24 Things Women Over 30 Should Wear

This morning, as I was perusing my Facebook timeline, I happened upon an article that a lovely friend shared. It was entitled “24 Things Women Should Stop Wearing After Age 30”, and it triggered Maximum Eye-Rolling from everyone who took the time out to read it.

Written by Kallie Provencher for RantChic.com, this “article” (I use the term loosely) highlighted things such as “leopard print”, “graphic tees”, and “short dresses” (because “By this age, women should know it’s always better to leave something to the imagination”). Kallie, it seems, has a number of opinions on what women over 30 should and shouldn’t be doing, having also penned “30 Things Women Over 30 Shouldn’t Own” and “20 Pictures Women Over 30 Need To Stop Posting Online”. (What is this magical post-30 land where women are suddenly not allowed to do or own so many things?!)

Motivated by Kallie’s “article”, I decided to churn up one of my own! I bring you now:

24 Things Women Over 30 Should Wear


24. Whatever the fuck they want.


23. Whatever the fuck they want.


22. Whatever the fuck they want.


21. Whatever the fuck they want.


20. Whatever the fuck they want.


19. Whatever the fuck they want.


18. Whatever the fuck they want.

17. Whatever the fuck they want.


16. Whatever the fuck they want.


15. Whatever the fuck they want.


14. Whatever the fuck they want.


13. Whatever the fuck they want.


12. Whatever the fuck they want.


11.Whatever the fuck they want.


10. Whatever the fuck they want.


9. Whatever the fuck they want.


8. Whatever the fuck they want.


7. Whatever the fuck they want.


6. Whatever the fuck they want.


5. Whatever the fuck they want.


4. Whatever the fuck they want.


3. Whatever the fuck they want.


2. Whatever the fuck they want.




Women in today’s world are hit from all sides. Do this. Wear that. Don’t do this. Don’t do that. Speak softly. Smile. Agree, agree, agree. Assimilate. Shut up. Stay down. 

The last thing we need is other women telling us what we should and shouldn’t do. Stand up, ladies, and stand together. Don’t be like Kallie Provencher. (Especially don’t be like her.) Wear what you want, do what you want, and support one another! And like all of these fabulous ladies, don’t give a fuck.


1,224 thoughts on “24 Things Women Over 30 Should Wear

      • warningcurvesahead says:

        Clearly, you’ve missed the point. Do not police my language on my website, thank you. Policing a woman’s language is just as bad as trying to police what a woman wears!

      • Jean B says:

        Words have meanings, and that includes the word “fuck”. It’s a strong word, not a bad word.The word “fuck” adds quite a bit of rhetorical oomph.

      • Marjorie Foulk says:

        Your website is the expression of your viewpoint and opinions. These are valuable, without a doubt. It is wonderful to see examples of women who are not caving in to superficial rules. I am one of them myself, learning and growing into who I am as I go.
        The opinion you take exception to is one I share. IMHO, classy has greater value and impact than what you chose, but I do respect and honor your right to it.
        Expression of and respect for different opinions, and growing from the sharing is also extremely value. Even our own two eyes don’t have th same view, and as a result of working together, they gain perspective.

      • theabroma says:

        Classy? Like Kallie’s classy? No, thanks. What the fuck do you think “Whatever the fuck you want.” means????

      • Margo Jodyne Dills says:

        Oh, I think that’s clearly a message to “shut up” “calm down” “sit down” “be quiet” “stop” “no” “don’t”. Shut the fuck up, Lisa whoever-you-are. You have totally, completely and sadly, missed the point. It’s like that pathetic Sarandon approach about “voting with your vagina.” What is wrong with women these days? I am proud to say I was raised by a woman who led. She also followed but she did know her place. It was anywhere she wanted it to be. Thanks, Mom and thanks, Curves!

      • Jenny says:

        I liked the usage of the f word it conveys the sentiments of the article in 34 and I’ll wear whatever I damn well please!

      • David Morreale says:

        Did you read the article? Re-read the last paragraph and ruminate upon the thought that everyone has a voice, and that we can always stop reading things that offend us.

      • Beck says:

        LOL Lisa and RN have a problem with the word “fuck” but not with the fact they have shitty English and grammar skills. #Priorities

      • Theresa says:

        I think the “f” word was vital to the story. No one should tell a grown woman what she should or shouldn’t wear. It got the fucking point across right? Enough said.

      • Ann Gwish says:

        Caroline, have you seen the delightful “24 Things Women over 30 shouldn’t wear” article by Kally something or other, who writes for a trashy TMZ style website? The F-Bombs here are sincerely my hero and really drove home my thoughts after reading the other article, which sincerely left me more offended and wondering who and how old Miss “Telling People What to Do” is, as she idolizes many women (and men) over 30 in her own tabloid trash writing. I loved this piece, and it really does make a stark point.

      • Lynn says:

        Wow, I can’t believe how many people are upset about Lisa’s opinion of the work Fuck!! It was her opinion, like the article says .. Do whatever you want… It also says (women) start supporting each other. Why don’t we start now!!! Rather than blasting a person for their opinion why not simply say… I think the use of Fuck was appropriate in my opinion and I respect your opinion to do whatever the fuck you want!!

      • Marcus says:

        I disagree. Sure, there is a time and place for the fuck word and that was the right time and place to use it.

      • Mary says:

        LADIES! Let’s not squabble about a word and miss the point in yet another way. SUPPORT each other. I will NOT tell the author of this excellent piece to change her article to make me or anyone else more comfortable. Including phrases such as “not classy” implies her writing is “not classy”, and inadvertently sends the message “you need to change your work (yourself) to make me more comfortable and it’s your responsibility to do so” no matter what your intentions are, which is PRECISELY what the author is railing against in behalf of all of us, is it not? ESPECIALLY since the article is SPECIFICALLY about learning to be true to yourself and disregard the haters – how to get comfortable in your own skin and celebrate your genuine self, while freeing yourself from the worry of what others think of you and HOW YOU EXPRESS YOURSELF. It’s obviously a great work because it’s stirring this controversy and conversation. I had to
        face this (and perhaps there are others who fit in this category with me):
        To the author –
        I love your as-close-to-perfect-as-is-humanly-possible article, partly BECAUSE it includes the word “fuck” as a powerful illustration and reinforcement of your excellent point. Brilliant writing! THANK YOU!! All I really want is to be able to repost this UTTERLY FABULOUS article ad infinitum and NOT have any of my more uptight loved ones and friends reject it – contempt prior to investigation – because of one silly word. I want so badly for them to be able to read it in spite of themselves, and give themselves permission to BE FREE of meaningless social constructions, constrictions, and restrictions without ME having to hear them lament about the the f word. Perhaps their teachers will appear when they, the students, are ready, but I’m not willing to listen to the rabble. I will happily repost this to any and every woman I know who will not come back at me for its inclusion of the aforementioned powerful, thought-provoking, NECESSARY to the construction of your article, and deeply impactful word. That’s my version of not giving a fuck. THANK YOU for this amazing and affirming article. AMEN, SISTA!

      • warningcurvesahead says:

        THANK YOU so so much for the support, and solidarity, and for letting others know how it is! If the expletives in this post is all that people can focus on, they just aren’t ready to “get it”! 💕

      • Georgianna Nyman Aronson says:

        I am a portrait painter -and love costumes…..they are fun to paint and observe.However –
        the most important thing you ever wear–is your expression.And that takes a lifetime of
        attention and work.
        Love and good luck to all of us.

      • Sophia says:

        I liked it much better with the F word you speak of. Emphasis on the anger, we women should feel, being told how to conform to society! We do not fit one mold or even 100s. I loved this article so much. Thank you. I find myself someplace between 24, 23, and 22…but tomorrow I may be closer to others….. Whatever the fuck I want!

      • Lisa says:

        The writer was spot on and in today’s society if you cannot deal with a few f words then I suggest that you crawl back under the rock that you are living under, never again to see the light of day. Also grow a back bone.

      • Judi Sion says:

        It was much more powerful with the “F” word, as you called it, because we’re never supposed to say it. It’s not Ladylike and it’s not Christian. Well, neither am I. Saying it, out loud, was the single most powerful thing I’ve ever said.

      • T Kegley says:

        Some of you “ladies” have no fucking clue! Love the message, love the style, love the language. Real women use all their fucking words, whenever the fuckity fuck they like. Carry on!

      • chaosrains says:

        I have kids…mostly grown and they all knew that the “F” word was only to be used in the bathroom until they were old enough to move out and have their own bathroom…then they could use it anytime they pleased. Why? Why condone such a thing well by the time they had their bathroom they should also be responsible and mature enough to have educated sex. And let’s be honest here that is all the word Fuck is a shocking word to describe sex. The word Fuck may seem vulgar to you but to me the word kill is more so and less classy than the word fuck. And truth be told I’d MUCH rather my kids -Mostly grown up into adult that Fuck than adults that Kill. Kill is way more offensive to me. But who am I to say? I am just a short little Ol’ lady rockin’ purple hair instead rocket red, and what ever the Fuck I want to wear. Closer to 50 than 40 these days.

      • Susie, age 63 says:

        Well fuck. Seriously sometimes there is just no better word. It adds a punctuation mark.I like this word.

      • Stephanie says:

        Lisa, it would have been tepid and bland without the “fuck” that amplifies the point – a point which is exactly the opposite of tepid and bland. “Whatever the FUCK” IS the point. Kudos for this post – I love-love-love it exactly as-is.

      • Susan says:

        Completely missing the point, Lisa. The fuck is the punctuation, not the problem.

        As in, “Have a lovely fucking day!”

      • Sandra Morrison says:

        There is not a single day that goes by I don’t use that word!!! It is JUST a word! I absolutely LOVE these pictures….

      • margaret wong mauro says:

        Oh dear… I see both sides… the F word is strong, and is sometimes used without much thought. The P word is the other trending one right now. I also agree that it’s actually appropriate in this article. So, true to our message of not dictating to each other (men or women), shall we instead spread love and kindness? I love the article and I understand where Lisa is coming from. We’re all different and yet the same. Peace : )

      • c signori says:

        I loved the f word in every place it was used.I think more women should use it. I loved the point of the article and I loved the response the author gave to your comment.

      • Donna says:

        @warningcurvesahead If you’re going to put it out there, be prepared to take the heat or shut the fuck up. Just sayin…

      • mrskrimps says:

        “Whatever the heck they want.” “Whatever the gollydrops they want.” “Whatever the horse-hoof they want” “Whatever the eff they want” “Whatever the giblet-juice they want”….Nope. Nothing really delivers and drives the message home like “Whatever the FUCK they want”..If anything, I don’t think there are ENOUGH fucks. “Whatever they fuck they want….YOU FUCK.” 🙂

      • Jane says:

        Jane Age 71 – If I had been able to say FUCK when I was 16, perhaps I wouldn’t have taken up smoking as an act of rebellion. It would have been a healthier response.

    • Rebecca says:

      Regardless of the use of the word fuck, the point was made and very well done I might add. Individualism is an excellent expression of your soul.

    • Maureen says:

      Love, love, love this article! Kallie appears to be under 30, so on the one hand I can chalk it up to the naïveté of youth. On the other hand, as a 62 year old, I’m sick of people telling me what I can, or cannot wear, do, say, etc. Kallie needs to understand that by the time you reach my age, you become endowed with the the beautiful, liberating lack of giving a shit about what anyone else thinks. To a degree, I never did care, but now it’s full-bore. Hopefully that will happen to other women at an early age – it feels great!

    • Shari Duff says:

      I find myself using that word far more frequently as I age….and wearing whatever feels good. I love Iris Apfel and Fran Liebowitz…..both styles of women are just screaming….”I will do what the fuck I want!!!”

    • cjstevens says:

      I might be way off getting this article, but don’t let that stop me … Women over 30 should be growing beyond the fences of the fashion restrictions and growing into their individual fashion sense. That means being confident enough to go against the prevailing style and wearing what you like to wear for whatever reason you like to wear it. If coulottes fit your lifestyle, damn the torpedoes and full steam ahead. .

    • PJ says:

      Could have added some 30year olds too. Some 30yr olds look like they are still in their 20s… Some people in their 40’s look like the are in their 20’s!
      I like this article becausey mom has started giving me her cool clothes lately, and say that she shouldn’t be wearing these things anymore… And I’m like why? Your body is rocking, so why not a short skirt with leggings when you’re 60?

    • Mari-Louise Harpe says:

      LOVED THE FUCKEN ARTICLE! i am a little shamed that women found things to pick a part though. Read or don’t read. Dont hate though!

  1. pixieanna says:

    Well hell, I must have missed all those memos. I am not only over 30 but the big 4-0 in six months time and not only do I wear what I want but I own what I want too! If i had long slim legs I’d wear short skirts every day of the week!!!!

    • lkeke35 says:

      You know what pixieanna? You should rock those short skirts anyway. I’m 46 and I’ll rock leopard prints ,sandals, and whatever the hell else I feel like putting on, and if you like short skirts, find the perfect one for you and wear it, just because.

      The irony would be if the person writing it was under thirty herself. Whew! That would be a lot to unpack!

      • warningcurvesahead says:

        Pixieanna, Ikeke35 is right! You rock those shorts and don’t give a shit about it because no matter what, you are fabulous and will look incredible. Ikeke35, I can’t speak for the writer of the ultra-aggravating original article, but I am actually under 30, but with an immense amount of respect for EVERY woman and their right to be sexy as hell, no fucks given! ❤

    • Vanessa says:

      I’m 45 and 82 kg (170 pounds??) and wear lycra leggings in public – shock horror! At sport training – because what I do with my body is more important than what it looks like.

      • Jeanette says:

        What msp got hold of this woman an brain washed her we are not told how to dress or live by any one havent you heard we outnumber the boys ill wear what i want outlandish or not it is fun and i like it life is to enjoy not be bossed by any one .the young woman i
        Of 74 jgf

    • Wendy wellen says:

      Well damn I just put back the cutest rompers because at 48 I thought it was too short. I try to have this same attitude but sometimes I question myself! Can I take you with me next time I go shopping? ?

    • cassey says:

      Hahaha.. ahhh we do it , we love it, hell we want it, but we cant say it.. If i dislike something i stop reading. So simple. The world we live in today… WORDS they are the focus, actions can be totally looked over. We are all suppose to be adults.. If word fuck is the most offensive thing thats happened. Well your doing pretty good girls!!!

  2. modeknityarn says:

    Six years ago Kallie Provencher was a cashier at Michael’s Crafts. Why the f*ck does she feel she can tell us what we should and shouldn’t wear? Oy. Kallie: Go back to Michael’s and make a pom-pom dress and guess what? No one here will tell you that you shouldn’t wear it!

  3. Jeanne Watson says:

    Women are not a product to be sold where the “right” marketing should be employed. We are expressive entities wearing our souls on our sleeves. Dressing is soul work. Oh, the joy of it!!!

  4. Maureen Milbourne says:

    She’s obviously v depressed.Has she never realised what feminism is, its being able to choose what you do,want to wear etc.Clothes are only a part of your personality but an important part She wouldn’t dare tell you what to thnk so don’t tell us what to wear!!!

  5. Ann Rose says:

    Even before I opened the article, i answered the question of “What should women over 30 wear?” with “Whatever the fuck they want.” Down with fashionistas policing the choices of women at any age, and up with women wearing anything and everything (or nothing!) that makes them feel fabulous.

  6. polly says:

    I’m over 50 and I answer to no one other then myself, if I want to go out wearing a bed sheet I’m gonna go out wearing it. If people stop and stare well I have made an impact. I don’t know who the woman is who wrote the original article on what not to wear, or know her age, but my advice is, don’t listen to yourself and get out there and live

  7. kiaora says:

    love the article. also read the should not wear. and i have to say. i still have dungarees and cannot do without my old cons. if you look good in it wear it that is what i say.

    • tess frost says:

      Fuck the “If you look good in it” -that is still pandering to others. If you enjoy wearing it, wear it.

    • Cathy W says:

      I am 75 years and the book “Advanced Style” is my favorite birthday gift to give my aging friends!!! They all look better than fucking men their age….. Wonder what a book called “Advanced Men’s Style” would be like…….fucking boring and full of blank pages.

  8. SmithyT says:

    Oh hell yes! Thanks for that… You are so right. It’s easy to unconsciously conform in this world. Great to have the articles like this that remind us it’s totally up to us what the hell we want to wear.
    Mid forties here with a love of jeans, boots and all things bright green!!

  9. shakaplan says:

    I call stories like these “hearticles” because I love them so much. And, side note, if anyone can tell me where #17 got her Elvis Costello T-shirt, I’d be grateful.

    • WendP says:

      Make your own! Make an iron transfer from an image you found. Get a friend to help you silkscreen it. Do your best sketch on paper, then use fabric markers. Then it’s even MORE cool because you DIYed it!

    • librarian92 says:

      Make your own! Make an iron-on transfer from an image you found. Silkscreen it (there are kits and tutorials for doing it at home). Do your own sketch on paper then on the shirt with fabric markers. Embroider a line drawing. Applique a design. Then your shirt will be even COOLER because you DIYed it!

  10. Rowntree says:

    When I was out for a walk a few months ago, a couple of late-twenties women in expensive jogging togs asked if I were French or Belgian, because I was “so elegant.” (No, I’m from Denver.) Wearing an old calf-length green skirt (which I made), batik t-shirt from a street fair, handwoven jacket which had been a birthday gift about 10 years ago, a long scarf I’ve had for several years, and a beret sort of cap purchased at the RenFaire, with my long white hair tucked up into it. Plus some elderly boots. I just wear what I like (currently rising sixty-four.)

  11. Stephanie Northern says:

    I do feel there is age appropriate clothing, however with that said if a Woman feel confident enough to wear whatever then do it. I personally kinda March to my own drum when it comes to clothing. Colorful accents with paired with classic jackets, pants, and dresses. Individuality is what makes us great, so to try to wear something or someone a size 2 might not work for me. I know how to dress my body. I think k that’s important FIT no matter the size. I love these articles further helping Women of all ages, size, color to love the skin we are in.

  12. Stacey says:

    I love this article! It’s so inspiring! I’m in my late 40’s and used to be a punk rocker back in the day when it wasn’t cool or hip and was made fun of for the way I dressed. Now I wear vintage clothing that was in style over 70 years ago. So yeah, 0 f**ks and counting! Live and let live people! XOXOX

  13. Lurkertype says:

    Used to be only women “of a certain age” wore leopard print, little girl writer! (And I’ve got graphic tees over 30 that I still wear, thanks) Go back to Michael’s indeed.

    I covet the outfits Lucy Liu wears on “Elementary”. Short dresses, sleeveless blouses, big graphic designs, all so elegant. And she’s over 50, gasp horror. Check them out!

    I think Margaret Cho’s pack should have been black or dark blue leather to go with her outfit, but that’s all.

    Also I want to be Helen Mirren when I grow up. My childhood ambition was to be Diana Rigg. Sadly, I am not a knighted British actress.

  14. Dede Bacro says:

    I am nearly 75 and although I don’t have a lot of money to spend on style and I live in FL where there is essentially no style, I still wear what makes me feel good!!

  15. RobinLove says:

    I hated reading the Rantchic article. Why shouldn’t I wear my graphic tees with my love-worn Chuck T’s just because I’m on the other side of 30? I’ll wear whatever the f*** I want!
    By the way, who doesn’t LOVE Helen Mirren? She’s stunning!

  16. justsaying1970 says:

    What the hell is wrong with her. I am 46 and I have a ton of graphic t-shirts and I will wear them anywhere I want. I also have evening attire, work clothes, shorts, and if I still had my banging pre-pregnancy body (5children) I would wear miniskirts. Why tell women that they can’t wear a certain style because of age…. isn’t that age-shaming or some shit like that?

  17. Amelia says:

    Thank you. When I turn thirty, I’m going to keep on wearing whatever the hell I want. Screw anyone else who tries to tell me differently.

  18. Shazza says:

    As someone who’s now in her fifties, I haven’t given a fuck about what anyone thinks about what clothes I wear since I was a very tiny child and my mother gave up telling me why that color didn’t go with that one. Granted, my ‘style’ is generally jeans and a t-shirt with sneakers.

  19. Valerie Berry says:

    “24 Things Women Should Stop Wearing After Age 30”, hoop earrings, short dresses, blue eyeshadow? I cringed at that stupid article, “20 Pictures Women Over 30 Need To Stop Posting Online”. Which led me to her FB page where she posts pics of celebs doing all the things on her little list. And quite hypocritically, herself too, like “office photo selfie”. And her other dumb article, “30 Things Women Over 30 Shouldn’t Own”, I’m sorry, Victoria’s Secret Pink, concert posters?? She sounds like such a miserable person. Ehh.

  20. Gaynor Fielding says:

    If I stood around thinking what I should and shouldn’t do/wear/post/act like , I wouldn’t have time for work so I could earn money to buy the things I’m apparently not supposed to be wearing. Fuck that!

  21. Becky B says:

    Reblogged this on Turn the page and commented:
    For everyone who thinks they should give up on life because they’ve reached Age X, read this. (And everyone who has already given up on life, don’t bother trying to ruin it for the rest of us, we’re not listening.)

  22. Charlotte Raby says:

    All gorgeous women doing what the fuck they want! More power to us all. You’re right – we need to stand together, support each other all the way. Thanks for this awesome blog post!

  23. Marc Graham says:

    I decided to google this Kallie “writer” and she of course is a Millennial……they just LOVE to tell everyone else above their age bracket what they can and can’t do. I for one think every single Millennial that have their self righteous attitude of entitlement should be rounded up and an entire generation of useless kids that contribute nothing to society should be killed for their stupidity, then we won’t have to raise our taxes to give them everything for free that they want……I had better be careful though, once they read this they might start a petition to have me deported from my own country. They only know how to make petitions, get people fired and discredit anything older then them…….they are simply useless lol

    • BarbDwyer says:

      um……. a millennial would be anything from 0 to 16 at the most so I think youre being too kind Marc Graham 😉 (unless youre talking “brain” years, lol)

      • Briar Wilkes says:

        For statistical, demographic purposes, Millenials are usually (there’s no set range) considered to be those born between 1982-2004 (so, upper range would be in their mid-30s). There isn’t a “formally” recognized title for the generation that came after, but some are labeling those born after 2004ish as Gen Z. The “generation” titles are not based on actual calendar dates (e.g., all kids born after 1999 or 2000).

        Also, please don’t generalize about generational groups; we’re all chatting now because that’s what Kallie does.

        (p.s. For perspective on my perspective: I’m 56, dress however I choose (always have), and I’m a pop culture/music photojournalist.

  24. Jill says:

    I think I would love it more if 80% of these examples didn’t have full makeup. Not that I judge women who wear makeup, but I find myself often deemed unprofessional because I don’t wear makeup, I don’t “style” my hair, and I live comfortably in my own skin. It’s a shame we are reduced to being slaves to a fashion industry at all.

    • Ella says:

      I counted seven out of twenty three who don’t seem to have visible makeup . . . I agree the proportion could be more equal, yet, these women aren’t dressing or grooming themselves for my satisfaction, you know? Speaking as somebody who wears minimal makeup on even the most formal occasions (powder and lipstick at most), I have to say whatever makes these women feel awesome, they can rock it. Their job isn’t to mirror my choices and make me feel less alone in life. Their job as humans is just to get on with being themselves, and dress and style themselves in a way that makes THEM feel awesome. Not me.

      That is not slavery, it’s freedom.

    • swarze says:

      Well, I think the article was saying more about not being weighed down by choices that are deemed too young for a woman of a certain age. If you don’t like to wear makeup or dress in fashionable clothing, fine. But I think this article was focusing on women who DO like to get dressed, and wear makeup and feel as glamourous as they can, without worrying about people telling them they are too old for certain styles. In other words, focusing on women who WANT to be stylish and do care how they look, rather than on women who don’t care at all.

  25. Elonwy says:

    When I hit 30 it was a big realization that I really don’t give a fuck what other people think. It was such a weight off to just wear, do and say what I wanted without having too worry how other’s would perceive me. I’m 43 now and just yesterday went out in a short dress with an Alice in Wonderland print and knee socks and guess what…I looked fucking awesome.

    Funny how the under 30’s feel like their opinion matters to those of us who don’t bother caring what they think. Can’t wait until they turn 30 and realize how uptight and foolish they sounded.

  26. Laurie says:

    I am over 60 and have always been afraid to wear certain things that are fun for fear of being judged…no more!!! Thank You!!

  27. Teddy Raye says:

    Brava! These beautiful women were an inspiration, as was your article. The next time some patronising, smug 20-something tries to instruct me as to what is and isn’t appropriate for me at ANY age, I will very proudly show them this article and instruct them to fuck off.

  28. Kelly K says:

    It took me to well into my 40’s to realize I simply don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks about me. I am perfectly aware of who and what I am. I know my flaws and am willing to admit to them. That being said, I know my strengths as well. Knowing there will always be someone, somewhere, who simply doesn’t like me for some reason or another was a huge stepping stone in my not giving a rats ass on others opinions. Being told by a stranger what I should or shouldn’t do simply means I am incapable of forming my own opinions or expressing myself in my own way. While I enjoy reading those “you shouldn’t do” articles, I am perfectly comfortable in my flattering (or ugly as sin), too short (or long), too white (or black), high heeled (or too flat) whatever I choose to wear that day!

    • Cindy says:

      I don’t give a shit riding nor walking what somebody else thinks about what I wear, say or do. The only fucking test I have to pass is the State Boards.

  29. gossamerbold says:

    Brilliant, I loved all of these outfits and how they gave such a sense of the wearer. I too read the original article and was one of the eye rollers and ‘fuck you’ readers. I am 33 and rarely a day goes by that someone doesn’t comment (favorably) on what I wear. My signature look consists of short dresses, fabulous hosiery, and shoes so amazing I’m sometimes tempted to put them on the mantelpiece as art 😊

  30. BlackWidowNor says:

    I am 48, short and fat. There are literally 1000’s of articles that tell someone like me what they “should” and “shouldn’t” wear. Short skirts/dresses? fuck yeah! I have KILLER calves! Stripes? fuck yeah… both vertical and horizontal. Jeans? Fuck yeah!

    Honestly, I’ll where what ever the hell I want. Until those authors buy my clothing and pay my rent?… um.. not to sound redundant.. but .. fuck them and their judgemental asses.

  31. Lola Elliott says:

    So funny, I absolutely loved it. Strong, independent women do not care what anyone thinks. We do as we please with our hair, what we wear, who we love or not. Thank the stars that we are finally free to do so.

  32. Kathy Snyder says:

    Fabulous article! Love the women and their awesome styles! Remember – Don’t always believe everything you think!

  33. Tina S. says:

    Thank you.
    I read her piece of opinionated garbage last week on what we should not own after thirty. It infuriated me to nearly beyond reason. Only my intelligence and maturity, oh, and a slow computer that crashed at the worst (best?) time prevented me from telling her on her Facebook page exactly what I thought of her writing. This is exactly what I meant to say to her.

  34. Spiked Lee says:

    6 years ago my sister told me I was too old to wear ruffles. I bought a coat and a dress ad three shirts with ruffles. FUCK. THAT. SHIT.

    • Lyndon J Connah says:

      As a 61 year old young-looking man who refuses to look like every other bland identically dressed man , it is much harder. Apart from a far more limited variety of choice than women to begin with , the conservatism I am faced with hinders my progress . The price I pay for looking even subtly individual has been a lot of time searching for clothes , being ridiculed by friends/family , being abused and shouted at in the street – for something as anodyne as wearing trousers with a print . Another problem is that men are paranoid about wearing anything that could be considered vaguely feminine . I also don’t care about this , and consequently the abuse often reaches another level. Ladies please don’t take for granted the great and unlimited choices you have .

  35. Keena says:

    Rock on ladies… At 44 & fabulous I will be for damned if society will put me in any kind of box… I love my cocoa brown skin, kinky fro & killer unconventional fashion sense… (wore a lacey facinator & fingerless red leather gloves complete with a long strand of pearls to church just today… & was a hit)!
    Too hell with all the prudes that want yoga pant their way through life….

  36. PJ says:

    I read that article on what not to wear after 30, and it ticked me off about as much as it did you. What makes it more insane to me, is someone from a generation who thinks pajamas are something that should be worn out and about and where the men think it is cool to sag your pants to show your underwear is going to give me fashion advice. Seriously, Kallie Provencher needs to grow the hell up!

  37. Yvonne A Reed says:

    Lol, LOVED this article, I shared it on my FB wall….because I do whatever the fuck I want… 8 )

  38. Jill hopkins says:

    Being 61 I resent the fact that I am classed as a senior .. Fuck that.. I have a brain of a 25 year old and my nieces who are in their 30s love to have a night out with their auntie.. I dress how I want to my shape and not trashy but with some class and love buying clothes.. These small minded people who are throwing stones well tomorrow you will be in your 30s and look out you will know what your stupid comments meant !! Fuck that !!!

  39. PattiePattiPatty says:

    Well, fuckity, fuck, fuck, fuck. I wear what I feel comfortable in. Don’t care what anyone thinks and my computer could care less what I have on. Tis my life and if you want to critique me, first, you must live what I have been through. So there!

  40. Diane S.Boutin says:

    I am 68.wear only one earing most of thé time and when I wear 2 they usually dont match!I also only wear flat shoes (my feet gave up on high heels In my 30rd.) Wear ONLY what I like dont Even bother with m’y husband’s taste !He is never to buy me a pièce of clothes as à gift.I and only I choose .Hé Can pay if hé wishes too LOL.Buy thé way I AM 5’2” hé is 6’2”.

  41. Marianne Vandenberg says:

    Check out SkullzLondondot com. She makes a great line of clothes like this which I am having a blast wearing at 65+ Fuckin’ A!!

  42. Kathryn OHalloran says:

    Love this so much.

    I do agree with one thing in the original article though – cheap bras! Although that’s more of an OH&S issue than a fashion. I work from home and I’ve got really hurty boobs when I’m too lazy to wear a bra! Otherwise, I’m a short skirt wearing, rule breaking over 30!

  43. Trinka Polite says:

    Ok. I love this post. I love the pics. Love you for writing this post and sharing these pics. LOL Awesome! I’m going to wear stripes and flowers tomorrow and I’m 41 wooo hoo!

  44. Wispy says:

    Couldn’t agree more,
    Embrace your hippy, geek or whatever the hell you like.
    The web isn’t perfect but I love the female solidarity that I’m seeing more and more of 😊

  45. Melissa says:

    So I HAD to look this Kallie chick up. I’d she for real? I feel like someone’s fucking with me. She looks like she’s 45 (at LEAST over the age of 30) and writes like she’s a columnist for a middle school newspaper. I’m sitting here in my messy bathroom, in my revealing graphic tee taking selfies while looking at her “articles” and Facebook page… Wondering if she’s friends with the Kardashians. She seems to talk about them a lot. I’ve seen them break her selfie and fashion rules many times… So maybe this only applies to us non-Kardashians?
    Or maybe she’s fucking with us. That’s the only logical expaination. 😛

  46. mindfulofchatter says:

    Soooo, I ‘can’t wear my Deadpool T-shirt because I am 57? OH! Maybe I’ll wear it with some leopard print jeans! *snort* As if there is someone who knows all the ‘rules’. Wear what the fuck you want to wear – not matter what age you are.

  47. Linea Elken says:

    I turned 70 this year & fuck anyone who dares to tell me that I shouldn’t be wearing certain clothing. I shaved my head & died the stubble hot pink. Last year I had a moment of weirdness when I thought that my hot pink, red, & orange abstract print mini skirt might be too young for me. And then I got over that & I wear it whenever I want. But I’ve never followed fashion rules. When I was growing up in the 1950’s, I hated clothing because there were rules that my sister–the one my father dubbed “the bulldozer”–insisted that I follow. I wasn’t allowed to wear red & purple together, nor green & blue, & oh my word, not orange & pink!! And then I left the nest right about the time that the hippies started taking over & I felt like I was home! I remember one of the first things that I bought was a bright blue dress with a neon green bodice. I made a skirt & a cushion cover for my rocking chair out of the same Madras bedspread. I never think of the things that I wear as clothes; they are costumes to express myself & how I’m thinking or feeling at the time. You go, mama!! Fuck convention!! I’m wearing & doing & saying whatever the fuck I want!!!

  48. Melanie says:

    No. 11, that’s Shelley of the blog forestcityfashionista.com. She is awesome!! We did this photo shoot when she came to visit Vancouver recently. Check her out; she is so cool. I’m really happy to see her among these other amazing women.

  49. Tracy Sandborg says:

    Rock on! I just discovered the store Torrid, and I am, as of today, 48 years old. My clothes break all sorts of this person’s rules.. But I am going to do whatever the fuck I want! Love it!

  50. Marilyn says:

    He’ll yes!! At 70, and a former fashion illusrator, I know exactly what I will
    wear for function, flare, mood, comfort, style and statement! And it will be perfectly beautiful!

  51. sukiesoriginal says:

    Beautifully put! Rules are for breaking, and the older one is, the more one should break them. I’m not keen on leopard print, but I’m 60, and I have a drawer full of band t-shirts. If I start wearing Old Lady clothes…burn them.

  52. Diane Losurdo says:

    At 65 and a widow I wear what I like and am comfortable in. I’m paying for my clothes so why not. Why should anyone else tell me what to wear! Love the article tho!LOL

  53. Ally says:

    I just read Kallie Provencher’s list.. cuz usually I dont bother with someone else telling me what I cant wear.. but now that I have read it, its pissing me off… maybe she shouldnt wear her face!!!
    I mean, who died and made her king of fashion? Aaaargh.. it made me so mad..

    On the other hand, your post was so cool, and the ladies feature are so amazing, that I hope Ms Provencher does make the effort to go through it, before she passes judgement on who should wear what..

  54. Katharine says:

    First laugh out loud of the day and a palpable hit to the forces of banal evil. Thank you! I think my leopardprint minidress is due for an outing. So that my middle-aged knees can strike spears of pure cold terror into the heart of any Provencherites out there.

  55. Kim A Howard says:

    Reblogged this on Kim A Howard and commented:
    I love this response to all those articles about what woman of a certain age should do or wear. I’ve never taken them very seriously as I didn’t do/wear most of the things they list when I was younger. Don’t follow the crowds or the fashions. As long as your actions cause no harm do/wear whatever pleases you.

  56. Rachel Nobes says:

    Shame Sue Kreitzman isn’t featured here – she is a real inspiration in wearing whatever you want ♡

  57. Charlie-Helen Robinson says:

    Reblogged this on Charlie-Helen Robinson and commented:
    OMG this article is “simply the best”. You MUST read it. I will apologise in advance for the swear word – simply because I don’t like sweary bear words online.

    But, it’s also very true yes, I am a little tired of all the stereotyping lately. I’ve left an era where I had to dress in classic fad and have blonde hair to be approved of (why did I? Another long story), to enter an era where people are telling me to “act my age”. Urgh.

    Time’s up folks.

    Time to realise age is in YOUR head. Not mine.

    I’m just here having a good life. Well trying.

    Thanks /rantover

    Much love and light to your all. Namaste xx

    • Angie says:

      Quick get me something leopard print to put on my body…sakes alive! Someone hand me my hoops and platform boots so I can look amazing stomping all over your little boxes you want older women to fit in…..missy… The pictures in this article are amazing. For that matter most ladies everywhere are pretty much rocking it. look around .. Whitness the lack of fucks we give, confidently running this shit.

  58. Rebecca Irvin says:

    There are only two rules I follow. What’s the weather for today, and where am I going? Rock on, ladies!! I look forward to being you when I grow up!!

    • Elizabeth Rodgers says:

      Got my paisley mud boots for Memphis blues, and a swirling short dancing dress for a wedding, and tons of compliments for my size 18, happy 68 y.o. self. Glad I abandoned the gray mud shoes and appropriate black mid calf officiant garb.

  59. Michelle Curtze says:

    Thank you and FUCK those kids who are under 40 and telling us what to do! I am so tired of being told your not allowed to grow old and you must fight it and yet act your age fuck them all!

  60. Samantha Allinder says:

    I’m 51 going on 100, find the best clothes at Goodwill (although Hot Topic is a favorite for regular retail), & have a husband who loves that I can still rock whatever style in the world I want! This article has given me some great ideas outside my usual “broad as the horizon” box…

  61. Stephen Lambert says:

    Excellent piece – really liked it. Now one for the Boys over 30. Under no circumstances turn up at Newcastle Central Station dressed like Jason King from the hit seventies TV series ‘Department S’ or you’ll be chased all the way back to London by the EDL!
    (Councillor Stephen Lambert, Newcastle City Council: Style icon and Pensionista)

  62. Angie says:

    Quick get me something leopard print to put on my body…sakes alive! Someone hand me my hoops and platform boots so I can look amazing stomping all over your little boxes you want older women to fit in…..missy… The pictures in this article are amazing. For that matter most ladies everywhere are pretty much rocking it. look around .. Whitness the lack of fucks we give, confidently running this shit.

  63. Tracy says:

    It is all about self expression and freedom to choose… The day that I stop wearing and doing what I want to express myself- I will be in the big oven.

  64. AndreaAAmericana says:

    46 years old and have autism and have been wearing patriotic things since 9/11/01. I am know for wearing them. In fact I do have a flag vest and tie combo that I wear with a black shirt and black jeans and black boots. I have a hair bow and backpack purse to match the vest and tie. I call that my Ms.Smith goes to Washington outfit.

  65. nancynywoman says:

    Love this! thank you as someone well over 30…so with you. Wear whatever the F*ck you want ladies and have a ball. shared. shared and shared. reblogged. what else can I do? Keep playing!

  66. Shelley Long says:

    First of all, thank you for including the photo of me that my friend Melanie posted on her blog, Bag and a Beret. My blog is http://www.forestcityfashionista.com, and the dress I’m wearing was thrifted. I am thrilled to be in such awesome company in this post, especially when I know some of other women whose photos are included.

    I am sooooo sick of all the articles with the theme of “What not to wear when you’re…..”. Hell yes, the most interesting women I know wear whatever the fuck they want.

      • Melanie says:

        Shelley is absolutely fabulous! I posted a comment last night identifying her and her blog and explaining our photo shoot, but the blogosphere swallowed it! Hurrah for your post and women who follow their own voice.

      • warningcurvesahead says:

        I got your email! Sorry for the missed comment, I’m overwhelmed with how much people love this post! So many comments! I will update and link accordingly, thank you so much!!💕

      • Shelley Long says:

        Yes, by all means go ahead and include a link to my blog. I will be posting more photos from the shoot that the one you used came from in the next day or so.

      • Melanie says:

        WOW – the response here is overwhelming! LOVE IT! Sorry for thinking my comment went missing – it was just stuck in traffic. Hahaha!

  67. Fines Creek says:

    Reblogged this on Fines Creek and commented:
    I came across this post no FB and loved it so much, I decided.to share it with you.
    It is true. Nobody is going to tell me now, what or what not to do/ wear/ eat!
    Have a great week!

  68. Renee Jonas says:

    Slightly insulted that so many of the ‘women over thirty can wear whatever the f*ck they want’ are so clearly very far beyond the age the age of 30… Some of these women could have easily fit in to the ‘women over 50/60 category’ not that i’m disparaging their fashion choice or right to wear ‘whatever they want’ or that they are in fact ‘over 30’; but if you’re specifying 30 as the age to not give a f*ck – more women in their early thirties would have been appreciated!!! I don’t want to feel like i have another 30 years until i have the right to behave as carefree as a ‘woman over thirty’ should…

    • warningcurvesahead says:

      I think you’re kind of missing the point. The ages of these women range from 30 to 90 years old. If that’s what you take away from this post, I encourage you to reevaluate and perhaps give it another read. The point is, people need to STOP telling women what they can do, at any age! This particular post is entitled as such because it is a spinoff of the original “article” that inspired it. Nothing more.

      • Lisa L. Adams says:

        Had I ever needed validation for my lifestyle from anyone ever, this would have been it. I dress for comfort & practicality, often wielding a machete in the brush during the day, then going out for cocktails with my husband & friends in the early evening. Just shower & change-I “clean up good”. Those early years of being a “stay-at-home” mom paid off big time! Also-I don’t care HOW fabulous those shoes are; if I can’t run through the airport in them, I’m not buying them.

    • just another s-a-h-mother says:

      In case you can’t see it, 50 and 60 are both over 30. The point is, you don’t need anyone to tell you what to wear, or how to behave. You shouldn’t ever feel the need to wait to “have the right to behave as carefree” as anyone else. Do it. For yourself. No matter what your age. ❤️

  69. Farley says:

    Iris is my hero.. 3 necklaces or you are underdone. Everyone needs to see the Iris Documentary. On Netflix.. a must

  70. Ida Sudoyo says:

    I totally agree! As a young 67 yr old I would like to have the guts to wear whatever I’m comfortable and happy in…your article is very supportive and a tremdous confidence booster! Bravo!

  71. sirchristopherleefan1 says:

    I am over 30 and i worn like i am been wearing now for years is cotton trousers, T Shirt and a acrylic jumper with flat bumpers and ankle socks, and i am reaching 60 in July i get plenty of good comments the way i dress so i am not bothered to change.

  72. kari says:

    Funny, I was actually discussing yesterday that very article on RantChic that I had read a couple of years ago and thought, “Wow, this chick is clueless.” Is she even in her 30s? I’ll bet she’s 25 and when she’s 30, she’ll look back and seriously rethink those articles.

    I’m rereading it now and I spotted something that I’m wearing this very day: hoop earrings. And they look damn good on me.

  73. Malvena says:

    YESSSSS but can we please include some spanx or some other type of under garment foundation on top of anything we want..! Some of us are walking around thinking its cute with a watery ass and jiggly tummy! No thanks 😩😩😩 at least if you’re going wear what you want like fab in it!

    • warningcurvesahead says:

      What someone’s body looks like is of no concern to anyone else! The point of this post is that a woman should be able to wear what she wants, no matter what! If that means Spanx, cool! If not, also cool. I do not dress my body to suit the desires of other people

    • Deanna says:

      If I wanna let it all hang out, it’s hung out. Beware of jiggles. They aren’t there because I think it’s cute, they’re there because they’re ME. >:D I dress for myself, not anyone else. (Possibly also for local decency laws.)

  74. whiskeykitten says:

    Hear, fucking hear! I turned 40 just a little while ago and I’ve been wearing whatever the fuck I like since I was a kid – I was NEVER “in fashion” or “trendy” and I don’t GIVE A FLYING HOOHAAH. 🙂

    Thanks for this article! Made my day!

  75. Lisa Hoptroff says:

    Yes! Just…yes! I can only HOPE I look as fucking amazing as some as these ladies when I get older. I’m 33 years old and have seemingly broken at least 20 of the bullshit ‘what not to wear’ suggestions.

  76. Jennifer says:

    Luv the photos & the inspiration, but I do find it a little ironic that all of the outfits in the pics u displayed within ur article are following the woman’s “not after 30” rules. Except for the 1 graphic tee. I do love the premise & point of the article tho. I totally agree. Would’ve loved to hv seen pics of beauties breaking all of her rules.

    • Donna says:

      Right?! When i read the headline, i was ticked. Was about to go through my phone to post her picture but saw the author made the point for me with 24 other beautiful examples. I think shes in her 80s now. I thought 82 or 84. Phenomenal. Gorgeous.

  77. Rose says:

    Yes yes and YES! Thank you for this! That article ticked me off, so I’m glad that you put together a beautiful rebuttal.

  78. Jenni (aka Sassypants) says:

    It seems like those articles are always written by someone in their early 20’s. Talk about being ageist. I’m 42, and wear whatever I damn well please because I give zero fucks!

  79. claregallowayartist says:

    LOOOOOOOOOVE IT – I’ve been there all the way, since attending my first jumble sale on my own around 7 yrs old: 35 yrs of wild heels, kitsch handbags, shaved and multi-coloured hair, every kind of fishnet tights, bikinis, happy flouncy colourful skirts, bright jackets, big plastic jewellery and leather briefcases later, and still going STRONG – rock on, women!! 😀 xxxx

  80. Erin J Roberts says:

    This was EXACTLY what I needed to hear today. I’m quickly approaching my 40th birthday and was starting to question my wardrobe choices because they’re more “appropriate” for a teen girl than someone “my age”. But you know what? I like my nerdy t-shirts and jeans. So to heck with everyone else!

  81. Rebecca says:

    “Life’s a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death. Live. Live. Live!”

    Oh how I adore Auntie Mame

  82. Joanne says:

    I say, wear whatever you want, as long as you are comfortable in it, wear it. Don’t worry what others may think.

  83. The Art of Finding Me says:

    I’m only 27 right now, as I’m going to be 30 in three years and over 30 in four. I felt that this article was saying exactly what needed to be said. I hate it when people say you can’t wear something because of your age. Wear what you want, because you want to wear it. I may not think it looks good, but I won’t say anything about it. I think that everyone can wear what they want regardless of the celebrity or not. Ladies keep wearing the things you love.

  84. MaryAnn Lovier says:

    Yes, yes, yes!!!! Wear and say and do whatever the fuck you want! Leave a mark on the earth, and make it a good one!

  85. C Jones says:

    Great post! I feel like I’ve worn more of whatever I want since turning 30. Less fitting in and more comfort and creativity. The titles of those other “articles” sound very old school. Let’s all keep moving forward and being free 🙂

  86. Christina says:

    Only problem I see with this list is that it doesn’t include a photo of a post-30 woman wearing the *dreaded* short skirt!!! 😄

  87. Irain says:

    Things women should stop wearing at any age? Insecurity about their clothes!

    Anyone else up for assembling an outfit containing as many of the 20 items as possible, and still looking divine? Think am in possession of 15 and can improvise a further 2.

  88. Cassandra says:

    Seeing so many stylish, attractive & accomplished women on one page reminded me of how amazing and diverse the world is!

    It also brought to mind that I haven’t bought a fashion magazine in AGES…could it be that the cover models do not interest me as these women would? Fashion industry…take note!!!

  89. CJ says:

    Thank you! I read that”article” some time ago, and shuddered at the overblown importance some people give to their young selves before they are old enough to have learned anything about life and think the world revolves around them. On behalf of the millions of women who have rolled their eyes over her errant ignorance, I sincerely hope someone stalks that little twit when she turns 30 to see what she is wearing and Facebooks a pictorial. I would bet she is one of the most scorned women on Facebook. Now, pardon me while I go put on my leopard graphic tee and my hoop earrings.

    • Dot Mc says:

      Iris is my hero. There is a wonderful documentary about her. She has encouraged me to layer and wear as much jewelry at once as I want. At thre quarters of a century old am more sure than ever I will be myself, no matter what others may think.

  90. Darlene Horton says:

    Love, love, love! At 48, I feel like I should be able to wear whatever my spirit feels that day as long as my hoo-ha is not hanging out! Great-effing article!

  91. warningcurvesahead says:

    And as for the comment you seem to think was deleted, perhaps you should know that this post has amassed 700,000 views and hundreds of comments in less than 48 hours. It’s been shared thousands of times. Sorry that you got lost in the chaos, but frankly, it appears that it was for the best.

  92. Tcfk says:

    Brilliant message to young girls. Whatever clothes you like they do not make you a nerd, a tart, a tramp, a victim and certainly not a man. WE ARE WOMEN

  93. Sabine van de Laar says:

    i always had my own mind regarding clothes, starting at school by wearing skirts when everybody else was wearing jeans. ripping the shoulder pads out of things i liked in the eighties or wearing my old hippy things from the seventies. have to look slightly conventional when teaching at school, but accessoires can even ruin that 😉

  94. Lisa says:

    Although I agree with being able to wear what makes you look and feel good. A true ladies is modest and doesn’t use the “F” word. We have lost our class as a society and embrace things that are crude, shameless.

    • warningcurvesahead says:

      Lisa, the point of this post is that you do not get to dictate what makes a woman a woman. You may live by your own ideals, and that is perfectly fine. But you do not get to push those ideals onto women as a whole! And frankly, the idea of “modest and ladylike” is just another way that women are told to sit down, cover up, and shut up.

      We stand for originality, and fierceness. And we certainly won’t be tone-policed!

      • Thomas Miller says:

        I completely agree! The women in my family definitely do what they want are the fiercest women-warriors I know. After perusing these amazing photos, I am even tempted to switch sides! Beautiful, sexy, and classy. ALL OF THEM!

      • Linda says:

        I AM A WOMAN OVER 30 and I don’t need anyone to define me by the cloths a wear, the food I eat or they words I use. I am amazed everyday by other AMAZING women.

      • Stephanie says:

        Fuck and Yes! I’m a grown woman, and I don’t need anyone telling me what to wear or what to say.

      • Jaci says:

        I am a 33 year old mother of two elementary aged children and I have to deal with the whole “she shouldn’t be wearing/saying/doing that” mentality from my biyfriend’s exes ENTIRE family and to that I say “FUCK OFF!”
        I’m an adult, I’m allowed to make my own decisions and say what I want with out worrying about someone in their late 30’s, 60’s, and 80’s who knows nothing about being an individual chiming in. Women are amazing, powerful, beautiful creatures and NO ONE else is allowed to dictate what we say/do/wear.

    • sarahjaneb says:

      What is a “true ladies[sic]”? “True” according to whom? And what do you mean by “shameless”? What exactly should we be ashamed of? It seems to me that you’re just parroting some fucking bullshit you heard from your grandmother and never gave a moment’s thought to its real implications.

    • Pernille says:

      I call bull 🙂 there is nothing unreal about me and I say fuck when it feels right, like when I stump my toe against the table. Most definitely not going to let someone else define what makes a real woman or lady…

    • Sue says:

      Although I absolutely loved this article and totally agree with what you’re saying, I would like to stick up for Lisa. I don’t use the “F” word either and – call me old-fashioned! – don’t particularly like to hear other people using it. It’s possibly a generation thing (I’m 68, don’t know how old Lisa is) so please bear with us. After all, if you have the right to use the “F” word whenever you want, we should have the right to say we don’t like to hear it! Unless you’ve just stubbed your toe, when it’s forgiveable! lol

      • sarahjaneb says:

        You seem confused. You are certainly allowed to say that you don’t like the “f word.” There is an enormous difference between simply saying that you don’t like the word and saying that others are not “true ladies” because they do use it. Do you really not see that?

      • Ella says:

        Say whatever you want to say, or don’t. That’s your right. But it’s everyone else’s right too, so don’t walk around acting like somebody handed you a badge and made you language police.

        Also, please don’t imagine advanced age has anything to do with your reticence. If anything, you can observe a higher rate of prudishness in the young, who are still at a stage where it is more developmentally appropriate for them to police the actions of others in an effort to enforce social conformity.

        Some people never mature beyond that particular stage, but thankfully, most do. My grandmother is almost 87 and in full possession of her wits and an expansive vocabulary, which she does not stint to use. If anyone had the almighty gall to “forgive” her for dropping an F bomb, she’d like as not tell them to get their head out of their ass.

      • warningcurvesahead says:

        You are amazing. And your grandmother sounds incredible! Seriously, thank you for this. The language police certainly missed the point of the post, but I tire of tying to explain to people who just aren’t getting it. 💕

  95. tangobites says:

    Reblogged this on tangobites and commented:
    I know what you’re thinking: this has nothing to do with tango. Or, does it? Why yes it DOES!

    Too often at tango I hear from teachers, from fellow dancers (ESPECIALLY THE MEN) what they believe women should do, what we shouldn’t do, and yes, they even have opinions on what we should wear. I love this post – all the women in it look fabulous, in so many different and fascinating ways. Here’s to gorgeous, show-stopping diversity and the sheer joy of expressing yourself!

  96. alicanro says:

    Reblogged this on StyleSaVie and commented:
    Sometimes the fewer words, the better. I love this blogger’s canned comment, captioning each photo with the obvious, but VERY important message. Go check her out!

  97. Marian O'Brien says:

    I’m way, way, way over 30. I can finally get these same duds out of the recycling bags.
    Thanks. I feel better now.

  98. cynthia ford says:

    Perhaps Ms. Provencher (or maybe she would prefer ‘Miss”?) will begin wearing matronly, modest attire when she inevitably crosses that 30 year mark? Lawd, let me live to see that day…I want pictures!

  99. Norma Sassone says:

    Mmmm, but all these women are wearing very expensive duds. So that’s making a judgement right there. Where’s the blue collar mom rocking her fleece jacket, jeans she still wears from 1990s and Nikes she bought at the consignment store?

    • warningcurvesahead says:

      Totally agree! And those duds can and are fierce and fantastic, I was using famous names to illustrate a point (as well as avoid invading someone’s privacy! Using more famous names avoids that all together!)💕

      • Norma Sassone says:

        So famous people wouldn’t wear this poorer woman’s outfit, then? I’m just saying that there are many women out there who would love to be able to say they don’t give a fig what people think of what they wear, but theyre just clothing themselves from a Goodwill bin and don’t have time to “care.”

      • warningcurvesahead says:

        If you can find me a “poorer woman” who is okay having her face and name put out there for three quarters of a million people to see, I am happy to include her (and any other strong, fabulous woman like her) in this post. I understand where you’re coming from, but if you are choosing to take this post into a different direction, you’re missing the point.

        The point, which is very simple: EVERY woman should wear WHAT she wants, WHEN she wants, and not be told by anyone that she shouldn’t–not because of her age, not because of anything.

    • D. Shelley says:

      You need to take another look, Norma…I could easily duplicate the Annie Lebowitz (and several other looks) for less than $40.00 at my local thrift store. Nothing special about jeans, a classic shirt, and a blazer. I do LOVE my fleece jackets and vests though!

      • B J Hall says:

        The two reasons I shop at Goodwill: Saving money and so I WON’T look like everyone else. And when I retire, I’ll have more time to sew my own creations again.

    • Pernille says:

      Are you kidding? Jeans, t-shirt and a jacket? A white skirt and a top? I have all that in my closet. Who cares who made them and what theirs cost. This was brilliantly inspirational and fun. I know there were many expensive dressed as well. But that doesn’t take away from the message

  100. Beverly McCarter says:

    Sorry, but Iris Apfel is just plain hideous and gaudy. I see her on one of those home shopping networks and she is ALWAYS wearing way too much. And those glasses! I believe she would hang an anchor around her neck if she thought she could carry it! About the only one of the ladies that I didn’t approve of. Tone it down, Iris.

    • warningcurvesahead says:

      I’m sorry, but there is nothing hideous or gaudy about a strong, independent woman doing what makes her heart happy. And you should be ashamed of yourself for being one of the few people to pass such nasty judgement. We as women should be SUPPORTING one another.

    • Carolyn Gold says:

      Iris Apfel is my role model, ever since I saw the exhibit of her fashion collection at the Metropolitan Museum Costume galleries. There’s a difference between fashion and style, and she’s got style. She carries it off with attitude. She also has an amazing story behind it all, worth checking out the documentary about her life. She’s brazen and bold, doesn’t give a fig what other people think, and is having the time of her life. We should all be so confident. And PS, I rock a pair of black-framed glasses and get compliments all the time (and mistaken for being a Parisien when in Paris).

    • Mary says:

      Are you really “sorry”? I think not. I believe that’s probably how you start out to excuse yourself ahead of time for viciously attacking another person on a very personal level. You jumped on the opportunity to publicly hate on a woman whose fashion sensibilities you don’t share and don’t like, and in doing so, inadvertently outted yourself as being a part of the problem against which the author is railing on behalf of ALL women. If that’s the case, please close your mouth and continue to miss the entire point of the article in silence.

  101. Andy S says:

    Great, great advice for all women, but where is the same advice for men ??? I know I CAN where what I like, but why isn’t it being said out loud like this. I’d love to just go out dressed like Beatrix Ost, but can’t face the aggro…..

  102. Jael Greenleaf says:

    I love boldness, shyness, jeans and T-shirt, dressed to the nines and then some. I do not like cultural appropriation, i.e. the pseudo tallit in #14. That is religious garb worn by religious Jews. It is not something to play with. How about a burka in silk and suede? No? Then don’t mess with a tallit either.

    • Carlin says:

      That’s a poncho though. Or just a very large blouse. Yes there are stripes, but they don’t go all the way across, the top is not open at the front, and there doesn’t appear to be fringe? I apologize if I am missing something, but I don’t see this as anything other than a loose poncho-like top, something found in a very large number of cultures, as either draping a rectangle over one’s shoulders or cutting a hole in that rectangle and putting it over your head is a pretty straightforward method of early clothing design.

  103. brandykratz says:

    I love that you included strong women of all ethnicities. I agree a woman should be able to wear what she wants. Women have spent too much time competing with each other and not enough time making each other stronger. Women need to start standing together and helping each other become stronger. We need to support each other and strengthen and inspire each other. We are not and should not compete with each other.

  104. Sandy says:

    I used to wear patterned stockings back in the late 60’s now I am in my late 60’s and don’t need patterned stockings, the varicose veins take their place! Laugh til I burst!

  105. T.Rob says:

    Re-shared on Facebook with the following comment:

    Normally I try to avoid articles about how people should look and dress. I also try to avoid telling other people that some behavior is mandatory. I might suggest things like “I wish you’d treat people with more compassion and less contempt” but I’m not ready to pass laws or be overly prescriptive. I also try to duck the “mansplaining” tag by avoiding giving advice specifically to women. However, in this case there’s a bit of male privilege and patriarchy involved so the advice is necessarily gender biased and it’s some of the best advice I’ve seen. For all these reasons and dozens more I’ll make an exception this one time to say to my women friends and with unusual conviction: you *must* follow the advice in this article.

    (And isn’t Iris Apfel AMAZING in that photo?)

  106. JIll says:

    Nothing wrong with saying Fuck…. it’s a powerful word that no other word can convey the emotion behind it…

  107. Candice Collins says:

    Reblogged this on Yellowstar Essentials Blog and commented:
    I just had to share this post. You know all those articles that say women shouldn’t wear this, or no white after memorial day…or whatever.
    This one is for you…
    …for ALL WOMEN…
    at ANY age. …especially women over 30…

    Read and pass it on !!

  108. Pam says:

    Thank you – silly things I see on the internet usually don’t bother me but that article you reference about what women over a certain ago should wear actually upset and angered me. You have restored the equilibrium in my world. Thank you.

  109. Rebecca Lee says:

    I love your article but don’t like the profanity. it spoils an otherwise great article with wonderful, outstanding photos. I remember my daughter telling me some years ago that I was too old to wear sparkles. I was surprised and of course didn’t listen to he [normally good] fashion advice. I still live a little sparkle hear and there, now and then.

  110. Brandy says:

    No fucks given.

    I live in a place where women can’t afford to own much – least of all fancy clothing. But when they do, mercy, watch out world!

  111. Christina D says:

    I’ve always believed that you should wear whatever makes YOU feel good. That’s different for everyone. As long as it’s not offensive graphic shirts that tells the world off or full or racial comments, the sky’s the limit. Express yourself!

  112. coffeeandaword says:

    I reblogged this on Coffee and a Word blog for life as a 30 Something! I could not have put it better myself. I also happen to like a blue jean miniskirt with a graphic tee at 35, and that’s okay by me! Thank you for putting together such an incredible collection of powerful women.

  113. Jeannine says:

    I love everything about this article. Shared within a heartbeat! ❤ You know, all women under 30 should wear the exact same thing! Thank you for this!

  114. K Eddie Jackson says:

    As an over 40 man, I couldn’t be less concerned with how my lady dresses; it’s how she lives her life and treats her fellow humans that matters to me. Her clothes are part of her self-expression, how could anyone deign to stifle that?
    Pertaining to the use of the word Fuck, if someone is offended by a sound, a simple amalgam of letters, that is simply because they choose to be. There is no logical reason for a sound to offend, on its own. No word is inherently offensive, only the intent behind its use can be judged. I promise you, I can be infinitely more offensive using ” pretty” words, were I so inclined.

  115. Sabrina Theresa says:

    I appreciate the message behind this post, which is to be yourself. So many of us downplay and/or shield who we really are for fear of ridicule, stares, being talked about, laughed at, etc.. Let’s be confident in who WE are so that we can appreciate each other’s uniqueness (because we each are unique individuals) and celebrate each other. Thanks for putting this together!

      • Jeanette Millard says:

        If you want to assemble some women who don’t have fabulous clothes but stil want to look fabulous – please include me! We can do this same shoot again but with “regular” women. You issued the invite and I am accepting!

  116. Jackie says:

    Iris is an icon and an inspiration. I hope I live to be her age and have her confidence. You on the other hand. Blah….

  117. catherine obrien says:

    The one thing no woman over 30 should ever wear: the weight of someone else’s insecurities presented as judgement!

  118. deej says:

    I’m 48 and wear whatever the fuck I want when I want. Well-behaved women seldom make history – said by some broad smarter than me.

  119. bbSYo802JWHB7cOu7uQP7k8MDTHLohuWCD0moK6jnog= says:

    this kallie chick is gonna be one boring old lady…it will be funny to see if she will follow her own advice

  120. Syre says:

    I read both this and the article it is a respons to… well, actually I didn’t make past 19 in the other article… still, it is rather obvious that this one is the more well thought through of the two.

  121. racemgr13 says:

    considering that most of our lives take place after 30, this kallie chick is gonna be one boring old lady… i’m 58, so all you sensitive types don’t get all hurt about the old lady thing…i’m am one myself…and i piss some people off with my hot pink sequined bikini…oh well…it’s my opinion that if its not hurting anyone…then do what you want…life is short and there’s no guarantee that you will have the chance to be you tomorrow…

  122. Kat Fahrer McKay says:

    I love this!!! Good show! I too read the article that you’re referring to and I too was appalled by her sense of Godliness, lording over older women and dictating “Thou shalt not!” I’m glad you wrote this. And, I’ve got a little secret I’ll share with you that made me giggle in reference to Kallie’s article in spite of it’s idiocy… she too will some day be over 30. Mwah ha haaaaaa!!!!

  123. Debbie says:

    Fabulous. I’m 45 and always wear what I like . It’s good to be you and be individual in a world where we must conform to certain rules of society . Xxx

  124. Larissa Collins says:

    LOVE this article!
    I saw that other “article” you’re talking about. It was absolutely ridiculous!

  125. MaureenHLoyacono (@LoyaconoMH) says:

    What should women wear when they are retired and life changes for them including income and opportunities? I love all the looks of those with lots of money for clothes and opportunities to go to do lovely things. Honestly, it is much simpler for the common folk when they get dressed in the morning. Wear what is most comfortable for the activities of the day. It also should be something one had time to wash and dry so that it is clean. Clothing should cover whatever needs to be covered; be well-groomed in any case. That’s about it. In other words, wear what you damn please and ignore anyone who stares at you. It won’t make one whit of difference in your life if someone is shocked, offended, critical or otherwise annoyed. It is wasted time in a life growing shorter by the day to care about what other people think.

    • Heather says:

      With some creativity, you can find things just as awesome at discount or thrift stores or even online, that are much cheaper. But still, the point is do what’s comfortable for you and your tastes and lifestyle. Life is what you make it. 🙂

  126. Libong says:

    Yes, why do we always have to be given limitations after a certain age on how and what to wear? I’ve got a very worn and tattered house dress that’s older than my 30 yr old daughter, which i still wear! I love the comfort of it and the memories that come flooding me when I remember the days I was still breastfeeding her in it!

    • Liz Sookarry says:

      My hubby is almost 61, we are adopting 2 girls aged 14 and 11. He says to me when we go shopping for them, “I get that this outfit is good for school, but what will THEY LIKE???” We need more men in life like this.

  127. Francesca B. says:

    I just plainly love you. Wonder why this obsession with over-30 like, is there an island of misfits we go to? or from knowing how to wear animal print (because her thesis assumes that EVERYONE before-30 knows how to) we go senile and forget?

  128. Charzette McCloud says:

    I will be 47 tomorrow and I wear whatever the fuck I want and is comfortable. I dont give two shits what people think. I have tattoos too so I really don’t care if people dont like what they see. Answer is simple really…… Dont like what I’m wearing or my tattoos then DON’T LOOK. Simple as that. Rock on all you beautify ladies over 30 and keep on wearing what ever the fuck you want!!! 😘

  129. Sheila says:

    I’m 70 but mentally still 35 – I can’t wear fuddy Mumsy clothes it just aint me!! I used to try very hard to fit in life is too short to give a dam!!

    • Ella says:

      This made me laugh, mostly because I am in my thirties and I have dressed like somebody’s stereotypical maiden auntie since I was about seven years old! My sister fondly calls my style “granny chic” though I think she is generous to term it “chic.”

      Life’s just too short to worry about squeezing ourselves into a mould that was never cast to fit us in the first place. Wear what you want, and enjoy it!

    • warningcurvesahead says:

      Confidence and fearlessness take time and practice! As someone who dresses somewhat alternatively (full pinup girl, victory rolls and all!), I understand. Fake it until you make it, you lovely woman!

  130. Sue Tamburino says:

    Kallie Provencher must be under 30. And what about the Red Hat ladies with their red hats and purple dresses?! ONe of the great, great things about being “a certain age” is not giving a damn what the young twits think of our clothes and other things.

  131. Jeda Lewis says:

    I LOVE this post and I’m sharing it with all the women I love, including my 14yr old daughter!!! But why on earth is Vivienne Westwood not on this list – a crime! 😉 Looking forward to the sequel.

  132. fashionablefarmmomma says:

    Bravo! So well said and illustrated! I would love to see another one with women over 30 showing some skin…the aforementioned short skirts, cleavage, etc. It seems to really get some people’s dander up when they see post-pubescent females showing flesh.

  133. Jessica says:

    I just turned 46 June 4th. I love big funky jewelry, funky shoes and I have spiky platinum blonde hair with blue bangs. I’m quite happy. Wear what makes you smile when you look in the mirror.

  134. Ellis Dixon says:

    100% agree and would like to add to the photo collection a host of over-30 women wearing super short skirts, Lycra, plunging neck-lines & animal prints. Whatever the fuck they want means exactly that.

  135. j pizutelli says:

    this is so great…rock on!!! I love this shit!!!! Spoken like a true Jersey Girl…..whatever the fuck they want….

  136. Marama M says:

    Today I’m wearing a black lace dress over leggings and red boots. Perfect attire for heading into the paddock to set up an electric fence. I might even hike up the dress and ride my horse bareback. I’m 47 and wearing this outfit because . . . I like to wear whatever the fuck I want. It’s a boring, homogenised world when you allow yourself to be restricted by the fun police!

  137. fiftyshadesofunemployment says:

    Love this piece. Sick of people telling us what’s “age-appropriate” …or just appropriate. Great great piece.

      • Shirley Marquez says:

        The ones that make you happy and look good on you. You get to make your own decisions about color (match your outfit or clash), style (classic, trendy, artistic…), and scale (small and tasteful, big and bold…) and create your own personal statement.

        About the only actual don’t I can think of: don’t wear earrings big enough to drag on your shoulders. (I have to pass on really big ones because I have a short neck.) And now I expect somebody to tell me that they wear them that way and make it work!

    • Susan M Walsh says:

      Yes, Yes and Yes! She doesn’t realize that she “messed” with the wrong age group! At the great ages that we all are at, there is amazing freedom. That little girl needs to sit down. By the way, I rock my hoop earrings!

    • M says:

      Where are the women who look ~30? The ladies here are gorgeous, but using the number 30 in the title and including folks who look 45 and older is strange. Rock on, girls.

    • Brinda Adige says:

      I am 50 and I have One Life and wear whatever I like, however I like with whatever combinations I am comfortable with. I do not need anyone dictating to me, if they do not like what I am wearing, they are most welcome to close their eyes and ….of course I choose not to bother about such comments. I am happy! whether anyone likes how I look or what I wear or not, I choose to live with – happy and contented Self:)

  138. Elle says:

    Bravo to you! That Kallie b*tch sounds like a f*cking prude. Although I’m curious to see what she wrote, I’m steering clear of her articles because I don’t want to be angered by her opinion.

    She sounds like E!’s stupid “Fashion Police” — on one hand they’ll say, “hey, if you got the body, rock it…”, then turn around and say, “yeah, she’s a bit too old to be showing her midriff.” ugh.

    • Kimberly says:

      Only problem is, with your response, it’s falling onto the trap of hating on a woman. So she’s made a comment that’s based on a narrow perspective, okay. Calling woman bitches be it by a woman or a man, puts us into the same category as those who hurt others. How about using your class and elegance as teacher? I’m sure you care and that’s what needs to lead.

  139. Roadrunner says:

    I’m 50 and I wear what the fuck I want, when the the fuck I want, how the fuck I want, and don’t need a fucking “how to” manual from some idiot worrying about 30 year olds.

    • mom2three2013 says:

      Roadrunner…rock on, sister! I’m 49 and one-half, on my way to the 5-0, and no one’s telling me what, when, or how…NOW, that’s for dang sure. I’ve raised my children to be solid, assured, good individuals, I’m not about to fade away just because of my age! I’m finally ready to Fly!

    • BarbDwyer says:

      Well said. Im 21 and Ive always worn whatever I fucking wanted, when I fucking wanted and how I fucking wanted. My hair is long and completely grey (shock, horror, gasp!! haha) and I fucking rock! After just having a gander at this twit Kallie Provencher’s website all I can say is bahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

  140. Mallory Holley says:

    I love this post! ❤️ I strongly believe that we should not have to endure anyone dictating to us what we should and should not wear, how to have our hair or makeup. Who even made up these ‘rules’ anyway? Instead, we should be able to express our personal tastes and individuality. I agree with you that we should support each other and wear whatever we want.

  141. obsidianpoet says:

    Hell yeah. I like this article more. I will proudly wear my graphic Tee while wearing a scrunchy AND playing my personal gaming system. I am over 30. I am going to do what I want. It is called being an adult.

  142. Kay says:

    OMGosh! I’m a proud to be 75 1/2 yr old woman, with snow white hair (and proud of it) that I wesr b in a stylish casual cut – length just below my ears, blow-dry and Go! Today I wore navy leggins, lt.blue tennis shoes, white/lt.blue stripes that came to mid-thigh, silver jewelry-minmal. Comfortable, stylish husband of 54 yrs.& I walked around mall holding hands. In store sales person & I visiting, I mentioned about being older – she said your not nold – I told her my age, she called two others over & asked them to guess my age – 56 was oldest. Told them – open-mouth stunned. So I dress to be comfortable, feel good about myself & to look nice when I am out!

  143. Noelle says:

    What women under 40 fail to understand is we are past giving a fuck what anyone else thinks. 😂 I wear what makes me feel good … Someone else’s opinion belongs to them… No where does it say I must agree to their standards . Be brave … Love you.

  144. Faith Spencer says:

    The last thing any woman my age should do, is take advice from a self righteous 20 something. When Kallie grows up she’ll understand. Maybe.

  145. pao says:

    Yea, and how old is this Kallie chickadee anyway – over or under 30?! Thank you for clearing the air and providing the delicious pix.

  146. Rosie Rockets says:

    Reblogged this on A Red Lip And A Nude Shoe and commented:
    Jessica’s post is so spot on I bloody wish I wrote this!! Could not have said it better myself – “Wear what you want, do what you want, and support one another! And like all of these fabulous ladies, don’t give a fuck.”

  147. Claudia says:

    I once wrote a blog (actually repeated it 3 times) on Humoring the Goddess about Fashion Faux Pas for women over 50 (http://wp.me/p1pIBL-1kO) which included pigtails, velvety purple leggings, and chugga boots with shorts. Now with your refreshing article, I am going to write a brand new one, and include a link to here. You’ve got it right, baby!

  148. Cyndie says:

    Bravo! Great article! I think we should all be totally eliminated by the time we’re over 30 and we should not give a rat’s patootie about what anybody thinks! Thanks for reminding us of that! We are fierce and independent women and we have earned the right to do, say, wear whatever the heck we want!!

  149. claire says:

    There are enough men out there tearing us down we don’t need our own kind crushing our spirit. Won’t pretend to be happy about getting older and older, but one of the benefits is the realization that I don’t give as much of a fuck anymore what others think of how I think, how I live, what I do, what I say and especially… what I wear! Oh….and how I do or don’t do my hair or my makeup…lol.

  150. lia says:

    Yeah I wear what ever I want. I don’t go by these age things. I’m 52 and get clothes from my daughter ñ law who is in her 20 ‘s so if it fits I wear it. I like to dress sexy in a stylish way.

  151. Cassie says:

    I dare Kallie to tell Dame Helen Mirren what she can and cannot wear!! Helen is a badass and I want to be like her when I grow up. 😉

  152. raincoaster says:

    Reblogged this on raincoaster and commented:
    Copy all of this! I did finally donate my Laura Ashley sailor collared dress with the big bow, and also my blue pinwale pinafore, but hey, I didn’t fit either of them anymore anyway.

  153. chanita stillerman says:

    “when i am old, i will wear a purple dress with a red hat, which doesn’t go and doesn’t suit me…”

    jenny joseph, “warning” 1961. (also known as “the angry old woman” and “the red hat poem.)

  154. Johnilee says:

    Agreed. All except the karli or whatever her name is bashing. It’s not until you’re over 30 that you realize that you’re going to be over 30 for most of your life.
    Let’s treat her a little more gently as we rock our hoop earings, wearing whatever the fuck we want to.
    Sending you Love my sisters!

  155. Rosemarie Sandvik says:

    I’m 65 and and no way that I will allow anyone to tell me what to wear or what not to wear.There are certain things that I will never wear.Also what suits you depends on your personality and personal style.

  156. Nikki says:

    Absolutely love this!
    Thanks for expressing so eleoquently what so many of us feel, had to share this brilliance on my page Facebook.com/dahliableu.candles
    Respect 🙌

  157. Jacqueline says:

    I always listened to this sort of crap when I was younger, now that I am in my sixties I have long hair, wear jeans, shorts and anything else I feel like wearing. Nobody should be telling anyone else what to wear, and when will women stop giving each other a hard time.

  158. Jenny @ thebrickcastle says:

    Awesome post 😀 hahaha They really have no idea these infants who decide how we should behave. They don’t even get it that actually by the time you are 40 you have realised comfort and feeling good are all that matters. High heels and aching legs? Fuck that. Converse or Docs and sod off 😀

  159. Clarrie Flavell says:

    Grey/ white / silver hair is all I ever wanted as an unhappy 22 year old, because it would prove I had survived.
    When I eventually HAD it…..I realised how much more beautiful it was than the shade of ‘Apology Blonde’ that was society’s most popular alternative to cover it.

  160. pat morley says:

    LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT………yet I do believe that some women are their own worst critics…..how many times I’ve heard “couldn’t wear that at my age” Or “I’m too old to wear my hair like that” …….come on ladies, let’s all start trying to “not give a fuck” in the nicest possible way of course!!!!!!!

  161. Asun says:

    I went to an “essayage” the other day, and the seems to be nice woman gave me some clothes to try on, they were for an interview, so I put on some suits but way too big, she said they were perfect, I said I thought the dress under the jacket was way too big and she said to put under the dress a blouse, it will help, I did and… Still too big! Horrible! I tried on another one this time trousers and jacket and was way better, she even agreed later but here is not the issue… She asked me to try a two pieces (blue with flowers skirt and top , I swear it was like a curtain, horrible!) I said I didn’t like it and she said “you’re on your 30’s now, it is time to put some grown up clothes and stop wearing like a kid” whaaaaaat? First of all I don’t have a particular style I wear normally a jean with a t shirt and a cardigan… And second I will wear whatever the fuck I want! She’s nobody to tell me that! Plus 32 is still fucking young! And the worst part was that she gave me the hideous curtain! I’m never gonna wear it, plus it’s again way too big! But you know she told me I have to stop wearing tights clothes… F*** you I’ll dress the way I want! (and that woman was over her 50’s)…

  162. Dani Willis says:

    fortunately I care not what Kallie or any other person believes what women over 30 should or shouldn’t wear. I’m 46 and wear whatever the fuck I want 🙂

  163. oldfashionnomad says:

    Hahahaha! I love your choices of what to wear 😉 Tho, from my own experience, as the years/decades pass by, you live more fully and care less of what other may think. This is also one of the ingredients of the happy life. 😉 👍🏻

  164. Lisa says:

    I’m over fifty, I wear what makes me feel happy, comfortable, I was told by a co-worker it might be time for me to where short hair I apparently need to look my age . I didn’t get offended I just said I love my hair long, and will continue to wear it how I like regardless of what others think. I wear fun creative outfits. Wear what floats your boat!

  165. bustydoll says:

    Funny…I m 47 and this morning when i was walking to go to my office with my 2 bunches and my huge clevage i was thinking mm, i m fat and now middle age lady, should i still wear like that? then with a huge smile i thought…life is so short…too short to be bother with others silly and local social conventions…
    (by the way , f…ck! over 30! but it’s is sooo young! and after 50 you just had to wear grey, white or beige clothes to disappear slowly by slowly? that’s so sad!)

    xx valeriexx (your favourite cousin of course)

  166. Cathie says:

    I think as we get older we have earned the right to wear whatever we’re comfortable in ,besides you only live once do or wear whatever makes your soul happy …..

  167. Alison Harrison says:

    I’m 65 (since last week) and I wear what I know suits me – bright Barbie pinks, purples, lavenders, blues and turquoises. My shape is short and still a bit overweight so I don’t like me in bikinis or mini skirts and I like my youthful short silver hair. So, who cares what some twenty-something advises? If you feel right, and you think you look good, wear it! When you are in the right colours for your skin tone (and the above colours have always suited mine) then you will find others pay lots of compliments but they may not realise that it is the colour combination that makes you look attractive to them. Ladies – let us enjoy simply being ourselves!

  168. Moe Fisk says:

    over 70..wear skinny pants..AND first pair of Palazza pants…colorful, comfortable, and great looking and they even hide a few bumps…

  169. lbish3 says:

    THANKS for refuting the inherent sexism of the original piece. FUCK anyone who tries to tamp women down; who tells us (yet again) how wrong and bad we are for being our whole, luscious selves. Fuck ANYONE who tries to kill our spark. It can’t be done.

  170. Haven says:

    The vapid woman who writes these “don’ts” for others should do a little self-work. Just visited her FB page and it’s filled with posts blathering about the Kardashians. Seriously? I’m in my 50’s and I’m rocking it. I’m here to tell you younger ladies to be true to yourselves, do what makes YOU feel beautiful, lead with your heart, surround yourself with good people, remain curious, love passionately, keep learning, travel as much as possible ….and I promise that each decade will find you happier and more beautiful than you’ve ever been.

  171. Christine says:

    Did you not see the captions that say “what ever the F%$* they want? They were not telling us what to/not to wear. I love it and I’m 50 and the staple of my wardrobe because I’m a daycare provider is leggings easy breezy bright and colorful and if you don’t like don’t look. Which is basically the gist of this article.

  172. Barbara says:

    A year from 70 and I wear tight jeans, thigh boots, leggin’s and skirts over my knees. Tarty and inappropriate? Who cares? I’m comfortable!

  173. Karen Delgardo says:

    I’m 57 and I wear whatever I the F@*%$ I want. Even if my daughters say Mom you are not wearing that!! Says you I’m your Mother and I can do whatever I want, you don’t like it don’t go out with me! Oh my gosh, really Mom!! LOL!! I love it!! It’s my time now, I’m loving it!!!

  174. L.G. says:

    I loved this!!! As a woman 32 years young I am now just learning to appreciate my body just the way it is. A woman should wear what she wants no matter what age she is. Life is too short to live in a box of judgements, should nots, better nots, and whatever other NOTS!!

  175. Cool dude says:

    Well said! 30’s is NOT young or OlD!! Wear appropriate out fit that flawns you not to trash your look. Most of these women in pix are senior and they dress so FABULOUS, very avagarde. I just love to see women wear clothes like these women… So cool, so hip, so sexy (without showing boobs or ass). I have seen women like this in subway, streets, bars, museum…etc. in NYC. Wear whatever you want as long as it goes together , doesn’t have to be matched !!

  176. Rona says:

    You have to wonder … will the rules suddenly change when this Kallie reaches the grand old age of 30 herself? Having visited both her Facebook profiles she clearly loves herself … but what will happen when she hits the big three zero? Is she going to need therapy? Will she adhere to her own code of rules? Tune in soon to find out!

  177. Bren says:

    Imo, don’t follow trends and bs statements about what we should wear, do, or be. Walk to your own beat, set trends, and Be Unique! AWESOME!

  178. kellmoony says:

    Fuck yeah! I love you and I despise little twats who try & tell anybody that they can’t wear this and can’t do that! Kallie’s a little clickbait cockroach who needs to be called out all over the day she no longer has a “2” as the first number of her age!

  179. K_B says:

    And yet no leopard print or short dresses in sight still lol! However, I myself am over 30 and I do wear short dresses with the highest heels I can find (usually about 5.75 inches)! So I wholeheartedly concur with your ideas of what women over 30 should wear!

  180. Alyssa Hickson says:

    This is funny, but I don’t really have much problem with Ellen’s suits though. Hers are pretty well fitted specifically for her. I feel like they’re designed for a woman and to fit who she is. I don’t get the feeling there’s no thought behind them. I think people lack the finesse that started the women’s suit as a cross over in fashion that’s required to really own that look.

  181. Mina says:

    What a stupid, limited, self hating person that Kallie is. Hope she learns to regret her own thoughts and hope no woman ever listens to garbage she writes! Not even conservative grandmothers gave me such horrible hateful advice!!

  182. Tracy OBrien Booth says:

    The only thing a women should not wear is clothing that makes them uncomfortable. Be happy in your garb, feel like you are wrapping up in beauty. You’re not hiding, not trying to be someone else, express the person you feel you are, if it’s colors that speak for you, or styles that call your name, but be happy in what you wear, trust your instincts , you are your own best stylist.