What Jeans To Wear If You Have A Big Stomach?

Why is shopping for jeans so hard?

If you’re anything like us curvy gals, then you’re a different size in every store, and some cuts suit you better than others, but it’s not an easy learning curve to find the right ones!

What Jeans To Wear If You Have A Big Stomach (1)

If you have a bigger tummy, then it can be hard to find jeans that look great on you.

Some styles may not be as flattering as others, and you may be unsure how to style them so that they are accentuating your curves rather than smothering them! 

What Style Jeans To Wear For A Big Stomach?

When it comes to buying jeans if you have a big stomach, there are so many different styles, lengths and cuts to choose from. There’s boot cut, skinny jeans, low-rise jeans, mom jeans- you name it. 

In our opinion, the best jeans for a big stomach are high-rise or mid-rise jeans. These styles can come up over your stomach, hold you in, and are the most flattering.

They can keep everything in place, cover your stomach, and you won’t get bunching that pushes your stomach up so that it spills over the jeans.

Whatever you do- avoid low-rise jeans. These sit at the waist, below the belly, and will cause a muffin top, which is when the stomach bulges over the jeans, which is really uncomfortable and can make you feel self conscious (Also check out Should You Wear Your Pants Over Or Under Your Belly?).

High-rise and mid-rise jeans can elongate the legs, flatten the stomach, and give you a more polished appearance.

These will smoothen out your curves to make you appear more shapely, rather than the focus being on your stomach. 

For example, if you look at the pictures below, high-rise jeans will come over the stomach, and tuck it in (You might also want to check out Pocket Types On Jeans). 

How To Hide A Big Stomach & Accentuate Your Curves In Jeans

Curves are beautiful, and can ensure a stunning, feminine silhouette. But sometimes, when all of our weight goes straight to our stomachs, it can make us feel a little self-conscious in some clothes. 

So, if you are feeling a little conscious about your stomach, then there are some ways that you can smoothen your look and draw attention away from it!

For instance, one of our best tips is to choose jeans that are straight cut, slim cut or skinny jeans, as these can draw focus to the legs, and make them appear longer and slimmer. 

Be sure to choose jeans that fit well, but aren’t too tight that they can cut in on your tummy, and make you feel uncomfortable or unable to breathe or sit down in them!

Jeans that are too tight fitting or snug can push up your stomach, and give you the appearance of rolls. 

So, opt for the perfect fit- even if that means going up a size. Size is just a number! You are probably different sizes in different stores, it’s not ‘one-size-fits-all’ curvy women, as we all have curves in different places!

Choosing the right size isn’t about picking a size number you are comfortable with. It’s about finding the right pair of jeans that make you feel confident, not constricted, and able to move around in with ease. 

While you want to opt for a pair that are slim fitting, you don’t want them to be too tight that it shows up the lower region, or as we call it the ‘fupa’ (fatty upper pubic areas)…if you know what we mean.  

Baggy jeans can also make your stomach and legs look bigger, making you look wider than you actually are.

We also love a pair of dark-wash or black jeans, as darker colors are more slimming. Light-wash and white jeans can draw attention to your belly, which you won’t want if you are uncomfortable about it. 

But, a pair of mid-wash denim jeans can look great paired with a black tee or basic neutrals.

One of our favorite looks is wearing a tailored blouse with a pair of slimming jeans that can showcase your curves, but not draw the eye to your stomach. 

We also recommend choosing jeans that end in the right place. The best option is jeans that cut off at the ankle.

If your jeans are too long, then they can bunch up at the ankles, shortening the appearance of your legs, and you want to elongate them. If your jeans are too long, then try folding up the ends until your ankles are on display.  

Finally, always check that the jeans are made of a stretchy material, so they can hold your stomach in.

Opt for jeans made of a firm material that will work as a ‘control’ pant, rather than floppy pairs of jeans that will not hold anything in place. 

How To Style Jeans With A Big Stomach

Unsure how to wear jeans with a big stomach? We have some style inspiration for you! 

These skinny black jeans come over the stomach, with a fitted blouse tucked in. This provides a more sophisticated look!

For a more casual look, choose a loose fitting blouse or tee that comes to the very edge of your high-rise jeans. 

These mid-wash jeans have a lighter wash over the legs, drawing the attention to your lovely legs instead of the stomach. 

We love this look. Try pairing your jeans with a patterned top, which draws the eye up to your upper body and face rather than your midriff. 

Final Thoughts

To summarize, finding jeans that cover your stomach is not so hard once you know what to look for.

As mentioned, always opt for jeans that are high-rise or mid-rise, so that they go above the stomach, and keep you slim, smooth and without any lumps or bumps in the stomach area.

Jessica White
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