What Shirts Make You Look Thinner

Okay, before we start we have to say one thing: every body size and shape is beautiful. This article is not about making you appear to be thin because your body shape is an issue – absolutely not.

What Shirts Make You Look Thinner

However, sometimes we just want to appear thinner in certain areas because we are wearing particular types of clothing. While you could opt for shapewear, it is often uncomfortable, especially when worn for long periods of time. 

There is also nothing wrong with feeling more confident in your clothing, whether that is to appear slimmer in a well-chosen or put-together outfit, or because you want to accentuate your curves. 

It is important to note that while you may want to wear shirts that make you look thinner, it is also wonderful to embrace your body – but we know you already know this!

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at shirts that can make you look thinner.

How Can Clothes Make You Look Thinner?

For a very long time, people have been wearing particular clothing with colors and patterns, as well as accessories, in order to create illusions.

Whether this is to create a slimmer frame, nip in the waist, or make particular areas of the body appear smaller.

Doing so does not mean that you have a dislike towards your body. In fact, it is the opposite.

Often we reach for the shapewear in order to smooth down our body to wear tighter fitting clothing, or as a way to not accentuate certain areas of the body.

It does not matter the reason you are choosing to wear clothing to make you look thinner, all you need to know is that it is possible. However, you will want to choose wisely.

This is because not everything will work for every body shape and size.

Certain items of clothing and accessories may also not suit the outfit you are wearing either. While a small belt can give you a smaller waist, it may not fit with the item of clothing you have chosen to wear. 

Experimentation is key. Plus, you may find that the effects are exactly what you desired, and look great with your overall style. 

What Shirts Help To Make You Look Thinner?

There are many different types of shirts that can help you to appear thinner.

There are also many accessories and patterns that can help too. Here we take a look at the many shirts that make your frame appear smaller:

1. Vertical Stripe

We thought we would start off with the slimming effects of stripes. This is because you have likely heard already that stripes can have a slimming and a widening effect – and guess what? It is true!

If you are looking to appear thinner, then you will want to avoid horizontal stripes. These go across the body and will make everything look wider than it actually is. 

However, if you are looking to slim down your frame, then vertical stripes are where it’s at. This is because they have the ability to make your torso look longer. This will give the illusion that you are also slimmer. 

Pair a striped shirt with some jeans for a casual day-to-day look. 

2. Black Colored Shirt

It is said that black is the color to wear if you are wanting to appear thinner, after all, it is a slimming color.

This is because the dark color can conceal areas of the body well, all the while giving the illusion of a thinner frame. 

Fortunately, there are many choices of shirts when it comes to the color black, so have at it.

Also, do not be afraid to wear something tighter too. Just because you are plus-size does not mean that everything has to be baggy. Embrace those curves!

3. Color Block

However, color blocking is also a great way to appear thinner. It is also a wonderful option if you would like to wear lots of different colors too. 

Having a shirt that has different color blocking draws people’s attention away, as well as towards, certain areas of the body. A light and dark color block combination will also give you a slimmer frame in general too.

Wearing some cute pants or jeans will help elevate your look even more.

4. Geometric Print

Another way to slim the frame is a geometric print. It creates something interesting for the eyes and removes attention from areas of the body you wish to hide.

It is also a great way to bring out some style and personality too. You may want to opt for a dress in true 60s style. 

5. V-Neck Sweater Or Shirt

If you are looking for a cute sweater or T-shirt, opt for a V-neck. It has the ability to elongate the torso to make the frame appear thinner.

Not only that, the V-neck is a classic and looks great teamed with jeans on a casual day. 

6. Jacket Over Shoulders

If you are wanting to make your arms look thinner, then wearing a jacket is one of the best ways to create a slimmed-down illusion.

Wearing the jacket is obviously a good way to hide your arms, but actually, the best way to appear thinner is to balance the jacket on your shoulders.

It will bring down the size of both the arms and shoulders. 

Not only that, it often looks elegant wearing a jacket off the shoulder. It will also keep you warm, despite not wearing it fully.

This style choice is best used when you are out for the evening. 

7. Ruffled Top

A ruffled top can hide many areas we wish to cover up. While we are always going to support body positivity, there are days when you will want to hide certain areas of your body from the world.

We are human, after all.

This is where ruffles come in. They look great dressed up, even with a pair of jeans and can appear to give you a slimmed-down frame. 

However, you will want to make sure that the ruffles hit above the waist to give this illusion, otherwise, it may appear too heavy and wide. 

8. Wide Sleeves

Hear us out before you skip this last one. While you might think wide sleeves would make you appear bigger, it actually has the opposite effect.

Because the sleeves are flowy and wide, they have the ability to make your torso look thinner.

They can also become the statement piece of your outfit too.

Just make sure that the torso part of your shirt isn’t as flowing and wide, as this will have the opposite effect!

You may want to team this look with a pencil skirt which will help to accentuate the waist. 

Final Thoughts

While there is no need to look thinner, there is also no issue in wanting to have the illusion of a slimmer frame.

This is because there are times when you do want to make certain areas of your body look slimmer, or you would like an outfit to nip in at the waist. 

Embracing your body is all about loving the way it looks, and appreciating it.

However, if you also want to create a slimmer frame by wearing certain colors or patterns, then you do you.

Hopefully, this article has inspired you. Just remember to experiment. What might work for one person might not work for you.

Jessica White
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