics are ideal as they will be layered over leggings, jeans, or pants. 
  • Dresses or lace detailed tops – These are perfect for layering under other clothing. Usually, dresses designed for Lagenlook contain unique styles, patterns, or cuts. They are typically loose fitting dresses that end around knee height. 
  • Any clothing that has combined fabrics or built in layers – This can make layering a lot easier, since these items already contain layers for you to use. Thus, this is great for summer or hotter days when you may not wish to have as many pieces of clothing on. 
  • Waterfall cardigans or jackets – Lightweight and loose jackets are typically layered over other pieces of clothing. This is for a final touch, which also makes the outfit perfect for colder weather. In warmer weather, instead of a loose fitted jacket, you could use a cardigan or vest instead. 
  • Statement scarves – Scarves are a popular accessory seen in most Lagenlook outfits. This is because scarves are a great opportunity to add another texture and style element to the overall look. 
  • Oversized accessories – Your oversized accessories can be personal to you. They can be any color or shape that you like. 

When you are shopping and looking around for clothing that is suitable for Lagenlook, you should keep an eye out for items that use unique materials or cuts.

By having a broad range of cuts, this can add more dimension to your overall look, so that it looks interesting. 

Also, prints and patterns are really popular with Lagenlook. Thus, you don’t need to shy away from the bold patterns that you like.

While your base may start off neutral, you can easily add these bold patterns to create an outfit you really enjoy. 

Creating And Wearing Lagenlook

If you are looking to create your first Lagenlook outfit, but don’t know where to start, we have made everything easier for you.

It is important to remember that Lagenlook is personal to you, and so there is no right or wrong way to put a Lagenlook outfit together. 

Follow these steps to help you to perfect your very first Lagenlook outfit.

Step 1: Begin With Leggings

In order to build the ideal foundation for your Lagenlook, we advise you to begin with a pair of jeans or leggings.

The basic black, navy, or light gray are all excellent choices because they are simple to use and go well with different color schemes. 

You may even kick off the outfit using a pair of pantyhose that’ll keep your legs toasty if your Lagenlook includes a dress.

Step 2: Add A Tunic, Dress Or Top

Then, add another layer of clothing to your outfit. This could either be a top, tunic, or dress of your choice. 

For this second garment, we would suggest choosing a different material as well, such as silk or linen. This gives you a bit of texture, and you can pick any color you like.

Since your leggings/jeans etc., are a neutral color they will work well with a pop of color from this layer.

What Is Lagenlook

Step 3: Add One More Layer

Now, try adding an extra layer by wearing a long-sleeved top or vest either underneath or over your tunic, dress, or top. This will give your look more depth.

This provides you with another chance to incorporate a splash of color, or you can select a neutral tone to complete your ensemble.

You may also add a petticoat to a dress for a fun statement appearance which you are able to dress up or down.

If you want to incorporate an outer layer that is perfect for chilly weather, consider including a jacket and choosing between an open or buttoned look.

Step 4: Time For Accessories

You’ll require some eye-catching accessories to add on top of your dress or top to finish the Lagenlook.

Since, Lagenlook is about being confident in yourself, your accessories ought to be vibrant, striking, and most importantly, authentic to you.

No matter the weather, a scarf can easily complete this type of attire well. They provide a fantastic opportunity to add another layer of color or pattern to your overall outfit.

Regardless if you pick a thick, cozy scarf for cold weather or a more delicate scarf for warmer weather, scarves always work well. 

If scarves aren’t your thing then you can stick with the big, bold and chunky jewelry. Also by adding jewelry you can incorporate a hint of sparkle to your overall outfit. 

Lagenlook Clothing Brands

To make your life easier, there are a wide variety of Lagenlook clothing brands out there that you can purchase amazing garments from.

These brands have created environmentally friendly items that you can easily incorporate into your Lagenlook wardrobe. 

  • Outerknown – Outerknown is a clothing brand that makes long-lasting, cozy Lagenlook apparel for both men and women. This brand is built on sustainability and openness. It uses the most eco-friendly fabrics to create fashions that are both inexpensive and sustainable.
  • Thought – Thought is an ethical clothing company. It uses natural fabrics like cotton, hemp, upcycled materials, and recycled materials to make cheap, sustainable Lagenlook clothes for the modern wardrobe. 
  • Reformation – In Los Angeles, California, Reformation creates reasonably priced, environmentally friendly apparel for women. Dresses, shirts, and skirts made for layering are among the many casual, stylish, and adorable Lagenlook items available there.
  • Boden – High-end, distinctive Lagenlook apparel is offered by Boden for adults, and children. It uses a significant amount of environmentally friendly materials to produce stylish, comfortable, and reasonably priced clothing. 

By employing superior cotton and recycled fibers, Boden tries to lessen the environmental effects of climate change.

  • Christy Dawn – Christy Dawn uses only repurposed materials to make her boho chic, and classic Lagenlook apparel. She considers durability when creating each style. Each item of clothing is ageless, adaptable, and designed to fit petite to extra-large sizes.

It is known that this brand wants to create timeless essentials that are easy and uncomplicated to wear.

Final Thoughts

Lagenlook is a popular style of fashion, which involves layering multiple pieces of clothing to create one uniform look. There are a lot of options with this style, and you have plenty of freedom to make it as personal to you. 

This type of fashion first originated in Europe and since then has grown in popularity. It is loved as it is perfect for all body types. While also helping you to create comfortable and versatile outfits that are perfect all year long. 

We hope this article has been helpful and given you a better idea on what Lagenlook is.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Lagenlook Mean?

In German, Lagenlook, translates to layered look. This then describes what this look involves, as it is all about layering different pieces of clothing. 

Is Lagenlook Just For Women?

Lagenlook is suitable for everyone no matter their size, shape, or gender. Some of the brands we have mentioned above, also create Lagenlook items for men and children. Hence, anyone can try Lagenlook.

What Materials Are Used For Lagenlook?

Typically, very natural and lightweight materials such as cotton, linen, or wool are used. This is because you are layering multiple pieces of clothing on top of one another.

Thus, they need to be quite lightweight so that the overall outfit doesn’t become heavy and weigh you down.

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