What Are The Best Jeans For Apple Shape?

Whether you’re someone who loves to dress down in denim or a pair of jeans is your go-to, we’re sure that you’ll agree with us when we say that, nothing is more frustrating than purchasing a brand-new pair of jeans, only to discover that they don’t feel comfortable. 

What Are The Best Jeans For Apple Shape?

But, this is where we come in to lend you a helping hand! In this guide, we are going to be breaking down all of the best jean styles for the apple body shape.

Along the way, we’ll also be sharing some additional clothing items you can consider trying.So, without further ado, just keep on reading to discover all you need to know!

The Best Jeans For An Apple Body Shape

Jeans are a staple in every woman’s wardrobe! Besides being super versatile, jeans are extremely comfortable, and can be dressed up or down depending on what the occasion might be. 

Still, finding the perfect pair of jeans that flatter the body while also being comfortable can be challenging, regardless of what your body shape might be. 

Apple body shapes are traditionally characterized by broader shoulders, a larger bust, and a fuller midsection. In addition to this, apple body shapes also tend to have stunningly long legs and toned arms. 

That being said, when it comes to finding the best jeans for an apple body shape, there are a few key features to look for if you want to bring your shape into proportion. So, let’s take a look at our top tips below:

1. Opt For High-Waisted Jeans

Kicking our guide off to the best jeans for the apple body shape, we have the classic high-waisted jeans!

High-waisted jeans are a fabulous option for apple-shaped bodies, as they help to elongate the legs and create a balanced silhouette while also helping to define the midsection. 

What’s not to love? If you’ve never tried high-waisted jeans before, make sure you pick up a pair next time you go on a shopping trip.

Besides being super comfortable, high-waisted jeans will flatter your figure and bring attention to your midsection, which will help to create the illusion of a smaller waist.

2. Consider Wearing Stretchy Denim

Stretchy denim is a must-have for all types of body shapes, not just apple body shapes! If you want to enjoy plenty of comfort, then you should make sure that you look for jeans that contain a blend of cotton and spandex or elastane. 

By opting for jeans with this fabric blend, you will be able to enjoy an extra stretch that will give you a comfortable fit without feeling too tight or restrictive.

Plus, denim jeans with a stretch also help to flatter the midsection, which will help to make your waist appear smaller.

This doesn’t apply to just jeans, either. You can wear a variety of different stretchy denim designs that will be able to flatter your figure all while helping you feel your very best.

In particular, stretchy denim shorts and skirts can look great and add versatility to your style.

3. Pick Dark Wash Denim

This is a great tip that not many people know about. Dark wash denim is always an extremely flattering option for apple-shaped bodies!

Wondering why? Well, unlike other denim shades, dark colors have a slimming effect (Also check out What Shirts Make You Look Thinner), which will help you to appear leaner with a defined silhouette. 

You can wear just about anything in dark wash denim and it will look great. This includes dark wash denim dresses, jeans, jackets and so much more! 

4. Wear Bootcut Or Flared Jeans

Bootcut or flared jeans are another fabulous option for those blessed with apple-shaped bodies. Besides being able to help showcase your long legs, these types of jeans will also help to create the illusion of wider hips and a smaller waist!

As well as this, bootcut or flared jeans will also have the ability to pull focus away from your upper body, which will help to create the illusion of having a much smaller frame.

Thanks to this, wearing bootcut or flared jeans will add more volume to your lower body, which will help to create a more balanced silhouette. Pretty clever, right?

5. Consider Jeggings

To provide you with a slight alternative to regular denim jeans, jeggings are a great option for apple-shaped bodies, as well. Not only will they be able to provide the comfort of leggings, but they will be able to do so while still looking like jeans. 

Additionally, jeggings also tend to have a higher waistband, providing extra support around the midsection! This will help to make your waist appear smaller. 

6. Look For Jeans With A Wide Waistband

Jeans with a wide waistband are also a great option for apple-shaped body shapes, especially on those days when all you want to do is relax and wear something comfortable. 

Wider waistbands will also help to create the illusion of a smaller waist, which will balance out the proportions of an apple body shape just perfectly. 

7. Try On Different Styles

Last but certainly not least, it’s important to try on different styles of jeans to find what works best for your natural, beautiful body shape.

It’s important to remember that everyone’s body is different, so clothing choices that may work for one woman may not work for another. 

For this reason, we recommend that you consider experimenting with different jean styles so that you will be able to find yourself a perfect pair of jeans for your gorgeous apple-shaped body!

Wrapping Up: What Style Will You Try First?

All in all, finding the best jeans for an apple body shape does come with its challenges, but so does every other type of body shape out there! 

By keeping the right features in mind while shopping around, it’s definitely possible to get your hands on high-quality denim jeans that will make you look as good as you feel. 

Thanks for reading!

Jessica White
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